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Changshu City 2023 Hygiene System


Due to work needs, Changshu City’s health and health system publicly recruited 182 staff members of the labor contract system in 2023.The relevant matters are announced as follows:

For details of recruitment positions and conditions, please refer to the "Changshu City Hygiene and Health System Public Recruitment of Staff of Labor Contract System for the Hygiene and Health System". and Changshu City Health Talent Network (

Attachment: Changshu City 2023 Health and Health Systems openly recruits the job table of the staff of the labor contract system

(Scan the two -dimensional code download attachment above)

1. With the nationality of the People’s Republic of China, abide by the constitution and laws of the People’s Republic of China, and support the leadership and socialist system of the Communist Party of China.Follow the discipline and law, and the line is correct.Body conditions with job requirements.

2. The age is under 35 years of age (that is, born after July 24, 1987); applicants with a master’s degree or a high -level professional and technical qualifications with hygiene can be relaxed to 40 years of age (born on July 24, 1982 (July 24, 1982, born after July 24, 1982 (born on July 24, 1982, born after July 24, 1982 (born on July 24, 1982,); Candidates who have a doctoral degree or a high -level high -level health professional qualifications can be relaxed to 45 years of age (born after July 24, 1977).

3. For details, please refer to the position table for the requirements of the household registration.

4. The "2023 Graduate" in the qualifications refers to ordinary college graduates who graduate in 2023 and can provide the "Graduate Employment Recommendation Form" (original).December 31.Graduates of the same period of the country (border) have the date of obtaining a certificate (degree) certificate.

In 2021 and 2022, ordinary college graduates who have obtained their qualifications (degree) certificates have not been implemented and social insurance has not been paid.(Graduate Employment Guidance Service Center), talent exchange service agencies and public employment service agencies, as well as those who have graduated from the same period and have completed their academic qualifications but have not yet implemented the work unit.Essence

Other candidates apply for the examination according to the "social personnel", and the certification materials such as the degree (degree), professional and technical qualifications and practice qualifications required by the posts are obtained before July 26, 2023.

5. If the recruitment position has work experience requirements, the deadline for work experience is August 31, 2023.It can provide a proof of labor contracts, social security payment lists, bank salary flow, etc.

6. I have worked and signed a labor contract in the public medical and health institutions in our city. Employees who have worked for less than 2 years cannot apply for recruitment positions. Employees who have been working for 2 years have been applied for this recruitment position.Agree with the signature of the main leadership of the unit and the stamp of the unit.

There are 53 recruitment positions and 182 recruiters.

(1) Registration and material requirements

1. Registration adopts on -site registration.

Registration time: July 24-26, 2023, 8: 30-11: 00 am, 13: 00-16: 00 pm.

Registration address: For details, see the address of each medical institution in the recruitment position.

2. Materials required for registration:

(1) Photo: 2 photos of the front -free positive documents in the near future;

(2) ID card within the validity period; household registration documents such as household registration books; degree (degree) certificate; relevant qualification certificates (parts) and other certification materials required for posts;

(3) In 2023, graduates must also provide student ID, employment recommendation form, and blank employment agreement (my signature);

(4) Graduated doctoral and master’s degree students must also provide a graduation certificate and degree certificate at the undergraduate stage.

3. Registration precautions:

(1) Each person is limited to one post.After passing the qualification review, you must not change the registration information or report to other positions.Candidates who have not passed the preliminary examination of qualifications can be rewarded to other qualified positions within the validity period of registration.Candidates must be consistent with the ID card used during the examination. If the ID card is inconsistent, the responsibility shall be responsible for the responsibility.

(2) Candidates must keep their promises and report them truthfully.Throughout the recruitment process, all those who have falsified and fakes and have falsely faithful violations will be given to the eligibility of the application, test results, and employment in accordance with relevant regulations.

(2) Qualification review

1. The qualification conditions of the recruiters should conduct on -site review.

2. After qualifying for qualification review, the applicants fill in the registration form, and provide 2 photos free of one -inch photos of the recent blue background, and submit a copy of the registration information

1. Exam time: Written tests and interviews are organized and implemented by each recruitment unit, and the time will be notified separately.

2. Examination location: notified by each recruitment unit.

3. Examination form: Each recruitment unit organizes written tests and interviews by themselves, and all uses percentage calculations.According to the total scores of the candidates (50%of the written test and interview scores each).According to the test scores of the candidates from high to low, the number of recruitment in the post is determined that the interview object is determined by the ratio of 1: 2. If the ratio of the interview is not enough, the interview object is determined according to the actual number of conditions.According to the total score of candidates from high to low scores, the proportion of recruiters is determined to enter the medical examination personnel (with the same total score, those who take the interview scores are high; both written test and interview results will be added separately).If the ratio of the number of applicants and the number of job recruitment does not exceed 2: 1, the form of direct interviews can be used.

4. The interview results were announced on the spot; the total score was announced on the day of the interview.

1. Physical examination.Enter the medical examination personnel and go to the medical examination place designated by the recruitment unit for centralized medical examination.The medical examination standards are implemented in accordance with the revised "General Standards for Medical Examinations (Trial)" after the revised Civil Servant.Candidates who fail to meet the qualified standards will be re -inspected on the spot (on the same day), and the medical examination institutions will directly conduct re -inspection on the spot (on the same day); nonThe re -examination was selected by the medical examination organization to conduct another designated medical institution. The re -examination can only be performed once. The results of the medical examination are subject to the conclusion of the re -examination.Candidates for pregnancy are not checked for the time being, and the medical examination is completed during the end of pregnancy.

When there is a lack of physical examination or political examination inspection, the qualified personnel who apply for the same recruitment position will be supplemented in turn from high to low scores in the same recruitment position.

2. Examination and publicity.All medical institutions proposed the list of personnel to be hired according to the results of the examination, physical examination, and political examination. After the review, they announced 7 working days in their own unit.During the publicity period, if some people reflect the relevant situation of the publicity objects, please reflect in writing or directly to various medical institutions. The reflection of the situation and problems must be realistic and objective.Reflect that people must provide real names and contact information, and they do not accept those who do not sign.All medical institutions will be strictly confidentially confidentially confidential and organize personnel to investigate and verify them in a timely manner.

3. Recruitment.If the results of the publicity do not affect the hiring, the medical institutions issued the "Reading Notice", signed a labor contract with the hired personnel, implemented the management of labor contract system, and participated in social insurance (pension, medical care, work injury, unemployment, maternity insurance deposit) and in accordance with regulations.Pay the housing provident fund.The new employee implements the probation period system, and the probation period shall be implemented in accordance with relevant national regulations.Those who fail the assessment during the probation period shall be disqualified from the recruitment and seek their own occupation.Once the candidate is hired, it should be reported in time within the prescribed time. If there is no proper reasons not to be reported on time, the eligibility is canceled.

4. All medical institutions should strengthen performance management and clarify the responsibility for breach of contract.

The public recruitment of the health and health system adheres to the principle of "public, equal, competition, and selection", accepts the supervision of the disciplinary inspection and supervision departments and the public, and set up a special supervision and reporting telephone: 0512-52308510.

Changshu City Health Human Resources Management Service Center

July 14, 2023

[Source: Suzhou Health; Editor: Su Xiaoxin]

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