The girl suddenly had a stomachache in the nightclub, and when she went to the hospital

Recently, the magical experience of a girl reported by foreign media, she almost jumped out of her child when she was in the nightclub …

Before that, she knew nothing about her pregnancy?Intersection

One year ago on Saturday night, the 20 -year -old Mexican girl Vivian Wise Ruizvelasco went to a friend’s birthday party. Everyone fell straight to the nightclub and dinner.

At that time, she was uncomfortable at the party. She felt tingling with the position of the stomach and hips, and the pain became more and more obvious.

At about 12 am, she couldn’t help it, so she greeted her friends and said that her body was uncomfortable to withdraw first, and then went home to rest.

Vivian thought it would be okay to sleep, but when she got up early the next morning to work, she felt that the pain would not increase.

Until the afternoon, she couldn’t bear the pain of her.

As a result, I did not expect that after a simple examination, the doctor said something that surprised them:

"Congratulations to your lady, you are going to have children!"

After listening to this, the two looked at each other, and they had no omen at all before. Why should they be parents?IntersectionIntersection

At this time, vivian remembered that in fact, similar situations began to appear two days ago, but the pain has always been slightly mild, so I didn’t pay much attention.

But who can think of the pain in this consecutive days, it will be a contraction before the pelvation …

Since Vivian has always been a more fleshy girl, even if her belly has gradually increased, she has not noticed that her body shape has changed significantly in the past 10 months.

In addition, she said that her menstrual period was still normal, so she didn’t think about the "pregnancy" at all. At the age of 20, she was obviously scared by this sudden good news:

"The moment I learned that I was about to give birth, I felt that the whole world was about to collapse …"

In fact, Vivian does not really don’t want this child, but that things come too suddenly. Both she and her boyfriend have not been prepared. I do n’t know what to do for a while. After all, raising children is not a small expenditure!

But before considering these issues, the most worried point in her heart was one- "Is the child healthy?"

Because in the past half a year, she did not realize that she was playing crazy about her pregnancy. It was normal for young people to be full of energy and love.

Immediately after vivian, I looked at the photos and videos on the mobile phone and social account, and calculated according to the pregnancy time.

When she was two months pregnant, she was holding a wine glass to be crazy in the bar!

When I was 3 months pregnant, swim in the swimming pool …

By the fourth month, she also shot the videos of spicy dance with her girlfriend …

In the 6th month, she went to a nightclub to drink with her sisters!

By the seventh month, she went out to play. From the photo, the belly was really raised and not obvious …

By the time of the birth of August, Vivian was not idle all month, and it was almost soaked in the bar!

It can be said that it is added every day to join the "sunrise culture".

The only thing that could be "rest" was that she had gallbladder surgery at the time. Later, she didn’t drink too much during that time.

But not long after that, she went to travel with her boyfriend and spent the "romantic" night, which should have been in intercourse …

Until three days before the delivery, she still recorded the video of the video silly. I didn’t realize that she wanted to be a mother …

However, before Vivian had so much thought, she was pushed into the operating room for caesarean section surgery.

Fortunately, she finally gave birth to a baby boy, mother and son were safe ~

Although the child came extremely suddenly, but now vivian and boyfriend have gradually adapted to the role of being a parent.

The two get along well with their children. This new boy who joined the family is now on the Japanese class ~

Later, their family also specially replenished a "gender exposure party" for the children …

Every festival, make your child dress up for some commemorative party ~

The two of them will bring their baby even outdoor shows, it is called a happiness and harmony ~

After Vivian was reported, many netizens thought that she was compiling a story of the story, saying that it was impossible for anyone to be unaware of her pregnancy.

In fact, this phenomenon has a professional medical term called Cryptic Pregnancy. Although it is not common, it is no longer a new thing.

But pregnant girls still need to pay attention,

After all, not everyone can be so good …

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