The hospital has the power, and the youth has the responsibility

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In the eyes of many people, the daily work of the hospital pharmacist was completed in the outpatient pharmacy, but in fact, their responsibilities are far more than that.

Whether it is an outpatient or ward, there are pharmacists in Zhejiang University Women’s Hospital.She is a specialist clinic with a large demand for the Zhejiang Grand House, the outpatient clinic for pregnancy and breastfeeding during pregnancy.

These pharmacists who deal with the medicine all day have gradually moved from behind the scenes to the stage, and placed fist on a larger stage.

This treasure clinic with a great demand

Provide professional drug guidance for pregnant women

"I got wrinkle removal and water light needles. Can this child want it?"

"I don’t know if I have taken cold medicine (antibiotics) during pregnancy, will it affect children?"

"I can’t sleep well every night, and now take anti -anxiety drugs regularly, do these drugs affect?"

"After giving birth to Dabao, I have always had hypertension. I took Pushadan for a long time. Can I continue to take the medicine now?"

"I have polycystic ovary syndrome. Now I am treated with contraceptives, but I accidentally find pregnancy. What should I do?"


Eugenics and eugenics are a topic that every childcare couple, native families between the two sides and the entire society are very concerned.In accordance with the spirit of the "Opinions on Accelerating the High -quality Development of Pharmaceutical Services" jointly issued by the National Health and Health Commission and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Pharmacy Department of Zhejiang University Women’s Hospital has opened a pregnancy and breastfeeding drug consultation clinic since August 2015. FromThe doubts of expectant mothers and new mothers were overwhelming.

This pharmacy clinic has been widely praised by the majority of women of childbearing age and clinical medical personnel, and its influence has radiated many provinces and cities around the surrounding areas.At present, there are a total of six senior pharmacists in pharmaceutical clinics. Zhao Mengdan chief pharmacist is one of them.

Zhao Mengdan said that the medication during pregnancy and breastfeeding is related to the safety of mothers and children, and it is more related to the happiness of the whole family.Facing patients with anxiety, she explained as much as possible.

Zhao Mengdan (right) outpatient clinic

Some time ago, a careless pregnant woman came to the clinic anxiously. Although she had given birth to a child, she actually found that she had a second child in 23 weeks of pregnancy.Prior to this, she thought that the menstrual disorders did not come for a few months, and she took the conditioning of progesterone and motherwort; the abdomen was bulging and thought she was gaining weight.

Pregnant women’s search found that Olis was listed as the lowest level X -level safety level in the FDA pregnancy drug classification of the FDA pregnancy drug in the US Food and Drug Administration.In the outpatient clinic, she couldn’t hide her regrets and worry, and felt that she was too sorry for the little life in her stomach.

Director Zhao Mengdan hurriedly comforted her, not as bad as she expected.She explained that when Oli Si, he was a level B with a high safety factor in the FDA pregnancy drug grading when he first went public. Later, it was adjusted to level X. It was mainly because the FDA believed that pregnant women were not suitable for weight loss and oil discharge, so they should not take it.This drug, but pregnant women accidentally taking it is not the reason for terminating pregnancy.

Motherwort may cause contractions and cause miscarriage, but patients do not have relevant symptoms, and the birth check is normal; plants are often used for warranty tires of threatened abortion.After comprehensive analysis, the effect of the drug on the fetus was low, and the pregnant woman was relieved after listening.

Another time, a pregnant woman walked into the clinic with a pills full of Thai texts. When she went to Thailand to travel, she had diarrhea. The local doctor prescribed this medicine. Who knew that she was pregnant after returning to China.Essence

Zhao Mengdan asked her to contact the local hospital. It was necessary to translate it with the prescription at that time, and then translate it with words by word by translation software to determine which medicine.

According to the calculation, her medication time is in the period of "all or no".Zhao Mengdan said that "all or no" is a relatively classic theory. At this stage, the use of conventional drugs (except for drugs and other drugs) generally does not cause serious adverse effects such as malformations and drugs.During this period, the amount of drugs acting on the mother’s internal embryos is small. It is either due to the large drug toxicity and causes embryo death or abortion. Either less damaged cells and all -around stem cells can be added and repaired.In other words, the two extremes, the overall drug risk is low.

How big is the effect of the drug

She insists that science is impartial

The baby is the focus of family concern, so it is often a big family or husband and wife to come to the "Pregnancy breastfeeding drug consultation outpatient clinic" consultation together.

Zhao Mengdan had encountered a couple. His wife wanted to leave a child, but her husband did not want to be a father, so he said in private that he hoped that she could exaggerate the harm of the drug so that the wife would voluntarily give up the child.

Another couple, his wife suffers from immune diseases and has been taking immunosuppressants. One of the drugs is a high -risk drug during pregnancy. She is unwilling to risk leaving her baby.However, the husband cherishes the hard -won children, and has always made the pharmacist given to Zhao Mengdan.

What should I do in these cases?The principles of Director Zhao Mengdan are very simple. Regardless of whether the patient and family members are clearly stated, she only adheres to the scientific basis and strictly follows the comprehensive assessment of the drug type, the time and dose of the medication, and the inspection.

But sometimes, her rigorous assessment does not satisfy patients and family members. "We can only give risk prompts. The final decision is determined by the pregnant woman themselves.Don’t shed it? Don’t you say that I am not in vain? ‘In this case, we can only explain and analyze patiently again and again to let them weigh the advantages and disadvantages. "

As of the end of April this year, the outpatient volume of "Pregnancy Breastfeeding Drug Consultation Outpatient Clinic" has reached 11,772 person -times, and relying on the hospital platform to carry out "cloud consultation" to guide patients for remote guidance.experience.

The team also assisted the Brother Hospital to open a drug consultation clinic, and accepted the students from all over the country (currently trained nearly 30 pharmacists for more than 20 hospitals across the country), and instructed various regions to open more pregnancy -induced pharmaceutical clinics.

On May 6, the Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Society held an award conference, and the Pharmacy Department of Zhejiang University Women’s Hospital won the first "Qianhong Cup" Hospital Pharmacy Innovation Management Team Award.

Zhao Mengdan said that while the team won the honor, she also gained a sense of accomplishment as one of them.Since the opening of the "Breastfeeding Medicine Consultation of pregnancy", she can face the problem face -to -face to solve the problem. Many people have sent Jinqi and Xikantang after successfully producing.Rarely, I have gained a huge sense of professionalism, and it has strengthened our belief that we must better serve patients. "

Zhao Mengdan (second from the right) in the inspection room

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