The management of pregnant mothers starts from early pregnancy

The total weight gain range during pregnancy is about 11.5 ~ 16kg, and the risk of giant children with too much weight increases, gestational diabetes and other risks

Liu Jia, deputy chief physician of the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, pointed out that now life is getting better and better, and more and more mothers have been found in clinical practice. Generally, it is normal to increase weight by about 15-30 pounds.~ 60 pounds, too much weight can easily lead to production difficulties, and it is not conducive to physical management.Experts suggested that the nutrition and weight management of pregnant mothers should start from the early pregnancy, that is, the first three months of pregnancy, so that it is necessary to increase the balance and order when adding additional nutrition in the middle and late pregnancy.

Can it be announced to the outside world in the early pregnancy?

For many pregnant mothers, there are always a lot of doubts when they are pregnant. I hope that they can communicate with people around them. However, the tradition of "just three months of pregnancy is not suitable to say" has made many people go.

Liu Jia introduced that in modern society, the mothers in the workplace are very common. The traditional customs that "cannot say outside the first three months of pregnancy" can keep up with the times.Experts further explain that if expectant mothers get more blessings through the joy of sharing pregnancy, or they can get more intimate family, friends, and colleagues after sharing, which is conducive to pregnancy, so they can generously share the joy of pregnancy.

However, when sharing joy, you also need to consider these factors comprehensively: because the embryos in the first three months of pregnancy are relatively unstable and are prone to abortion.Some pregnant mothers may be injured psychologically.The doctor suggested that it is best not to let too many unrelated persons who just discovered that when you are pregnant, and go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible to determine whether it is an intrauterine pregnancy and whether the embryo has a fetal heart beating.At that time, the doctor will also ask about some things about pregnancy. The pregnant mother must answer it at the field, which is good for themselves and the fetus.If it is a professional woman with many tasks, when it is necessary to adjust the working mode of long -term staying up late, you can also consider communicating with leaders and adjust the rhythm of the work appropriately.

It can be announced in a timely manner after 8 weeks of pregnancy

Experts introduced that if you consider the stability of your physical condition and adjust the rhythm of the work, it is more suitable to announce the timing of pregnancy without waiting for three months, and you can choose to announce the B -ultrasound at the hospital for the first time in the hospital at 7 to 8 weeks of pregnancy.

This is because when you are pregnant, you need to exclude some unexpected situations. There are three common types: 1. The pregnancy week is less than 6 weeks, and the pregnancy is measured by the pregnancy test stick. There are still some unstable factors.Even if the pregnancy signal is tested, it is not a successful pregnancy; 2. Ectopic pregnancy; 3. The quality of the embryo itself is not good and the risk of abortion is high.

Liu Jia introduced that after 7 to 8 weeks of pregnancy, ultrasound reminded the fetus to be heart tube, pregnant mothers did not have signs of miscarriage and other discomfort, and there was no special medical history in the past.

Five tricks to adjust your life and rest

The first three months of pregnancy are the sensitive period of embryo development.What should I do if I do n’t know if I am pregnant in the beginning, what should I do if I take a cold or other drugs?Liu Jia said that it depends on the type of medication, taking medicine and length of medication.Generally speaking, within 3 to 4 weeks from the beginning of menopause, because the fertilized eggs have not been imposed to the uterus, this time the window has no blood transportation with pregnant mothers in the window.Not big, manifested as "all or no", that is, the drug has a adverse effect on the embryo, and the abortion occurs; the drug has no effect on the embryo, and the embryo continues to develop.However, if the pregnant mother takes a taboo medicine for pregnant women during the early pregnancy time, she should conduct an individualized consultation with the doctor.

Generally speaking, about 60 % of the occurrence of abortion in the early pregnancy is the embryo itself, such as abnormal embryo chromosomes, this part of the risk is difficult to avoid. About 40 % come from the factors of pregnant women or their husbands, including their own diseases, bad living habits, etc.The risks caused by these factors are the objects of the key avoidance.Pregnant mothers who have pre -pregnancy, if there is no special medical history in the past, is healthy and does not need to be too nervous, but you can adjust your lifestyle from these aspects:

1. Pay attention to diet balancing and scientifically supplement folic acid.Folic acid deficiency in early pregnancy can increase the risk of neural tube malformation and premature birth in the fetus.Women start to take more attention to the liver, dark green vegetables and beans rich in animal liver, dark green vegetables and beans rich in the planning of pregnancy, and it is recommended to supplement 400 ~ 800 micrograms per day.

2. Adjust their lifestyles, quit smoking, ban alcohol, pay attention to rest, and avoid tiredness.

3. Go to a place with less people and pay attention to prevent colds.If there is a fever and other discomfort, seek medical treatment in time.

4. Avoid too much work pressure or mental stress and avoid staying up late. It is recommended to fall asleep before 11 pm.

5. Proper exercise, do not bed all day, easily induce thrombosis diseases. Proper exercise can increase muscle strength, promote blood circulation, strengthen cardiopulmonary function, can swim, walk, and do gymnastics of pregnant women.It is advisable to be tired, avoid high jump, mountain climbing, fast running and other actions.

Start weight management in the early pregnancy

Due to the effects of hormone fluctuations in the body, some expectant mothers will have early pregnancy reactions, and most of the pregnant mothers disappear at their own menstruation for about 12 weeks.

Common early pregnancy reactions occur for about 6 weeks of menopause. Pregnant women have symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fatigue, drowsiness, loss of appetite, disgust and greasy. Due to the loss of vomiting, they need to replenish the seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Liu Jia said that from the clinical observation, in recent years, the overweight and obese pregnant women have increased, and the increase in the weight of pregnant women with excessive increase has increased the riskPregnant women’s malnutrition, limited fetal growth, premature babies, low birth weight, etc. Therefore, we must pay attention to the weight management of pregnant women.

"For the weight and nutrition management of pregnant women, start from the early pregnancy, so that it has the role of early layout in the middle and third trimester." Experts introduced that the pregnant mother with a normal weight index (BMI is 18.5 ~ 24.9kg/cm2)For example, the total weight increase during pregnancy is about 11.5 ~ 16kg.In the early pregnancy, due to the small weight gain, the pregnant woman has early pregnancy reactions and other factors, the pregnant mothers have not changed much in weight, and the average weight growth rate in the middle and late pregnancy is 0.42 kg/week.

"Now many pregnant women in the third trimester come over to check and find that the weight gain is 40 ~ 60 catties, the weight gain is too much, it is harder during production, and the physical recovery is more difficult. Therefore Nutrition and weight management plan. "Liu Jia said.

For expectant mothers in the early pregnancy, eat less and eat less diet, and match it reasonably.Due to early pregnancy reactions in the early pregnancy, pregnant mothers can adopt less meals and eat more, and eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and milk, such as vitamins, minerals, and high -quality proteins.Coarse grains are also recommended, such as coarse grains, nuts, and fresh bean foods. Its B vitamin content is high, which can effectively alleviate early pregnancy reactions.In terms of food matching, pregnant mothers can eat less greasy food, mainly light -fitting.(All media reporter Liang Chaoyi correspondent Zhang Cancheng)

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