The man and the pregnant wife broke up, and exposed the chat history!Netizens are angry

Is it the reason for pets?

Or is it unsuccessful?

The chat history of a couple is exposed,

Tens of thousands of netizens argue …

As of press time,

Tens of thousands of netizens have been arguing about this,

what is going on?

Lets come look.

A netizen of a netizen of the 19th floor forum posted a self -described:

My wife is pregnant.The family ushered in a new life and was very happy.The family was very concerned about the mother at home. She didn’t grieve her. She also invited her to Yueyue and asked her to raise her body at home.

But in the middle of the night, he quarreled with his wife because of the dog.

My parents and I mean that for the baby’s health, the dog should be sent away.My wife said that if we let her choose between the dog and the child, she will choose the child.However, she will hate children.Do you say this is what a expectant mother should say?My parents and I are very angry.Now it has risen to our family who doesn’t care about her feelings, hey …

▼ The following is a chat record between men and wives ▼

After the chat history is exposed

Most netizens stand on the side of the woman:

My wife has agreed,

If the child is allergic, you can send the dog away;

The man’s family only considers the child,

I don’t care about my wife’s feelings.

Netizens have not rejected her husband’s emotional quotient, and

Poor communication ability,

The wife agreed to send the dog away unreasonable.

Some netizens pointed out,

The man’s communication method,

I do not take care of the emotions of pregnant women at all,

Many postpartum depression originated from this.

There are also netizens science,

Pets and children do not conflict,

The key is to raise and do epidemic prevention.

Some netizens believe,

The woman said that "hate children" is the key to annoying the man.

For this more netizens, think that,

That’s a word that the woman feels aggrieved,

Hold the man and go online.

Some netizens said,

This is not the problem of raising dogs,

But how to respect and understand each other.

More netizens said,

The three views are too fatal,

Every little bit in life will affect marriage,

It should be reached before marriage.

Babies and pets can not only "choose one",

Listen to what the professionals say.

For those who like pets,

Babies and pets can have both

But keep in mind some precautions:

1. Both pregnant women and pets need to be checked

2. Pregnant women are not too close to pets

3. Washing her hands after pregnant women touch the pet

4. Pet shovel and bath to other family members

5. Pets regularly vaccine and deworming

6. Pay attention to cleaning pet hair in time

7. Pets and peripheral sanitation must be done well

8. Pets develop good eating habits

Therefore, the prospective parents who have pets in the family do not have to worry too much. As long as they do pre -pregnancy examinations and pet epidemic prevention and cleaning work, pregnant women should keep their distance properly. Do not contact pets’ feces.In addition, after the baby is born, in order to avoid pets that may hurt the baby by mistake, parents should supervise and take care of them.In short, people who like pets do not have to reject them for their children.

It is said that the officials are difficult to break the housework,

Only with these chat records,

Maybe it is not the whole of things.

If you encounter similar contradictions,

What will you do?

Also welcome family -raising families to come out!

Source: 19th Floor (My19Lou), News Morning News (SHXWCB)

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