The man who asked me to kill the child, sent me 5,000 yuan 16 years later, saying that he still loves me

this is a true story:

At the age of 19, I worked in Shenzhen. There was a miscellaneous man in the factory. I kept chewing gum every day. At the beginning, I thought his family was rich. At that time, I had five cents of ice cream.For a long time, a box of gum with a box of eight dollars, I don’t want to buy it.

Later, he often asked me to chat with me. We were slowly familiar with it. I realized that he had a disease in the medicine.

He is a person with a particularly flexible mind. During the off -season in the factory, he took me to the market to set up a stall, selling some small things, like some accessories, toys, and toothbrushes.Only a few cents, we sold a piece of five or two, the business was good.

However, when the settlement was settled at the end of the month, we found that we did not make money. Later, we knew that those who came to buy things stole some of them in their pockets, took seven or eight, and only paid two money.

When she tested the earrings, she didn’t pick it up or gives money. We gave up for a month.

Later, he took me to take a big post and entered the machine that came up automatically. It was very dark. He was very close to me. I heard the sound of my heartbeat.

I like him, and then our relationship has changed slightly. Let’s go to supper together, press the road together, and even pretend to be unintentionally holding hands.

But he has a girlfriend, we can only be friends and we can’t be lovers.

But I couldn’t let him go. When knowing that he had a girlfriend, I had a relationship with him.

At that time, our salary was not high. He often complained to me that her girlfriend spent too much money. Her salary was all spent every month, and her illness had no money to see.

At that time, I didn’t know what I thought and felt very distressed. Later, I was pregnant with his child. He knew that he was just sorry for me. He hurt me, but he never promised to marry me.

When I was almost three months pregnant, he asked me to kill the child. He said that he couldn’t afford the child now, couldn’t give me happiness, and could not harm me.

When he went to the hospital, he said that he had no money, and his money was spent by his girlfriend.

I made a painless flow of five hundred dollars by myself, saying that it was painless, but I still felt tingling, especially the needle tube tube tube medicine, and the painful me grinned.

After doing it, I felt that my head was dizzy and couldn’t get up at all. Later, he helped me back, and kept telling me sorry along the way, making me suffer.

I only took two days off and went to work. He always blamed himself, but he had no practical action. Even the chickens did not buy one for me. When I went out to eat, when I paid, I still paid.More than him.

After this time, I can see his true face. I think a man and let you remove the child in his stomach, which shows that he is an irresponsible man, and he does not love you at all.

So I took the initiative to break up. He cried and begged me not to leave him. He couldn’t have me without me. He also kneeled and slapped himself. I softened and planned to forgive him.

Suddenly my stomach hurt, twisted pain, I couldn’t hold it, and asked him to take me to the hospital.

After taking the B -ultrasound and doing a check, the doctor said that there was no problem, and I did not hurt all at once.

Later, I chose to break up with him, because my stomach often hurt, and the pain for a while was okay. I suspected where I hurt when I was aborting.

After that, I did n’t care about it anymore, and I did n’t have the money to control it. I must go to the large hospital to do a lot of examinations to find out what the reason, but I have no money.

Two months after breaking up, he suddenly came to me. I thought he came to ask me to reunite. I didn’t expect him to come to me to borrow money. He said that his girlfriend was pregnant. He didn’t want this child because he lovedIt was me, so he wanted to kill this child, and he wanted to reunite with me.

I don’t think he is a man. When he watched his tears coming out, I couldn’t bear it, lent him 500 yuan.

I said, "Money can be lent to you, but I have to pay back, and I will not rear rear with you. You think too much. I already have a boyfriend and soon get married."

He took the money step by step and said, "You can rest assured that I will return it to you. When you wait for me, I will come back to find you after breaking up."

Later, I resigned and returned home, and never contacted him again. At first, I went to his deduction space to see him. After a long time, I didn’t feel much about him, and I would never think of him anymore.Essence

Later, I started to use WeChat, unloaded the deduction number, and never had any intersection with him.

A few months ago, my son asked me to apply for a deduction number, and I gave him the previous deduction number. He received the information of that person and asked me to see it.

He said that he hadn’t seen it for a long time, and asked me if he remembered him?He is still single because he can’t forget me.

I told him that I got married and gave birth to a lot of children. My husband was very good to me. I was very happy. I had passed with him.

He said, "Remember you have borrowed 500 yuan for me? I have come back to the money. It’s almost 20 years. The price has risen. I will pay you 5,000 yuan. You must accept it. I know youI don’t care about me anymore, I just ask you, don’t delete me, pull me black, and let me think of you when you want you, I can still look at you in the circle of friends, I will never bother you. "

He thought I was the little girl who had been touched by a few good words before. I didn’t feel him about him, just like a stranger. I knew any news, and I would not feel it.

I think that since it has nothing to do with him, I shouldn’t collect 5,000 yuan, as long as I borrowed five hundred hundred.

But when I sent it back to 4500 to him, he kept unwilling to accept it and returned me.

I suddenly figured it out. He said it was right. Now the price has risen so much. The previous 500 yuan was more than tens of thousands of dollars, so I didn’t take advantage of him. There was nothing embarrassed.Just accept it.

Friends, do you think I should collect these 5,000 yuan, is it necessary for this man to contact?

I think it can be accepted at all, there is nothing embarrassed, this should be, you don’t have to be polite.

As for this man, there is no need to contact again, so let’s blackm it. Since it is not a friend, why let him see his circle of friends and his dynamics.

This kind of rhetoric, a man who has no sense of responsibility, is still away from it, because women are soft -hearted and like to listen to sweet words. At that time, they will be coaxed by others and will make mistakes again, so simply, eliminate post -troubles.

And if such people are not available, they are likely to do extreme things and will cause harm to the other party, so I think it is best to break.What do you think?

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