The man went out to make money to support his family, but his wife secretly gave birth to a baby with others. Wife: I have hard work

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One day in 2020, Chen Xiaohui, who was working at work, suddenly received a strange call, curiously pressed the answer button, but the news brought by the other party immediately felt the five thunder.

"Hello, is it Chen Xiaohui? Your wife Peng Qianyi’s second child has some procedures for you to provide proof."

When Chen Xiaohui heard the news, the brain couldn’t respond for a while, "Have you made a mistake? My wife is not pregnant."

"I show the production records on April 6, mother Peng Qianyi, father Chen Xiaohui."

After the call was hung up, Chen Xiaohui checked his hukou doubt, and found that he really had a boy’s name in his name.

This made him puzzled that he had been working in Xiamen and hadn’t met with his wife for a year. How could he suddenly have an extra son?

Who is this child?Why is it hanging under Chen Xiaohui’s name?What secret is his wife Peng Qianyi hidden?

In 2012, Chen Xiaohui, 25, came to an electronic factory in Guangdong to work.

Although the work here is boring, because he knows many workers of the same age, he also gets a lot of fun in his life.

They often call familiar friends to skate with the skating rink together, which is also one of their rare entertainment projects.

Chen Xiaohui, who work in this day, came to the skating rink with his friends. Here he met Peng Qianyi, who was also skating with his friends.

Coincidentally, they are all employees of the same factory, and they are familiar between friends, so the two people decided to play together.

At first, Chen Xiaohui just glanced at Peng Qianyi from a distance, and just met the gaze that Peng Qianyi saw.

The introverted Chen Xiaohui didn’t dare to look at it again, but did not expect that Peng Qian Yi Zhi went straight to chat with Chen Xiaohui.

In Chen Xiaohui’s eyes, Peng Qianyi fully meets his mate selection standards regardless of his appearance and character.

Facing the beauty of the beauty, Chen Xiaohui readily agreed. After the end, they left contact information to each other.

Since then, Peng Qianyi often expressed concern on Chen Xiaohui on the phone and asked him to come out to play. Chen Xiaohui went to the appointment every time.

Soon after, their friends also saw that the relationship between the two was close, so they coaxed them together.

Peng Qianyi did not twist, and expressed his love to Chen Xiaohui. Chen Xiaohui also agreed to coax, and the two officially talked about love.

One year later, they returned to Chen Xiaohui’s hometown to register and got married. Chen Xiaohui’s parents also treated Peng Qianyi like a biological daughter.

One year after marriage, the two ushered in the crystallization of love, and they gave birth to a son.

Peng Qianyi, who had to take care of her child, couldn’t go out to work, and the burden of life was pressed on Chen Xiaohui. Chen Xiaohui decided to go to Xiamen to work to make money.

The marriage of free love should have been happy, but the life of long -term separation has laid a time bomb for the future of the two.

After 7 years of life, the children who had suddenly disrupted the seemingly quiet marriage.

Chen Xiaohui couldn’t believe that his wife had a child secretly with himself.

Chen Xiaohui, who got the news, bought a ticket to his hometown overnight. On the road, he called his wife Peng Qianyi to ask about the situation.

Peng Qianyi’s explanation is difficult to accept: "Some time ago, my friend borrowed my ID card and she gave birth to a child."

Chen Xiaohui felt that his wife’s explanation was absurd. He felt that it was obviously just a reason and excuse to deal with him.

It is still possible to use your ID card to do other things, but who will borrow your ID card to have children, and most people will not borrow it.

Shortly after having a child, his wife Peng Qianyi said that Chen Xiaohui was not at home. She was not used to living in her mother -in -law’s house. She had to go back to her mother’s house to live. Chen Xiaohui agreed when she thought about it.

Therefore, Chen Xiaohui did not see Peng Qianyi when she returned home. Early the next morning, Chen Xiaohui went to Peng Qianyi’s mother’s house to find her. She wanted to ask the situation clearly.

But she didn’t want her mother -in -law to say that Peng Qianyi hadn’t returned for more than a year. I didn’t know where she went, and at the same time asked him to see Peng Qianyi’s bedroom.

In the bedroom, there is only one suitcase that has not been used for a long time and part of Peng Qianyi.A bunch of debris on the bed apparently did not live for a long time.

Where did Peng Qianyi go?Will the child’s biological father be this Zhang Tao?Will Peng Qianyi be in Zhang Tao?

Chen Xiaohui came to Zhang Tao’s home according to the address on the data.

As soon as I arrived at the door, I saw Zhang Tao’s mother drying the baby’s clothes at the door. At this time, Chen Xiaohui guess that the child was probably this Zhang Tao.

Sure enough, Zhang Tao was not at home, but in a bedroom in Zhang Tao’s house, there was a crib.

After asking, Zhang Tao’s mother said the origin of the baby.

It turned out that Zhang Tao had been unmarried. Until a month ago, he suddenly hugged a baby and told his mother that it was his son.

Time is just one month, and it coincides with the information displayed on April 6.

But in Zhang Tao’s house, Peng Qianyi was not found, so Chen Xiaohui took out the photos of Peng Qianyi and continued to ask Zhang Tao’s mother.

"Is this person your daughter -in -law?"

I did not know that Zhang Tao’s mother said she didn’t know at a glance and had never seen this woman.

Chen Xiaohui thinks she must not tell the truth. Children are born. How can she not know it?

Chen Xiaohui wanted to get angry, and kept asking Zhang Tao’s mother. Zhang Tao’s father just heard the movement and came over at this time.

He looked at Zhang Tao’s mother and finally admitted that his daughter -in -law was Peng Qianyi. Peng Qianyi did not marry his son Zhang Tao, but just gave birth to a child.

The answer in Chen Xiaohui finally landed, but he couldn’t understand that he was good at his wife, why did Peng Qianyi do such a thing?

Does Zhang Tao know about Peng Qianyi’s marriage?Why did Peng Qianyi live with others in marriage?

The truth of all this thing is that only Peng Qianyi knows, but where is Peng Qianyi at this moment?

Chen Xiaohui, who couldn’t find the answer, had to leave Zhang Tao’s house first, and made a lot of calls to Peng Qianyi. After constantly dialing, Peng Qianyi finally answered the phone.

Peng Qianyi still did not admit that he had children on the phone and said that he did not know Zhang Tao.

In the face of Peng Qianyi’s lies, Chen Xiaohui was helpless. He said, "You come out first, let’s talk about how to solve this matter."

Peng Qianyi didn’t want to meet. She always didn’t answer and turned away. Chen Xiaohui was impatient and bluntly said: "Are you unable to see people and dare not show your face."

Peng Qianyi only said that he had sued the divorce last year, but Chen Xiaohui did not go to leave.

She said that if Chen Xiaohui could promise to divorce, she could meet at a time and place to meet.

But at the agreed time, but did not wait for Peng Qianyi.

Chen Xiaohui called again, and there was a man’s voice on the phone, saying that the phone was picked up.

Chen Xiaohui doubted this, "She must be lying again, saying a good meeting, so coincidentally, the mobile phone was lost, and the lie was too poor."

At this time, Chen Xiaohui recalled that he used to be with his wife, and he felt that he had nothing wrong.

Chen Xiaohui worked outside to earn money. In order to save the road, he returned two or three times a year. Peng Qianyi took a 5 -year -old son at home alone.

He believes that as a man, he is responsible for the daily life and human affairs of his mother.

In terms of life, there are mother -in -law and father -in -law in the family, and the housework does not need to do it. Peng Qianyi is only responsible for bringing a good child.

He felt that he had always been very indulgent. She wanted to go to work at work. She didn’t want to work at home at home. If she wanted to go back to her mother, she returned to her mother’s house. He didn’t want to interfere with the freedom of his wife too much.

However, he did not expect that his indulgence was exchanged for his wife’s betrayal. Chen Xiaohui really couldn’t understand, maybe only Peng Qianyi could explain it.

After many communication, Chen Xiaohui finally met Peng Qianyi.

Chen Xiaohui was very depressed and worked hard to make money to support his family, but his wife quietly talked to others with himself.

Facing Chen Xiaohui’s anger questioning, Peng Qianyi not only did not show a loss, but accused him with a strong manner.

Chen: "I have worked hard to make money to support you, how can you do this?"

Peng: "Have you controlled us for so many years? In addition to giving money, have you been concerned about us?"

Chen: "I want to know, why do you have children with others when there is no divorce?"

Peng: "That’s an accident."

Peng Qianyi cried and complained:

"You give 2,000 yuan a month, and then don’t ask, I send you a message and want to talk to you. You always say that I send spam information."

"From our conflict, do you say you want to recover, have you really recovered?"

"You said calm down, one cold is 3 years, how much do you say to me in 3 years? Have you cared about me?"

"Don’t talk about me, my son is at home, and I haven’t seen you to see it. I usually don’t have any concern."

"Every time I ask you, how can our business be solved, you always say that you will sue me."

"I really have enough life like this, I will almost become a lunatic."

Peng Qianyi mentioned that Chen Xiaohui couldn’t help crying, so she couldn’t breathe her for a long time to live and depressed.

At this time, Zhang Tao of the same company as her often asked her warmly, which made her feel warm again.

In the end, it was so wrong, even suspected of being a big one.

Now things have happened, and where should the two go from?

At this point, Peng Qianyi also realized the mistakes she made, but she insisted that she could not blame herself.

Chen Xiaohui also wanted to live with his wife Peng Qianyi and his 5 -year -old son, but Peng Qianyi was unwilling to return to the Chen family anyway. She thought the Chen family was an abyss.

Peng Qianyi frankly said that she had a child with Zhang Tao, and now the Zhang family will not accept herself. As for Chen Xiaohui, she is unwilling to live together anyway.

Facing the choice of Peng Qianyi, Chen Xiaohui couldn’t help it, and said at the same time:

Divorce is okay. You have to give me a mental loss of 100,000 yuan, and your son belongs to me. You will also pay 800 yuan a month.

In this regard, Peng Qianyi disagreed. She insisted that she had a responsibility to do this. She could not get 100,000 yuan without economic sources, otherwise she would take her life.

As for the support fee, she can only bear 500 yuan, and she has no money.

When he heard this, Chen Xiaohui was unwilling to talk about it again. He said that he would sue to the court, and then let the judge judge, and after speaking, he went away.

In the end, there was no result of this incident. Facing families with economic difficulties, my doll marriage was normal.

Due to economic pressure, they had to go out to work, but problems between husband and wife should communicate well.

If Chen Xiaohui can give his wife and children more care and solve the problem, maybe his wife will not make mistakes again.

Even if there is a problem with Chen Xiaohui’s solution, Peng Qianyi should not be in love with her husband with her husband without divorce, and even give birth to a child.

It can be seen that whether it is free love or blind date, both the husband and wife need to operate this marriage well, and actively communicate if there is a problem, and strive to solve the problem.

Instead of dragging or cold treatment, nor is it wayward to do things that hurt each other.

Marriage is a deep learning. I hope that in the future, Chen Xiaohui and Peng Qianyi can recognize their shortcomings and live their own lives.

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