The menstruation does not come to the small belly but it hurts. Be careful of these 4 "acute abdomen"

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Let’s take a look at the main reasons for "women’s abdominal pain"!

The feeling of dysmenorrhea is deeply appreciated, but some girls, obvious menstruation, but feels like dysmenorrhea like a dysmenorrhea. What is going on?

(Write in the front: Although our theme today is abdominal pain, abdominal pain caused by the unclean diet is not in the scope of the lecture today. Some girls went to the hospital for gynecological clinics because of abdominal pain, but finally used a box of fluoribacteric acid to get it …… …)

Excluding "eating and supporting" and "eating bad", in fact, there are a lot of hidden information for non -menstrual abdominal pain to be worthy of our attention!

Speed abdomen is a collective term based on acute abdominal pain as the main clinical manifestation. It has the characteristics of urgency, rapid progress, and changing illness. Improper diagnosis and treatment may cause serious consequences and even endanger life.

Girls need to pay special attention to the emergency abdomen in gynecological diseases. For example, the following four can give you a "fatal blow" in the "non -menstrual period".

Medically, it has a broader definition called "abnormal pregnancy".As long as the fertilized eggs are bed in addition to the appropriate position of the uterine cavity and can continue pregnancy, it is an exceptional pregnancy.

Among all mortal gynecological diseases, the incidence of ectopic pregnancy is already relatively high, so if it is not found to be early, it may cause serious threats to women’s health.

The abdominal pain of "Ectopic Pregnancy" will vary depending on the different positions, and the left lower abdomen and the right lower abdomen are possible.

Judging the "ectopic pregnancy" mainly includes the history of sexual life, the history of menopause, or the history of abnormal uterine hemorrhage, and the urine pregnancy test is positive.

The luteal is a gland -like structure that girls transform from the follicle after ovulation every month, and the appearance looks like a yellow egg.

At 7 to 8 days after ovulation (22 to 26 days of the menstrual cycle), the luteal volume reaches the highest peak, small 1 ~ 4 cm, and the largest or even 9 cm.

If the pressure of the pot abdominal cavity is increased at this time, it may cause luteal rupture, blood vessel tears, and bleeding and abdominal pain.

The position of abdominal pain depends on the area where the luteal is located, and the position of the left and right ovaries may occur.

If the lower abdomen discomfort and the pain time is just in the luteal stage. After the pregnancy is excluded, the pain can still be tolerated. You can observe it by yourself. Once abdominal pain, you should seek medical treatment immediately.

It often occurs in young women, and most of them have ovarian lesions, such as ovarian tumors and other diseases.

In the state of strenuous exercise, changing position, or pregnancy, cysts or tumors that occur in lesions are reversed, causing blood flow to be blocked, causing cysts or tumor to rupture and bleeding, and there is a severe abdominal pain on one side of the cause.

At the same time, there will be symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. Once it occurs, surgery is needed quickly.

Although uterine fibroids are benign, don’t worry too much.

However, there are still a few women with uterine fibroids. In the menstrual period or pregnancy period, local necrosis of uterine fibroids may occur due to special period stimulation.

At this time, the blood stasis obstructive fibroids will occur, the surface hemorrhage becomes red, and the uterine fibroids will change red.

Generally, there is persistent abdominal pain, and the position is dependent on the position of fibroids.

In addition to the emergency abdomen mentioned above, many girls actually experience chronic non -menstrual abdominal pain. At this time, they still need to find the root cause of the problem.

That is, pelvic inflammatory diseases mainly include endometritis, fallopianitis, fallopian tube ovarian abscess, pelvic peritonitis, etc., which will cause obvious one -sided abdominal pain.

It is often accompanied by the increase in leucorrhea. The white band has a certain odor, and even the swelling of the abdomen appears.

In the lower abdomen pain, fever, cold war, headache, loss of appetite, tenderness and reflux pain in the lower abdomen.

Do not "applaud" at this time, it is likely to aggravate pain.

Endometriosis (referred to as "endogenous disease")

Internal disease is due to the endometrium of "running away from home", which appears outside the uterine cavity, such as ovarian, pelvic abdominal cavity, and even run to other parts of the body.

Every time the "Auntie", not only the uterus is bleeding, all the places where the endometrium visits to An’s house will suffer.

As a result, girls with internal diseases will be very serious. Not only can dysmenorrhea, back pain, abdominal pain, and anal pain are all possible. This kind of pain disappears only after menstruation is over.

In order to allow you to suffer less, you must ask gynecologists in time in time.

After reading the above, I believe that many girls have begun to pan in the signs in panic, worrying about whether they are sick.

Don’t panic first. In fact, some girls with very regular menstrual periods will also have abdominal pain in the middle of the menstrual cycle. This pain may be caused by ovulation, and it is also called "menstrual pain".

It is often a faint pain in the left and right abdomen. It belongs to a functional abdominal pain and generally does not cause pathological diseases.

Pain usually disappears within 24 hours, without special treatment or worry.

It is clear that your abdominal pain is "He Fang Demon" and is about to start medicine.

Whether menstrual or non -menstrual periods, abdominal pain is a physical alert, and you should go to see a doctor. Don’t care!

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