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Chongqing Wolves Jung Field player Li Daheng ushered in his 19th birthday.Chongqing Wolves Figure Conferry

"The heart should be supported like an umbrella, and it can be put down. You don’t have to regret it because of the past, and you don’t have to worry about the blurred future. The past is yesterday.You. "

This paragraph comes from the personal social media of the Chongqing Wolves junglers Li Dheng (ID: Fat).On the day of the post, the first round of the 2023KPL (King Glory Professional League) was ended in the first round of the regular season.In the end of the battle, the Chongqing Wolves defeated Foshan DRG 3-1, occupying the last seat of Group S.Li Daheng’s three -company MVP became the "one brother of the list".On this day, there are 10 days before his 19th birthday.

"What I want to support first is the responsibility on my body. I want to defend the glory of the wolf in the name of the wolf. The immature and dark side, I want to put them down." Li Dheng, 18, "support it, let go, let go, let go"Added such a comment.

Since his debut, people often have chubby, praise, praise, and of course, there are no lack of criticism and ridicule.In the face of all kinds of voices, he is not arrogant or faulty.On July 12, Li Daheng ushered in his 19th birthday. He said, "I will make changes and become better."

Once on the top of the mountain, I also fell into the trough

In the KPL Summer Tournament in 2022, Li Daheng appeared again on the list of the Chongqing Wolves.Return to the stage after nearly a year, want to play the game, and want to prove his thoughts full of his brain.When you come back, you will win the championship. With such beliefs, Li Daheng ushered in the first show.

In the face of the long -lost KPL arena, he did not have the tension and anxiety when playing the game for the first time, and felt more excitement and blood.However, perhaps because of the best state with his teammates, or because it was too long, it was because of the abnormality that had not appeared on stage.

Returning to the first show, I returned, and the fat, who was highly hoped, was also questioned. "It was a little bit, like a heavy punch on the body." Today, the duel is still the deepest in the career of Li Daheng’s career.In the field, "After all (nearly), I haven’t played the field for a year, and I have not played any training games, and I am still panicked."

what to do?"You can only adjust it yourself." Li Daheng said.With the time of the team, Xu Xiangyu (ID: Jinyu) in the team at the time, Li Dheng bluntly stressed.Relying on food to relieve anxiety, he was a lot fatter during that time."The rest is desperately playing the peak, using high rankings to give myself confidence, believe that you can."

In the subsequent game, Xiao Fat said.Throughout the summer, his Miyamoto Musashi maintained a winning record.The finals against the "big devil" Wuhan EstarPro, the Chongqing Wolves defeated their opponents 4-2 to hold the Silver Dragon Cup, Li Daheng was elected MVP of the Finals (the most valuable player).

Li Daheng was elected MVP of the 2022KPL Summer Finals.Chongqing Wolves Figure Conferry

Looking back at the thrilling duel, Li Daheng revealed: "Before the game, everyone has hardly thought of winning the championship." As far as him, the team can win is the biggest victory. As for the MVP is just additional honors, everyone is the same."This MVP has brought me a lot of things, a reputation, and some subsequent influence, which has made me grow a lot."

The "follow -up impact" in Li Daheng’s mouth was not all positive, and these negative effects soon reflected the team’s performance.In the Challenger Cup and the World Champions Cup after the summer season, the Chongqing Wolves did not get the final tickets and quit the trophy early.

"After the summer game is finished, I may unknowingly, I have a somewhat expansion, everyone’s spur, I can’t hear it. On the surface, I said ‘Hmm, uh, but I didn’t really accept it, which caused me not to play later."When it comes to the failure of the two cups, Li Dheng did not avoid it. This is similar to the overall style of the Chongqing Wolves.After the World Champions Cup, the team was painful and determined to make changes.

Looking back on the performance of 2022, Li Daheng believes that no matter success or failure, they eventually become the driving force for him and the team.In the trough, both have benefited me a lot. "

The teammates on the field, the "meal" in life

The time came to 2023, with the pace of the Lunar New Year, and the new season also came quietly.Because of the failure of the two cups, the Chongqing Wolves, which had been questioned on the road, set off.With the idea of "the last season of the first five people in the first five people", everyone wants to rush again.

After the team was renamed the Chongqing Wolves, five people who won the championship as the first place were formed to form the "Wolves 1.0" in the audience.He was asked to describe the Wolves 1.0 in his mind in three words. Li Daheng’s answer was unity, unity of ideas, and heart.

In the 2023KPL Spring Tournament, the Chongqing Wolves’ "Old Five" reproduced the absolute strength of the championship combination.Take the first ticket for the winner, seize the first finals, and once again hold the championship trophy. They wrote the most successful ending of five people in spring.

The Chongqing Wolves "Five Men" held the 2023KPL Spring Championship trophy.Chongqing Wolves Figure Conferry

In the summer transfer period of 2023, the team’s main lineup was adjusted. Some people left and others joined.In the new season, Li Daheng and the new and old teammates have sailed again.The joining of new teammates has brought more new possibilities to the team, and Li Daheng, the old man in the team, also assumes more responsibilities."I and Zhong Le Tian (ID: Demon Sword) take care of more people. The two of us often invite everyone to eat milk tea, mainly because I like to eat, I need meals."

In the first round of the first round of the regular season of this year, the Chongqing Wolves and the old opponent Foshan DRG launched a competition to compete for the last S group.In this battle, Li Daheng used the three heroes of Zhu Bajie, Miyamoto Musashi and Mirror, respectively, and was elected MVP three times to help the team win the victory of this key game.

"Miyamoto is really okay, but I think the first pig (eight precepts) and (last one) mirror (the last one) (can win) is because all five of us do well."Rice is the most trusted comrade in the field.

Some audiences have commented that the Chongqing Wolves can perform strong performance because at a critical moment, there are always people who can stand up.Li Daheng deeply agrees: "The main thing of our team is a person who can CARRY (means carry, which means that it can bring up the team’s rhythm)."

It’s the game ID, but also the pursuit of the moment

"I think this time I am equipped with this MVP."Before appearing in front of the public, he was always confident that he was "arrogant".Some people like him, and some people hate him.

"I always believe in one sentence: self -confidence is the peak. For players, confidence is very important." From the perspective of professional players, Li Daheng believes that mentality and strength are equally important.In order to do a good "Puxin Man" on the stage, he made a lot of efforts on the stage, and he was one of them."I will compare the scores of other junglers. If the score is high, there must be confidence. Mainly, we have won more in the game. Usually, my teammates always affirm me, so it is more powerful."

The victory and defeat of the soldiers are not expected, and the self -confident boy will also be hit due to the defeat of the game.Even though he has repeatedly won the cup with the team, Li Daheng, who lost the game in the regular season, "feels uncomfortable.""No one can win, and it is important to lose the problem. If you continue to win, everyone may float and swell to the playoffs but it is not good."So, sometimes it ’s good to lose a game, even if you wake yourself up."

Li Daheng firmly believes that mentality and strength are equally important.Chongqing Wolves Figure Conferry

In the canyon, Li Daheng often deliberately reminds himself to do something well.He will change the ID to the most important issues at present, such as "goodness with others", such as "words and peace"."Each ID has its significance, including my pursuit at the time. The current ID is called" self -consistent with the dark side ". People have a negative side. There is a negative side.a part of."

Follow your own efforts and accept incompetence.During the words, the maturity and calmness showed by Li Daheng will make people doubt in a moment. He is less than 19 years old. He is recognized as a "young young" in the e -sports industry that he is recognized as a youth rice.

In the professional, few people have treated Li Daheng as recruits in the professional arena.

"If this performance is placed on other jungle body, I can give full scores, but because you are fat, I can only give you 4 points." This is the most impressive comment that Li Daheng recently reads.On this way to become better, there are a lot of urged sounds. The young man basically accepts: "I think this is really nice to me, I don’t need to coax me, or very gentle, I prefer to hit a direct hitting directly.The mind. "

Judging from the performance of this summer, Li Daheng’s performance far exceeded 4 points.This season, he can contribute to the team regardless of the use of traditional strong wild nuclear heroes or blue -collar jungle.The data of the operation, seizing vision, and team battle, Li Daheng’s various data are dazzling.

When it comes to how tanks and assassins have repaired it, Li Dheng admits that he has also experienced the pain period. "After all, it is two different play methods, but you still have to accept it.The general trend of the version can not go against the version. "

"Ben Er" is fat, I don’t want to gain weight anymore

Outside the field, there is another headache for Li Daheng: weight loss.Because of the long -term overweight, Li Daheng’s health was not very good, and his body also issued a warning signal.Sometimes when I get up in the morning, he will have a clear sense of dizziness, and often a whole day.

People are named, and Xiao Fat recalled that he has always been fat and has not been controlled.Coupled with the high pressure of the previous game, it is always decompressed by eating, leading to an increase in weight, and the whole person is more rounded.

In order to extend his career, Li Daheng restarted the weight loss plan at the beginning of this year.The reason why he restarted was because he had tried to lose weight before, but eventually failed to persist.In absorbing the previous failure experience, he formulated a more scientific and reasonable weight loss plan: lunch and dinner to eat the fat reduction meal arranged by coaches, and do some aerobic exercises every day."When we say weight, there will be that sense of accomplishment. Today, I have dropped the scale, very happy." From early January to now, Li Daheng has successfully lost 40 pounds.

Earlier this year, Li Daheng restarted the weight loss plan.Chongqing Wolves Figure Conferry

From the perspective of vision, Li Daheng, who was thin, was more mentally energetic. "I feel that the body is getting better and better, and more and more blood is full of blood." According to the plan set by the young man, this time the weight loss will continue until the first quarter of next year. "Strive for everyone to shine, I hope it is not to let everyone’s eyes darkened. "Li Daheng said, and laughed.

He ushered in the last birthday that started with "1", Li Daheng joked: "’Ben 2", when he was 18 years old, he felt old. He could only say that he wanted to get older and more demon. Don’t be smoothed by time."Before the age of 20, there were two desire he wanted to achieve. In addition to successful weight loss, he also hoped to achieve the achievement of" K (KPL) one wild "as soon as possible.

Talking about the field, Li Daheng was still the "crazy" fat, and the words were as confident as ever. He said that the goal of the team is still the championship.? I hope we can do the first one. "

In the end, he did not forget to confess his fans: "I am grateful to them and give up with me. Thank you for always like me, and I will make changes and become better."

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