The girl said, "I’m pregnant, let’s get married", but the boy refused

This is a story about love and responsibility, telling the emotional entanglement between a couple.This couple has been together for three years, because the woman’s family opposed their relationship, and the boy finally left the girl.But soon after, the girl told the boy that he was pregnant, and he didn’t know who the child’s father was. The girl hoped that the boy could marry her, but the boy refused.

The girl is called Yang Meng, and she has been with her boyfriend Jujie for three years.They first fell in love, but the girl’s family later opposed their relationship.The girl’s father even hit the boy, causing their relationship to fall into trouble.The boy finally chose to break up.

After half a year, the girl sent a message to the boy telling him that she was pregnant.She also said that her parents also agreed to get married. The woman’s family had a good family realm. She didn’t need a boy to buy a car and buy a house, and she didn’t need to be a gift. She only needed to marry her and become the father of this child.But the boy refused.

The boy thinks that there is no relationship between them, if they are just for their children, it doesn’t make any sense.He didn’t want to be a man, and he didn’t want to involve his life, and with a woman who had no feelings with him, it would only make him more miserable.

The girl knew the boy’s decision and felt very disappointed and sad.She once hoped that the boy would come back and start their relationship again, but now it seems that everything is over.She didn’t know who the child’s father was, but she was determined to raise the child alone and create a happy family for him.

This story tells us that love is not the whole of life, but also has responsibility and courage to face all kinds of difficulties in life.Even if you have loved someone deeply, but if the relationship between you is over, do not have a unnecessary sacrifice.It is important that parents are a very important thing, and they must be fully prepared and considered.No matter what your choice, you need to take responsibility for your decision.

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