The husband has a photo of other women’s pregnancy. After confirming that the husband is derailed, the father -in -law also blame the daughter -in -law

After Qin Shanshan saw the pregnancy photos of other women in her husband Liu Ming, she was not a taste in her heart.Then, she discovered a video of her husband and other women rent a house, making her even more doubtful, so she questioned her husband, "Who is that woman? Is the child you?" The husband Liu Ming did not explain, but it was just a way.Get the phone and leave the luggage and leave the home.In the name of working outside Liu Ming, she left Qin Shanshan. She hurriedly called Liu Ming, but he had pulled her call into the blacklist.Because she couldn’t contact her husband, Qin Shanshan chose to call the police.After investigation by the police, Qin Shanshan knew that the woman was Wu Lili and married.

Qin Shanshan once thought that her marriage with Liu Ming was beautiful, but Liu Ming’s derailment and her mother -in -law’s attitude made her feel sad.The father -in -law said that if his son Liu Ming had a child with other women, Liu Ming must be wrong, but Wu Lili also had a responsibility.The father -in -law believes that her daughter -in -law Qin Shanshan does not know how to control her emotions, which is also criticized.Qin Shanshan was helpless, and she didn’t know how to deal with it.She returned to her in -laws to negotiate with her in -laws, but her mother -in -law did not give her face.Qin Shanshan couldn’t contact Liu Ming, so she called Wu Lili’s husband, hoping that he could help find the contact information of Liu Ming and Wu Lili.Wu Lili’s husband promised to help Qin Shanshan, because he also felt that Wu Lili should be responsible for her behavior.

Feelings need to be dedicated, and marriage needs loyalty.Husbands and wives must treat each other frankly. Whether it is happiness or difficulty, they need to face them together.Qin Shanshan and Liu Ming have unforgettable emotional experiences.But after years of marriage, they saw their own shortcomings and problems.This is uncomfortable, but cannot escape.Fleeing quickly, you can’t solve the problem.These two divorced men and women have been married for ten years under the introduction of friends, and have formed deep feelings.However, not only do you lack trust, but at critical moments, they cannot support each other.Only when facing the problem can we have the opportunity to solve it.How to deal with family disputes need to be considered for each other, cherish feelings, trust each other, and reflect on themselves, in order to resolve contradictions and rebuild their emotions.

Qin Shanshan always thought that her marriage with Liu Ming was beautiful, but this unexpected discovery caused her to fall into endless pain overnight.After she was looking for photos and videos in her husband’s mobile phone, she asked her husband and hoped to get an explanation, but Liu Ming did not give her any response, but just left the house.

The incident shocked Qin Shanshan deeply, letting her start re -thinking about her value and the significance of marriage.She began to realize how unreliable a person’s life is, not to mention a marriage without frankness.She once thought that marriage was a more stable relationship that could bring her warmth and security, but now she realized that the only way to protect herself is to learn independence.

In the process, Qin Shanshan unexpectedly discovered that the support force he could rely on was herself.She re -examined her life, found her value, and how to make herself more powerful and self -esteem.She understands, she is the real protagonist, she can do it

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