The jump of this pregnant woman in Shaanxi has shocked the whole country, but these mysteries have not been solved.

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△ On the occasion of giving birth, pregnant women are furry and died in the hospital

Yan Haoyu, this is the name that Masaki gave the child.On August 30th, the night before giving birth, Ma Fusong also talked to his husband Yan Zhuangzhuang, so that he could consider whether he could register on the birth certificate in the future.

The entire family is waiting for the joy of the new life. No one thought that a tragedy of "one corpse and two lives" was about to happen.

On August 31, Matong fell from the 5th floor of the second floor of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Suide District, Yulin First Hospital.Police’s determination: The deceased Ma Moumou jumped off the building and committed suicide and eliminated him to kill him.

So far, no one knows it accurately. What happened in the last 40 minutes of the horse’s furry in the delivery room for the last time, what happened, it would make her cheerful her choice of this extreme way.Speed down.

The truth was rushing, and the furry family and the first hospital in Yulin were wrapped into the vortex of public opinion.Focusing on production methods and monitoring responsibilities, hospitals and family members echoed and refuted, and the two sides held their own words, and a "Luo Shengmen" gradually formed.

11 days after the death of Matthels, after a game of "who should be responsible", family members and hospitals began to mediate.The two parties made their voices weaker and weaker, but the mystery of the dying of horse furry still did not completely solve it.

△ The family recalled that there was no abnormality in the mood of the horse’s furry before admission


After the furry body of the Matthery was discovered on the evening of the 31st, her mobile phone kept calling in, and many people were waiting for her good news as her mother.

The last circle of Matthalm stayed at 8:29 pm on August 30.The content is a small video climbing the stairs in the hospital in the hospital of the First Hospital of Yulin City. In the video, she just walked downstairs to the eighth floor.Climbing the stairs is a way for pregnant women to oxy.

"Go and go", Ma ’s fluffy text seemed to be a little impatient.Someone comforted in the comments, "Let’s go, just like this …"

Because of the due date, more than 8 am on the 30th, Matthels and mother -in -law Wang Mei came to the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Suide Hospital of the First Hospital of Yulin City for examination. The result was good, showing that everything was normal.The doctor reminded that it is about to be born soon, you can be hospitalized, and a certificate of admission to the hospital for Hatania.

Ma is very happy, and informed her husband to be strong in the inspection results.Due to the only five or six minutes away from the hospital, Ma Homo took the hospitalization certificate and returned home to rest for a while.In the afternoon, Yanzhuang did not go to work, and accompanied Mahogai to go to the hospital for admission.

On this day, Matsnam and Yanzhuang received a lot of blessings from friends.They had to reply, "I just lived in the hospital, it’s still early, it’s almost tomorrow." A college roommate called Ma fluff, and she felt that the horse was in a good mood. "She especially looked forward to the child’s birth.of."

Before going to the hospital, Ma’s furry mother -in -law prepared clothes, quilts, and milk powder and other daily necessities, waiting for the coming grandchildren.

On the evening of August 30, Yanzhuang and his mother accompanied the horse in the ward, and there was a patient with caesarean section in the room.Ma is very relaxed. He has been chatting with the "neighbor" and his family members, asking about production questions. He said and laughed, and only rest at around 12 o’clock.

That night, Ma Rou also told her husband a name that he gave the child when he was in his hometown, and let the husband and other choices comparison. After the selection, fill in the birth certificate.

△ Husband Yan Zhuangzhuang said that his relationship with his wife has always been good after marriage


Ma fluff is a college student and party member who came out of the countryside. The elderly in the village feel that it is "a great thing".

The 26 -year -old Matthew, graduated from Yulin College.A college classmate recalled that Ma is more honest, "not very outgoing but not very introverted. The character is particularly good and impeccable."

The classmate recalled that Mahogaytan studies are particularly hard -working, and they usually go to self -study.On weekends, I will go to work to make money, similar to the fellowship and give a billboard.There are five brothers and sisters in the family of Ma Zonglang, and the three died. Only her and a younger brother were left. Both were college students.Yang Yuan (pseudonym) in Tongcun heard that Ma fluffy and younger brother are very close, "I often buy clothes and what I like to eat for her brother."

In the memory of college classmates Zhao Zengzeng, Ma is kind, helpful, has a cheerful personality, very cheerful, and has a good relationship with his classmates."When I wrote a paper, she helped me check the information and gave me some suggestions. How to write the paper well."

After graduating, Matong was a tutor at a Yulin training institution.After being introduced by a friend, Ma Furious and Yanzhuang met. It was not long after falling in love, and it was decided to get married. The marriage period was scheduled to be February 16, 2016.

In northern Shaanxi, weddings are a particularly grand event.Some relatives remember that the day of marriage, about two or three hundred people came.The wedding was held in the cave of Yanzhuang’s old home. The cave was carefully decorated. The couplet pasted on the windows, the stickers pasted, the balloon was blowing in the room, and the ribbon hanging on the house.

A strong friend confirmed that for more than a year, the relationship between husband and wife was very good.Yan Zhuangzhuang said that there are inevitable small contradictions between husband and wife, but it will reconcile soon.Mazao sometimes asked him curiously, "Why do I quarrel with you, you don’t quarrel with me."

Horses are cheerful and good at communication.Her grandmother said, "Everything has told her family, and there must be nothing sad to desperate." After marriage, Ma fluting returned from Yulin to Suide, although only one in Suide had only one on one of one in Suide.For many months, but the relationship with colleagues and friends is very good.

Even if living in a small county, couples will occasionally romantic.

On February 14 this year, on Valentine’s Day, Ma was furry received a 520 yuan red envelope from the strong hair. She couldn’t help but show her in the circle of friends.There are three naughty expressions.

Strong work is very busy.However, after get off work, he always takes time to ride a motorcycle and carry a horse in the county.Last year of the Qixi Festival, Ma fluting received roses and gifts prepared by her husband.At more than eight o’clock in the evening, the two went to watch the movie together. Because it was too late, there was no movie that Masao specially liked, and a Hong Kong police bandit film was random.

There are not many entertainment projects in the small county.Ma fluting likes to go to the Yusen City to catch dolls. At the beginning, he always worried that he couldn’t catch himself.On one occasion, Yan Zhuangzhuang grabbed a children’s phone watch. This is almost the best prize in the game console. The horse is particularly happy and rejected the advice of Yan Zhuang to give the watch.She said, "Now I do n’t use it for children."

△ On Valentine’s Day, Ma fluting received a red envelope from her husband expressed love


After getting married, Ma fluting returned to Suide County and worked in the county cosmetics store for more than a month. He became pregnant and resigned as soon as possible.After pregnancy, Matthels pay special attention and rarely go to the game city.

The life bred in the belly added a lot of fun and longing for the young couple.Many topics between husband and wife are around the children.

At about five or six months of pregnancy, Ma fluting knew that she was a boy in her stomach. She asked Yan Zhuang, like boys or girls, and said with a smile that men and women were the same.

It has always been a matter of hammering for the child, and she told her to be strong and thoughtful.Yan Zhuangzhuang went to the Internet to refer to many names.In private, the husband and wife also discussed with the second child. They felt that the two children accompanied each other and had good benefits to the growth of the children. Horses and husbands joked: "There are more children, you need to make more money." "

Their economic situation is OK. In the village, it belongs to the middle and upper levels. There are 6 hole caves. Although the kiln cave is not very valuable, it belongs to the facade of a family in northern Shaanxi.In the district of the county, a house was purchased before the marriage, and there was a car of more than 100,000.

The couple’s chat occasionally involved the education of children.Ma flutter feels that he graduated from undergraduate and has a higher diploma. In addition, he has been doing educational counseling before, and he is more qualified to educate children than her husband.This point is very confident.On January 3 this year, during the pregnancy, she also sent a recruitment: "I am proficient in junior high school digital physical and chemical foreign languages and primary schools. If you rest assured to give me your child, I will definiteOne -to -one targeted counseling to help your child check the leakage … "

Yan Zhuangzhuang also "unwilling to show weakness", he has his own plans, because he likes electronic piano, but he has no time to learn.Yan Zhuangzhuang said, "I want to cultivate my son into a person who is proficient in piano, chess, calligraphy and painting."

With the longing for the children’s future, as the due date approaches, the horse has been carefully preparing for the first mother.

One month before the due date, Suide County suffered a flood, and the horse furry returned to his hometown for a while.Donka still remembers that the whole person of Ma flutter looks like a mother’s happiness.Ma fluff often asks the dignitaries, "You see what I lack, what you have to prepare in confinement, or you buy it enough."

In order to ensure the health of the fetus, she often walked from one end of the village to the other. The whole journey was about 5 kilometers, and sometimes she went to the village next door.This is the way she exercises.

On August 22, at noon on the day when he returned to Suide from his hometown, Ma fluting listed a shopping list for his husband on WeChat, including worrying about the child’s cool small vest.

In his hometown, Ma fluff also gave the child a name, as the final alternative, called Yan Haoyu.Malaysia not only mentioned to one person that the husband and wife had already set up the child’s name, she started one, and her husband also got one.

According to the couple’s ideas, after the child was born, they moved out of the dormitory of units that had been living and moved into the house in the county.The house purchased before marriage has been renovated, but it has been idle.Ma ’s fluffy thoughts are very clear. After the child is born, most of his energy will be cast on him.

△ From the last time Mahogai entered the production room, to more than 40 minutes of falling, there are still doubts to be solved


No signs, showing the coming of tragedy.

At 6 o’clock in the morning on August 31, the horse was watched, and she felt a little pain in her stomach.The husband reminded that he should pay attention to what he walked.After eating early, she started to exercise again, climbing up the stairs, and climbing four or five trips from the first floor to the 20th floor.

At 10 o’clock on August 31, Ma fluting entered the production room, and the results of the birth, production, and inspection showed that the maternal and fetal indicators were normal.Yan Zhuangzhuang signed an informed consent outside the delivery room.

The door of the delivery center separates the maternal and family members in two worlds.Malaysia has been staying in the delivery room. During the way of text messages, the family members have bought foods, porridge and other foods. At more than 3 pm, Ma fluff text messages told her husband: "Porridge is OK, no other) no longer."

The door of the delivery room is constantly opening, doctors enter and exit. When a child is born, the nurse will call the name of the family members at the door of the delivery center.Yanzhuang and his family have never heard the names of horse furry.

Yan Zhuangzhuang was a little anxious, but I felt understandable, because at that time, there were mothers who had earlier than their daughter -in -law in the delivery room, and the children were not born.

After 6 pm, things began to get out of control step by step.I have always hoped that they can be able to give birth and think that the horse’s furry prepared by myself, I can’t hold it.

The monitoring screen shows that around 18:05, Ma ’s fluffy came out of the production room. After walking slowly for a while, he kneeled in front of his family with a painful expression.After simply communicating with his family members, Ma fluff was assisted by several nurses into the production room.At about 7:20 pm, Ma fluting walked out of the production room again.

The silent surveillance video did not record what the horse was said at the time.The hospital’s statement said that the maternal was unbearable to the family to ask for cesarean section due to pain, but both were rejected by the family members.

Yan Zhuangzhuang denied the hospital’s statement. He said that he found the doctor twice at the time and asked for a cesarean section. The first time the doctor gave the response to the furry body, there was no problem, it was best to give birth.The second time did not get the doctor’s reply.

△ After the family members are furry, the rescue efficiency of the hospital also has also questioned


"I can’t figure it out until now. What happened in the delivery room for the dozens of minutes. Everyone knows that having a child will hurt, but if you think about it, the child will come out immediately. How can you not give birth to the child’s courage."In the past few days, Yan Zhuangzhuang has been thinking, why is his wife’s furry chosen such an extreme way.

From the second time I returned to the delivery room, until the fall, the last 40 minutes of life, the trajectory of the furry activity still exists.

At around 8 pm, a nurse who walked out of the delivery room said, "Your mother is gone."Yan Zhuang was anxious, and he couldn’t take care of it, and forcibly entered the childbirth room. He looked for him one by one and found that he was furry. He thought his wife went to crawl to exercise again.The top floor of the building is not seen.

Yan Zhuangzhuang recalled that Ma ’s driving doctor once told him," You go down, people are downstairs. "Yanzhuang returned to the first floor. Behind the hospital building, Yan Zhuang saw a group of people around, and a person lay on the stretcher, a large blood stain on the ground.He walked over and recognized at a glance that the person lying was his wife Ma."I was scared at the time, I don’t know what to do, I only know to let them be rescued."

The monitoring video recorded the moment the fall, 20:13:29, a shadow fell.The place where the horse fell down was parked with an agricultural tricycle. She first fell to the windshield of the tricycle and then fell to the ground.

Liu Li, the only witnesses of Ma ’s furry crash and the obstetrics of the obstetrics of the Suide Institute, accepted an interview with the media that they learned that their families did not see that Ma fluff came out, and they began to look for them.When Liu Li entered the operating room, she found that the window had a dark shadow. Half of her body was already outside the window. She rushed to the window quickly and only caught her clothes.

"At that time, it was completely scary, the brain was blank, and I didn’t know anything. Because the spare operating room did not turn on the light, I didn’t see who it was." Liu Li, who encountered this situation for the first time, reacted.His legs were still trembling, struggling out of the spare operating room, and told his colleagues about the situation.

Until 18 minutes when the fall, 20:31:30, the two medical staff arrived at the scene and turned to leave after seeing Ma’s furry.At 20:34 50 seconds, six medical staff arrived at the scene.At 36 minutes and 42 seconds, the ambulance arrived at the scene, and the jumper was lifted to the stretcher to the hospital’s first aid center.

For a few days, Yanzhuang closed his eyes, and the scene appeared in front of his eyes: Ma was lying on the stretcher, with a pool of blood flowing on the ground.

The ambulance in the Suide Hospital of Yulin First Hospital was uniformly stopped at the door of the hospital’s emergency medical department. From here, you need to turn left around the clinic building, the inpatient building, and then reach the place where the horse fell.After the video flowed out, the family questioned: Why did the doctor not call the police as soon as possible after the horse fell down?The emergency center is 300 meters away. Why not lift it over as soon as possible, and start the ambulance?

△ After the incident, Yan Zhuangzhuang received a lot of text messages that accused or even abused


When the labor was leaning, the fluffy children jumped down with the children who had not yet been born.The gap left by a dead body and two lives, after being reported by the media, quickly fermented, the family members and the hospital were wrapped in the turbulent public opinion.This is a game for both parties.

On September 3rd, the first statement issued by the hospital stated that the mother and family members of the hospital suggested that the cesarean section was proposed."" ".Immediately, Yan Zhuangzhuang posted a public letter with help with a mobile phone number on the Internet, and fiercely denied the statement of the court.On September 6, the hospital issued a second statement that the monitoring screen flowed out.

The words of both sides also encountered accusations from public opinion. Yanzhuang received a large number of harassing calls and text messages every day. The mobile phone could not be used normally and had to turn on the flight mode.

The harassment and text messages filled with indignation have not been interrupted. On September 7th, Yanzhuang received 628 text messages. Most of them were full of various abusive words.You really embarrassing the Yulin people "" Go to death, how do you be his husband? "

Without more evidence to fight back to the hospital’s statement, Yanzhuang and other family members can only continue to be interviewed by the media to tell the situation at the time.Yan Zhuangzhuang was worried that once public opinion was guided by the hospital, it was impossible to solve it.

"The death of his wife is difficult to accept, and I have always tortured me and my family, and now there are this public opinion." In order to break the rumors such as "the relationship between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law" and "family members refused to have a cesarean section" and other rumors, the strong mother and mother -in -law, mother and mother -in -lawThe three were interviewed by the media at the same time.

Until September 8, the public opinion game of both sides seemed to have signs of returning to peace.On September 8th, after several media interviewed doctors and midwife, the hospital temporarily canceled many approved media interviews the next day.At the same time, the family also agreed to temporarily stop all forms of media interviews.It is reported that the family members of the Suide Council and Ma Bowli have reached a mediation agreement, which involves the amount of compensation and the family members no longer accept interviews.

The related traces of the Yulin woman’s furry falling incident are disappearing over time.

On the afternoon of September 8th, in the Suide Hospital of the First Hospital of Yulin City, a police car was parked in the inpatient department, along the west side of the inpatient building, and to the parking lot on the north.In the position of the furry fell, someone was putting on a cardboard, lying down and resting.The passing medical staff saw it, showing a look of surprise.

Ma ’s fluffy WeChat was named" Good Man ", but why is it still a mystery?

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