The house accidentally sleeps a child?In the end, the flow of people?

The new crown pneumonia is aggressive. In order to avoid cross -infection, everyone actively responded to the requirements of Academician Zhong Nanshan and Director Zhang Wenhong, and contributed to the society at home.

In addition to playing mobile phones at home, many people just eat and sleep. Many people who never lower the kitchen in the circle of friends have become "Chinese Little Home" because they have been at home for a long time!

Of course, there are also some friends who fall asleep and fall asleep and have a child.

This is a good thing for families who have pregnancy. It is a good thing for families who want to welcome new life.

But for women who are pregnant or have some drugs who can’t ask their children, ending pregnancy is an imminent thing.

Today, let’s talk about the related knowledge of miscarriage ~

First of all, different pregnancy weeks should choose different ways to terminate pregnancy: early pregnancy (within 10 weeks) generally choose abortion or drug flow pregnancy weeks> 10 weeks. Generally, the drug flow is generally hospitalized, and then the gestational weeks of clearing the palace surgery.Operation

Generally, women can find pregnancy early, so most women are in early pregnancy.The most common problem is: good or medicine?

The flow of people is also called negative pressure suction.This operation is very mature, and relatively safer, the whole process may be less than 10 minutes.

But it hurts women very much.It may cause incomplete flow, inflammation, bleeding, perforation damage of the uterus, menstrual disorders, endometriosis or endometrial damage, uterine adhesion, etc., and may even be infertile.

1. Inflammation

Some patients have obvious, persistent abdominal pain after surgery, high fever, increased vaginal discharge, and odor.This is actually the case of more typical acute pelvic inflammatory disease.In this case, you must go to the hospital for treatment.

However, some inflammation is not so typical. Patients may not have obvious symptoms, but there will be potential infections, which may also cause tubal blockage.The fallopian tube blockage may lead to infertility or ectopic pregnancy.

2. Endometrial injury

So many patients who look at my clinic will tell me: Dr. Cars, I have not given birth to a child. If you trouble you, you must be merciful when you do it. Do not hurt my endometrium.

If the doctor uses negative pressure during surgery, or repeatedly sucking the uterine cavity will cause endometrial damage.The endometrial damage is divided. If the endometrium is damaged to the surface of the surface, it is mild damage. It has its own repair ability, or it can be adjusted by taking estrogen drugs after surgery.

But if you accidentally damage the base layer of the endometrium, it is difficult to repair it.Coupled with merging infection, the uterine cavity adhesion may be caused.

The main manifestations of uterine cavity adhesion are: less menstrual flow or even no.If menstruation does not come a few months after surgery, it is recommended to do ultrasonic examination, hysteroscopic examination to understand the endometrium, and there is a uterine cavity adhesion.If there is indeed adhesion, you need to use hysteroscopy to decompose the adhesion.

3. Is the flow of people earlier the better?

Not.Because the pregnancy display of blood or pregnancy test stick does not necessarily mean that it is intrauterine pregnancy.There may be internal pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, and biochemical pregnancy.

Biochemical pregnancy: After fertilized egg fertilization, there is no good bed, and finally the ending of natural abortion.If it is a biochemical pregnancy, we don’t need to remove the drug flow or abortion.

Ectopic pregnancy: If it is an ectopic pregnancy, then the flow of people and the flow of drugs cannot be done.Laparoscopic surgery is needed to remove the pregnancy tissue.

Some patients ask for surgery as soon as possible, and feel that the earlier the harm, the smaller the less.In fact, it is not, because at this time, the gestational sac can not be seen.Generally, at least 3-4 weeks of the same room can be used to see ultrasound before you can see the gestational sac.

If you can’t see anything, you must not perform surgery.If it is an ectopic pregnancy, it is dangerous to be a life -threatening surgery.Therefore, it is generally recommended to go to the hospital for examination for at least 40 days.The pregnancy sac reaches about two centimeters and is almost 6 weeks. At this time, the success rate of people is higher.

A suitable age of drug flow: age <40 years old and menopause <49 days of palace pregnancy.

Generally, it is not recommended for drug flow over 40 years old.In addition, menopause should be discontinued (at the same time, combined with ultrasound results, ultrasonic prompt pregnancy sac <7 weeks), the better the drug flow after pregnancy, the better the effect, and the higher the success rate.

Generally, within 5 weeks to 7 weeks of pregnancy, if the ultrasound can be diagnosed with pregnancy, even if the pregnancy sac is less than one centimeter, it can be used as a drug flow.But if ultrasound display cystic structure, it is recommended to review.

Another advantage of the drug flow is that it is relatively cheap. If the drug flow is successful, there is no other treatment.In addition, it can avoid the possible complications of surgery without surgery.

However, some friends do n’t have to rest after taking the medicine after taking the medicine lightly because they feel that the drug flow is small. On the second day, they can go to work. Some people even go to the pharmacy to buy medicine.This is a very dangerous approach, because: if it is said before, if it is an ectopic pregnancy, taking the medicine blindly by yourself may lead to the death.It may lead to incomplete drug flow.Because the success rate of drug flow is theoretically not as high as the flow.Once the drug flow is incomplete, there may be a risk of bleeding.Severe may lead to anemia and even life -threatening.

Precautions for life: Sexual life is prohibited one week before surgery.Bathing the dressing one day before the operation, focusing on cleaning the vulva.Try to avoid colds and fever a few days before the operation. If the body temperature exceeds 37.5 ° C, it cannot be surgery.Nasal congestion, runny nose cough and other symptoms cannot be used.(Especially during the new crown pneumonia, if there is a cough or fever, you ca n’t enter the hospital at all. You may test your temperature and send you directly to a hot kidney or directly isolate. Therefore, we must avoid colds and fever before surgery.).)

If you choose painless abortion, fast -watering forbidden water before surgery.Family members must be accompanied by family members on the day of the operation.If you do nails, please remove it, nails will affect the measurement of oxygen saturation.Try to wear loose clothes on the day of the operation, do not wear high -necked clothes.

Precautions for diet: After anesthesia is completely awake, you can drink hot drinks, such as brown sugar water and light porridge.It is not recommended to eat too greasy food 1-2 days after surgery.(For example, the old hen stew soup, because the gastrointestinal tract is relatively weak at this time, it may cause gastrointestinal discomfort after consumption. After a few days, you can eat some foods rich in vitamins and protein, such as chicken, fish, lean pork, milk, milk, milk, milk, milk, Egg. Seafood such as crabs, field snails, and river mussels is not recommended to eat.)

It is not recommended to eat spicy food, because after eating, the reproductive organs are prone to congestion, which will cause vaginal bleeding.

Postoperative bleeding: Generally, most people have bleeding after surgery, but the length of bleeding will not exceed 10 days, and the amount of bleeding is less than menstrual flow.

If the blood volume after surgery is significantly more than menstrual volume, the sanitary napkin is soaked in 1-2 hours, and there is no reduction trend or a very painful stomach, or it has no significant relief when taking anti-inflammatory drugs above 38 ° C, which continues to high heat.This situation is recommended to go to the hospital in time.

Postoperative retraining: Generally recommended 2 to 3 weeks after surgery.During the epidemic period, if everything is good after surgery, it is recommended to buy the pregnancy test paper for test paper for test paper 2 to 3 weeks after surgery.

If the color of one line or the second line is very light and there are no other discomfort symptoms. In this case, you can choose to review it after menstruation, so that you can reduce the chance of cross -infection in the hospital once.

How long does it take to come to menstruation after surgery?Most people are about one month after the operation.Because the endometrium has a repair process, menstruation may be delayed for 1 to 2 weeks.If the menstrual flow is particularly or small, or if the menstruation does not come after 50 days after surgery, you need to go to the hospital for examination.

One month after surgery is forbidden sexual life, everyone knows this earth!But there are not many people who can do it!Especially some young young sisters can’t help it!

Some people feel that they will not get pregnant without menstruation within a month after the operation.Based on the research, ovulation will be restored in 2 to 3 weeks after surgery.

If contraceptive measures are not taken after surgery, about 21%of women in the same room within one month will be pregnant again.

Therefore, my outpatient clinic often reports to report again after the operation.Although this has brought me a workload, as a woman, I am very sad.

It is recommended to prepare for pregnancy after at least three normal menstruation after surgery.

If it is due to the endless pregnancy due to poor embryo development, it is recommended that the couple will go to the relevant departments (such as reproductive immunohistan) for examination before the next pregnancy.


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