The man spent 1.3 million to marry a daughter -in -law, and his wife was not pregnant for five years after marriage.

Xiao Heng said that he accidentally found that his wife was taking contraceptives, so he changed his wife to vitamin. His wife Jiaxin said, do I have to give you a child if I do n’t take contraceptives?Xiaoheng said helplessly, you don’t want to get pregnant, and you can’t take contraceptives for a long time. It’s not good for your body. Do you know?

What happened between this couple?Why does the wife exclude to have children?Even do you even damage your body?

Xiao Heng said that he had a day of cleaning and accidentally discovered contraceptives in the trash can. He finally knew why he was married for 5 years, and his wife had not been pregnant.The wife said, do n’t need a child, can you think about your body.

Jiaxin scolded, what do I worry about with your own body?I just don’t want a child. Xiaoheng said that his wife was too responsible. He became pregnant once during his love. As a result, his wife did not say a word and killed the child directly, but because the two were young at the time, and he did not do it, he did not do did not do it.It’s so prepared to be a father, so that’s it.

After marriage carefully, Jiaxin was pregnant again, and the family was caught in joy, but what made the whole family unexpectedly that the wife did not say a word and broke the child again.

The host asked Jiaxin why did you do this. Jiaxin said that because her husband was very extreme, she said before that she did not want this child. In order to prevent the child from being killed. When she was at work, she posted a video of cutting wrist cuts., Scared her to panic and hurried home, and found that her husband made a chicken blood, scaring her.

Jiaxin said that she was unimaginable. Now she has no children and her husband is so extreme. After having a child, I do n’t know what it will be like. Xiaoheng said aggrieved, do he just want a child, what is wrong?If your wife does not want a child, divorce.

After hearing the divorce, Jiaxin cried directly, saying that he is now 28 years old, how to live after the divorce, and scolding her husband too selfishness, not considering her.Crying pear blossoms with rain, scolding Xiaoheng not observing the agreement.

It turned out that the two signed a Dink’s agreement before marriage. Do not have children for life. In the first two years after marriage, Xiaoheng can still abide by, but the third year of the third year forced Jiaxin to have children. Xiaoheng said that it was immature at that time.Idea, and just a similar joke, he insisted on either giving birth or divorce.

However, Jiaxin was also stubborn. She didn’t want children nor divorce. She also said the reason. She was a single -parent family because her father was a young man from a young age. Because of this problem, her parents finally divorced.Mother lives, but her mother does not wait to see her, so she is afraid that after having a child, she will make the child repeat the same mistake.

And she is an obstetric nurse, and she also looks at the warmth of the world. She said that many pregnant women want to drink water after gardening, but her husband is just playing with a mobile phone.The scars on his wife began to hate his wife after giving birth.

Xiaoheng emphasized that they are them, I am me, and I am definitely different from them. Jiaxin scolds, you are all the same, you do n’t even do the agreement before marriage. You are not as good as them. The two are quarreled.

The mediator asked Xiao Heng so young, why was he anxious to ask for a child?Xiaoheng said that he was brought by Grandpa since he was a child. Before his grandfather, his biggest regret was that he could not hold his grandson. This made him uncomfortable at the time, and he even strengthened the idea of wanting children.

Emotional experts said that the reason why Jiaxin is unwilling to have children is because of the native family, followed by a lot of irresponsible men at work, making her even more reluctant to have children. At this time, Xiaoheng should care about care and care for her, Warm her heart, rather than forcibly change her, so that it can only be counterproductive.

Xiao Heng also realized his mistake, saying that he was willing to change for his wife, and asked his wife to change the thoughts of not the child. As soon as the words were finished, Xiaoheng’s mother rushed up, and she wanted to pull her son without mediation.Hurry up and divorce, Xiaoheng was unwilling to leave, and was beaten by his mother.

Jiaxin couldn’t sit still and came over to stop her mother -in -law from hitting her husband. The host quickly persuaded the three. The mother -in -law bluntly said that she did not agree with her son’s marriage. I felt that the children of a single family were lonely and had a great impact on the next generation.When you discovered that his daughter -in -law was more reasonable, he barely agreed.

After learning that her daughter -in -law was pregnant, she was very happy. She bought supplements for her daughter -in -law every day and bought clothes for unborn children. Regardless of whether the boy and girl were, they would buy it.Go, now in her pocket, she is equipped with fast -acting savior pills every day. Now she knows that her daughter -in -law is unwilling to have children 5 years after marriage.

Jiaxin said that they signed the Dink’s agreement before marriage. My mother -in -law said that I don’t know this. If I really do n’t want a child, I can go to the nuns directly. Why do you want to get married and harm their family?It is estimated that humans have long been extinct. At first, she could live better after marriage. She borrowed all relatives and had enough to buy them for them.

Jiaxin scolded, what?Listening to this, I will return the mortgage to you with a divorce.Jiaxin said that the room was written by our two names. It was our common property. You wasting my youth for so many years, not only did you not compensate my youth loss fee, but also wanted me to go out of the house. How do you embarrass?

Xiaoheng said the original committee. At that time, he just graduated from college to participate in the work, and his salary was reluctant to live. How can there be money?The down payment was borrowed by my parents. After marriage, the pressure was not small, and it was always the mothers to help the mortgage.

The lawyer said that the house was bought after marriage and belonged to common property, and Xiaoheng’s debt was taken the initiative to help. Jiaxin did not know that it was not the same debt of the husband and wife, but Jiaxin secretly broke the child’s behavior is not right.She can not want children, but she can’t deprive Xiaoheng’s right to be his father. Moreover, the child is also the hope and continuation of a family.

Emotional experts also said that Jiaxin should not be so selfish, but only considers herself and does not consider her husband. Jiaxin said that the native family has a great impact on her, but after adulthood, she has been working hard to make herself full of positive energy, butThe husband was naive and immature, so she was very insecure, so she was unwilling to have children.

After hearing the inner thoughts of his wife, Xiaoheng felt that there was still a drama unwilling to divorce. He realized that he was immature, was willing to change, and was recognized by his wife.Qi left the microphone and left.

Jiaxin has always been afraid of having children because of his childhood misfortune and his work. He can understand these, but after having a child, he did not say a word, and he directly killed the child.Of course, Xiaoheng is also a bit naive and immature. He cannot assume the responsibility and obligation that a husband should have. He has a contradiction with his wife and will not resolve it well. Fortunately, the last two people realize their own problems.

What do you think about Jiaxin’s approach?

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