The male star died suddenly after 20 days, and his wife appeared in the funeral home.

On February 9, according to Taiwan media reports, 52 -year -old senior male star Ming Jincheng died suddenly yesterday. His wife appeared in a funeral home and was busy helping him to deal with behind him.

Ming Jincheng was born in an actor. The most memorable role that impressed him should be the villain still in "Princess Huaiyu".

After the age of age, he transformed into a director. In those years, he has directed many idol dramas. He has cooperated with He Junxiang and Lin Yichen, and his strength has been recognized.

Compared with the smooth career, Ming Jincheng’s feelings are very twisted, and they get married over forty years old.Last month, his wife Lin Pei gave birth to the dragon and phoenix, and both the couple were excited.

Unexpectedly, when Dad was only 20 days, Ming Jincheng had a myocardial infarction in the confinement center, and he died for emergency treatment.

At present, the remains have been sent to the funeral home. Most of the family members of Ming Jincheng are abroad. Lin Peizheng can only put a pair of children in the center of the confinement. With the friend Zhao Junya and Chen Delie, a friend of Ming Jincheng, in person to the funeral home for her husbandDo it behind you.

In the exposed scene, Lin Peizheng was surrounded by everyone. She wore a gray sweater and a mask on her face, wrapped herself tightly, and could not see her expression.

During the period, she was distressed. She was unstable and needed to support others. Obviously, she still couldn’t accept her beloved departure.

In the interview, Zhao Junya choked and stated that I couldn’t believe that this was true, but I still had to accept it. Everyone was sad.Lin Pei did not sleep all night, and her body was very weak just after production.Fortunately, she could still support it for the time being.

Asked how the matter behind Ming Jincheng was arranged, Zhao Junya revealed that I helped Ming Brother and the little niece to organize clothes. My brother might change his clothes. I came to help. Everyone was heavier. I didn’t ask much.

It is reported that Lin Pei is 6 years old than Ming Jin, 46 years old, and is the owner of a human resources company.When she was married to Ming Jincheng, Ming Jin did not want to have children, but her mother had a strong idea, and Ming Jincheng had to compromise.

Because both parties are older, they have spent more than one million sons for many years, and they still can’t conceive their children.While they were about to give up, the couple were introduced by friends and met a famous doctor, and finally she was pregnant with twins.

Because it is an elderly mother and produced in winter, Lin Pei suffers from severe pregnancy toxic hemosia.She was originally intended to have a baby in February. She could only admit a cesarean section on the 20th of last month with the advice of the doctor.

After giving birth to a baby, Ming Jincheng arranged for her to live in the confinement center, so that she could condition her body.Unexpectedly, Ming Jincheng died suddenly.

After a short period of time, I experienced great joy and sorrow. Lin Peizheng must be very painful. As a bystander, she can only hope that she will cheer up as soon as possible and take good care of two children.

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