The kitten dreams you to tell you 35 things!Intersection

1. I have done something wrong, you can tell me immediately, don’t scold me

2. Do you like a carton, do you do n’t throw it?

3. Please treat me well, don’t be angry for too long, don’t turn me up

4. Talk to me often, I recognize your voice

5. I’m sorry, my puppet is stinky, please help me shovel in time

6. If I have difficulty urinating, please feed me a mystery, and I can help me diuretic diuretic

7. Please buy the cat sand basin, I can use it when I grow up

8. Please give me the time of the order, your patience can make me learn faster

9. Please help me cut my nails regularly, I’m afraid to catch you

10. Cat food, please choose thick protein and high meat amount ~

11. Feed me 2-3 egg yolks every week, or quail eggs can help me be beautiful

12. Cooking chicken breasts are more nutritious than snack -free, I love to eat more

13. I can’t drink milk to hang, you can drink goat milk and Shu Hua milk

14. I really don’t need to buy a meal cream, it is better to feed me to eat cat grass

15. Although your perfume is very good, it is a bit pungent for me

16. Please don’t hit me, I have the teeth of resistance, but I will not bite you

17. When you think I am abnormal, take me to the Y hospital for inspection

18. Take me out to use the airbox, I will not be so scared

19. I really don’t like to take a bath, just wash it once every 3-6 months

20. I’m afraid to go out, can I not take me for a walk?

21. I am red and green blind, prefers yellow and blue toys

22. If I eat lily, rhododendron, green dill, autumn water fairy, etc.

23. I don’t like the ring bell and clothes, you don’t need to buy it

24. Drives of insect repellent to love/Flean, drive the sea in the inner and worship the pets

25. Please buy ceramic/stainless steel/glass for cat bowl, I don’t easily get black chin

26. Remember to take me vaccination to prevent major diseases

27. I have a small problem.

28. My dark chin can be wiped with physiological saline, and it can be removed

29. If you do not often taste mites at home, I can easily get sick.

30. If I have a soft stool, please feed me probiotics and help me regulate the stomach

31. If my tears are very heavy, please rub it with physiological saline

32. I can live for about 10-15 years, and it will be very painful with you

33. As long as you are there, I don’t need a big house

34. You have work entertainment friends, and I only have you

35. I will love you forever !!!

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