The media revealed that Jia Nailiang packed the pizza to his ex -wife Li Xiaolu’s house. The relationship between the two seemed to be harmonious.

On the evening of April 5th, some media posted a picture saying that Jia Nailiang visited his ex -wife Li Xiaolu’s home, and also packed a box of pizza. I don’t know if Li Xiaolu wants to eat, or the gift of his daughter "Sweet Xin"?

According to media reports, Jia Nailiang, wearing a sportswear, dine alone near his ex -wife’s house. After eating, he packed a box of pizza and went directly to the community of Li Xiaolu.

Jia Nailiang didn’t seem to stay too long. He quickly appeared again and drove to do skin care.

Jia Nailiang, who came out of the beauty salon, looks relaxed, charged, and can work hard to work.

The media only took Jia Nailiang to drive, dine alone, and walk into the community where Li Xiaolu lived. As for whether Jia Nailiang met with his ex -wife, it is unknown.

Before Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang divorced, the two revealed that the man rented another house downstairs in the apartment as a workshop. After the two divorced, whether Jia Nailiang moved away was also a mystery.

In fact, Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang announced their divorce in November 2019. Since then, the two are not old and dead, and have maintained a good interaction for her daughter Jia Yunxin (Tianxin).

The media also took the picture of their "family three" in the same frame many times:

Of course, more often, Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang separated the baby separately. After all, they have divorced. Maybe both of them have developed a new relationship. In order to respect the "other half", naturally, they cannot be broken.

This time, the media photographed Jia Nailiang’s suspicion to go to his ex -wife’s house. Many people speculated that he was going to see his daughter Tianxin. After all, pizza was a high -calorie food. In order to maintain his figure, Li Xiaolu, who transformed into a net red, would not eat?

In addition, if Jia Nailiang wants a "family of three" to dinner, he can pack food to eat at his ex -wife’s house instead of eating himself before taking a copy to his ex -wife’s house.

Various signs show that Jia Nailiang’s "takeaway" pizza is likely to be just for the daughter’s sweet Xin.

Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang have been maintained after the divorce, which has made the outside world imaginative. The Internet has reported that the two people have reunited for their daughters many times, causing a lot of trouble to the parties.

Jia Nailiang and Li Xiaolu kept rumoring. The man issued a statement through the studio that the woman even moved out the saying "single", but netizens who eat melon still have a interesting gossip.

Today, Li Xiaolu’s retreat is already on the board. When he switched to as an Internet celebrity, she maintained a certain exposure for the business of the clothing store, but the net red is the Internet celebrity.There are few comes.

It can make Li Xiaolu appear on the entertainment layout again. Except for her daughter Tianxin, she is her emotional life. Whether it is compounding with her ex -husband or suspected new relationship, she can briefly attract attention.

Every time Li Xiaolu was photographed, she was not in a hurry to clarify. The only point of "remarry", she had to speak up. After all, this incident involved Jia Nailiang, and the other party seemed to be more concerned about the rumor.

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