The mentally retarded girl was pregnant, but her father was reluctant to call the police. The murderer was unexpectedly unexpected.

One summer in 2009, Zhou Laohan in Hunan took a daughter with intellectual obstacles to the hospital for examination. "Doctor, you see my daughter has always been nausea and vomiting recently.

After examination, the doctor told Zhou Laohan, "Congratulations, you are going to be an outer, your daughter is just a normal vomiting phenomenon, and there is no disease."

After listening to Zhou Laohan, his head was buzzing like a thunderbolt. He asked the doctor if he was wrong. His daughter was still a big daughter, usually at home, but the two do not have contact with the man outside.Maybe pregnant?

The doctor said that there would be no wrong, B -ultrasound showed that it had been pregnant for a month.

Helpless Zhou Laohan could only bring his daughter back home. After arriving at home, Zhou Laohan asked who the child was?Not only did her daughter not answer, she also said in her mouth to give her child a name. Zhou Laohan, who was angry, yelled. You should be shameless. I still have a face.

The daughter grew up such a big fire for the first time, but after thinking about it again, the daughter is the biggest victim!

Zhou Laohan’s daughter is called Wednesday Mei, 28 years old.On Wednesday, the old couple was born in her thirties. The daughter who was born just looked at her cuteness and could not see any abnormalities.

But as he grew up, Zhou Laohan found that his daughter seemed to be different from normal children. After inspection, it was learned that her daughter had congenital intellectual disorders, which means that no matter how old her daughter is, her mind will always be like three three.The old children are average.

After hearing the results of the inspection, Zhou Laohan sat on the ground and cried about saying what to do with his daughter’s life!

But in the next, we still have to face reality. Under the careful care of the old couple, Wednesday sister also seemed to be sturdy and generous.

Because her daughter has intellectual obstacles and difficulties in communication, the old couple rarely let her daughter play with children of the same age of neighbors.

In order to prevent her daughter from getting in contact with the outside world, sometimes the two Xia Tian Qianhuo also locked her daughter at home.

After all, the terrible things happened, this time her daughter’s accidental pregnancy broke this peaceful and simple rural family.

When Zhou Laohan asked her daughter again, her daughter, who had a disordered communication, said for a long time, and Zhou Laohan didn’t understand what he said.

Zhou Laohan thought of calling the police, but when he thought of his daughter or his big daughter, he had a incident. It was shameful that it was out of love. Lao Zhou still gave up the alarm.

The old couple thought about it and never let the child be born, so he took his daughter to the hospital to do it.

When the doctor told them that they needed to pay 2,000 yuan of surgical costs, the old couple gave up the idea. After all, the cost of 2,000 yuan was not available for this subsistence allowance.

So Lao Zhou decided to let the "murderer" look at the problem of money, but no one who sexually assaulted his daughter did not know. Where did he find him?

So there was a person in Lao Zhou’s mind that he was Yao Hai, who raised the fish pond next door.

Yao Hai is single at the age of 46. He often comes to chat with himself when he is fine. Over time, Wednesday Girl also knows Yao Hai.

Thinking of this, Zhou Laohan got up and went to Yao Hai’s family. When he saw Yao Hai Zhou, he went straight to the theme: "Yao Hai, is the three sisters doing?

Seeing Zhou Laohan came to himself and asked himself, Yao Hai replied: "I didn’t understand what you said, don’t you want to frame me, what evidence you have any evidence I do."

Zhou Laohan continued: "Don’t think I don’t know. Actually, you have been thinking about Sanmei for a long time. I just don’t want to say it. If you do it now, get 2,000 yuan and go to the hospital to fight the fetus. This isEven if things have passed. "

Seeing Yao Hai’s refusal to admit his behavior, Zhou Laohan returned home.

Seeing her daughter’s stomach bigger day by day, Zhou Laohan was anxious.

On this day, a few people came at home, saying that they would take Wednesday girls to induce labor.

It turns out that these people are run by township planning. Because the girl has intellectual obstacles on Wednesday, even if the fetus in the pregnancy abdomen has a great chance of being inherited, the family planning office sent the sister on Wednesday to the county hospital for induction of labor, and the natural costs are also expenses.Don’t worry about Zhou Laohan.Zhou Laohan’s heart was put down, thinking that as long as the child was not born.

What made Zhou Laohan unexpected was that the people at the Family Planning Office went to his house, in fact, they were arranged by Li Wang, director of the police station.

When Li Wang heard that Zhou Laohan’s daughter’s daughter, he secretly determined to check a water and stones, so after the surgery of the sister on Wednesday that day, Li Wang arranged for the placenta to make a forensic doctor identify.The blood relationship with Yao Hai was 99.99 %, which also confirmed Li Wang’s inference.

After the evidence was conclusive, Li Wang immediately led the team to arrest Yao Hai. During the interrogation, Yao Hai explained his sexual assault on Wednesday. Yao Hai said: "I have no rape."" ".

Later, Li Wang popularized the law to Yao Hai: "my country’s law stipulates that on Wednesday, the sister has intellectual obstacles, and whether Zhou Sanmei is voluntarily, your behavior constitutes rape."Yao Hai regretted it after hearing it.

In the end, the truth was very white. After knowing that Zhou Laohan knew, Li Wang was very grateful, and later he gave Li Wang a brocade flag to express his gratitude.

Afterwards, Li Wang said: "Since I know this, I have to check the matter clearly, let alone let the suspects get away, so that I can get the police uniform on my body."

In the end, Yao Hai was sentenced to crime of rape!

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