The mobile phone cannot be placed on the side of the pillow, because there is a tumor for radiation, is this true?Tell you the answer

"It’s all pregnant, can’t you control your daughter -in -law when you play your phone all day long?" Aunt Sun said to his son with a fierce manner.

It is understood that after pregnancy, Aunt Sun’s daughter -in -law Lili, because she was very pregnant, she chose to resign at home to raise her fetus at home.After a few months, the pregnancy reaction was obviously alleviated. Because she was very boring every day, Lili could only pass the time by playing with mobile phones.

However, Aunt Sun has always had ideas for playing mobile phones. She always feels that the radiation of the mobile phone is very strong. She is worried that she will hurt the normal development of the fetus during the process of playing mobile phones.Play your mobile phone by himself.

Although her mother -in -law was very angry, she was helpless, so she took a step back and told Lili to put her mobile phone in the living room while sleeping at night, so as not to be affected by radiation on the bedside.But Lili still does things with her temperament, and she will put her mobile phone on the bedside before going to bed every day.Aunt Sun felt that Lili was too wayward, and was very angry for this. She even said that if Lili put her mobile phone on the bedside and be careful of a series of words such as brain tumors and abortion.Will let her son divorce her.Regarding the words of her mother -in -law said, Lili felt helpless and chill, but she didn’t want to argue with her too much. After all, the thoughts of the older generation were very difficult to change it.

In daily life, there are not a few people who radiate as "beasts of floods" like Aunt Sun, but will all electronic products threatening the health of the human body?

First, what exactly is the radiation of "flood beast"?

Radiation is actually a kind of energy transmission. In daily life, radiation can be seen almost everywhere. For example, in the process of sun exposure, ultraviolet radiation will appear. In the process of using microwave oven, electromagnetic radiation will be available.

From the perspective of physical theory, radiation can usually be divided into two categories, that is, ionized radiation and non -electrode radiation. The radiation generated by the well -known nuclear radiation and CT examination belongs to the category of ionization radiation.These radiation contact will indeed threaten health to a certain extent and increase the risk of cancer.

But non -electrical radiation is completely different from it. It is a type of radiation with low energy and does not have a great impact on health.Radiation, its radiation frequency is not high, so if you don’t need to worry too much, long -term use will pose a threat to health.

2. Will mobile phone radiation cause brain tumors?

In fact, there is no scientific basis for this statement. Generally speaking, any mobile phone made by regular manufacturers, the radiation value of the divergent is within the safety valve value, and will not cause human health to cause human health.If there is too much effect, if you are really not assured to put your mobile phone on the bed, you can also put your phone at a farther away place when you sleep at night.

3. Can pregnant women play mobile phones?

In fact, there are many expectant mothers in life that they will be afraid of mobile phone radiation, and they will even reduce the radiation rate as much as possible by wearing radiation protection uniforms. But is it really necessary to do this?

In this regard, related medical workers have also made a clear response, that is, "can be worn or not."Because the radiation we have in daily life is usually non -ionized radiation. These radiations will neither affect the women themselves, nor pose a threat to the health of the fetus in the abdomen, but such as the medical examination process.X -ray and CT examinations will mostly make people’s contact radiation, so even if this radiation is wearing radiation protection uniforms, it cannot be blocked at all.

Therefore, the radiation protection clothing is actually wearing or not, but after wearing it, it may make people feel a little comfort from the psychology.In addition, it is recommended that women try to avoid frequent and long -term use of mobile phones during the first three months of pregnancy, because the fetus during this period of time is very fragile. Excessive frequency of playing mobile phones will affect the pregnant woman itself.In this way, it is easy to affect the normal development of the fetus.

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