The Han Dynasty and the pro -princess were still pregnant on the road. Who is the child and what should the princess do?

"Datang Western Regions" has a high status in history. The charm is that many of them are also real. Some people that people cannot even evolve are reflected in it.Very detailed.

There is a very fantasy story. One of the princesses of the Han Dynasty went to the Western Regions and accidentally got pregnant. This embarrassing thing was quite tricky in ancient times.

So how does it describe the princess’s approach in "Datang Western Regions"?

When it comes to history in history, but except for the Ming Dynasty, such things have happened almost every dynasty, but there are not many real people who can smoothly sail. You must know that the Central Plains to the Western Regions will beAfter more than two months, everything may happen along the way.

However, it is normal to say that if you encounter a chaotic thief on the road, and the protagonist of this story, that is, the experience of the Han Dynasty princess is very surprising.

It is said that the princess was requested to go to the Western Regions in Ying Polly State of the Han Dynasty. The specific name books did not explain.

Not only did the princess record, but Pollybius was not a well -known big country, but during the Han Dynasty, it was common for the small country of the Western Regions to seek relatives from the Han Dynasty, and the response method of the Han Dynasty was also very interesting.

You need to know that there are only a few real princesses, especially more and more Western Regions Fanbang came to ask for relatives, while the Han Dynasty disguised some young maids of young palaces as princesses, so that everyone could know that the Han Dynasty sent the princess to the princess to the princess.Even if the small country discovered, there was no reason to attack.

And these "princesses" will not be recorded in the historical book, only real princesses and pro -relatives are qualified to be recorded.The princess’s identity naturally does not need to guess. Although it is not explained, it must not be the real princess.

The "princess" left his homeland in such an environment, and there was an important person along the way, which was the envoy of Pollybius.

He took the small stock guard and the maid, and took care of the princess next to him along the way, but was stopped for up to three months in a place called onion.

In the past three months, the people’s changes have occurred in the onion ridge area, and the government forces have not been able to make friends. Pollybiers took the team to live in a highland to repair a house.

The envoys and followers were responsible for protecting the princess’s safety, but they did not live on the mountain with the princess, but were protected under the mountain.

After a flash, the three months were fleeting, and the onion ridge was safe.

Just to the guard with the guard.When he came to welcome the princess to continue the road, the minister found the clue. The princess began to have a pregnancy reaction, and even the lower abdomen was slightly slightly rumbling.

At that time, the minister’s head buzzed and sent the princess safely to the king’s responsibility.

But now you can not only send a princess to the king, but also come to buy a gift. If you send it to the past not only the princess is going to die, all the men who accompany you have to die.

Although the minister calculated whether the princess had a rape in his heart, he was confused. Within three months, he had been stationed with the guard at the foot of the mountain at the foot of the mountain.

I didn’t put a man up the mountain, why did the princess get pregnant?

At this time, the maids who served day and night by the princess could be said to be an important witness, and the ministers couldn’t wait to ask the maid to ask for the answer.

As a result, the maid’s words made the ministers who were puzzled, and they couldn’t touch it.

The maid’s answer is: When the princess was in the boudoir on the mountain, a heavenly god walked out of a lightning and paced into the princess boudoir.I am pregnant.

The implication is that the princess was pregnant with the god of God and was the mother of the gods. She immediately sublimated the princess from the "bad woman" to "dancing with God".

To know that God was very authoritative in ancient times, even the king had to kneel a few noises, let alone a small envoy.

But anyway, the envoy was depressed, which means that the task not only failed, and it was also smashed. This was the shame of the country, but if he returned to the Han Dynasty, he was also responsible.

When the Han Dynasty "exported" princess would "inspect the goods". Regardless of whether the princess was true and false, the princess was guaranteed to be a pure yellow flower girl. This can still be guaranteed by the Han Dynasty.

If you send it back like this, it means that someone has defiled the princess in the followers, and the crime of the ministers can not escape.

The envoy couldn’t think of a way for a while, so he was staying in the local area. At this time, whether it was the Han Dynasty or the Western Regions, no one knew where they were.Essence

The envoy finally decided to establish the country on the spot, and used the maid’s initial speech to hold the child in the princess’s belly as the god of heaven. In fact, the envoy was doubtful, but there were no other reasons to explain this matter, so they had to accept reality.

They call this child "Han and Japanese Segees", which means the blood of the Han and God.

What they founded was the exhaustion of the Western Regions, and the child was named the king from the ground.

In "The Great Tang Dynasty", the author Xuan Zang stayed in this country for nearly a month. He believed that the legend of this country was very interesting to record what he saw and heard. Whether things were real and Xuanzang had no conclusion.

The Guardian Pan Tuo country is actually real. Its people in their territory are the earliest ancestors of the Tajik, and they are a very famous nomadic nation.

The exhaustion of the country was recovered by the Tang army in the middle of the Tang Dynasty, and the national history was already considered long.

Even today, the locals still remember the legend of "Han and Japanese", but carefully pondering that in fact, the loopholes in this matter are very large, and the human rights of Tiandai are not spiritual to modern times, which shows that some people said at the time.

Of course, the Western Union ministers can still verify the locals on the spot, what he can do is why he did this.

The restoring the princess was a testimony at the time, and then the child was likely to be the crystallization of the envoys and princesses.

In order to cover up people’s eyes, I performed a good show with everyone present with the maid. This trick is quite good at it. It is mostly that the princess has given an idea to the ministers, imitating the king of Shang, and the story of the emperor of the heavenly emperor.Show the local people.

Regardless of the truth of history, this story is recorded in the "Datang Western Regions" in the form of hearing.

"Datang Western Regions" is different from "Historical Records". It is not a book that records history, it is just Xuan Zang’s personal diary.

Therefore, it is not important who this child is. The important thing is Pan Tuo Guo. It once brought us a feast that combined with the culture of the Han Dynasty and the Western Regions. It also made a bold attempt, which has not had it in history.

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