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Last time I will share with you what tea to hangover. Today, let’s solve the problem that is closely related to female tea friends: Can pregnant women drink tea?

Most Yinnan | Can pregnant women drink tea?

For tea enthusiasts, tea may not be separated in a day, especially for women, there are some special periods, and related knowledge reserves need to guide healthy tea.The longest special period is to be pregnant to breastfeeding. Female friends will become special during this period.Everyone’s constitutional changes are also different, so today, for female friends who drink tea, they will take a look at the knowledge of tea drinking tea during pregnancy.

Most Yinnan | Can pregnant women drink tea?

There are several ways to drink tea during pregnancy:

First, it is not advisable to drink tea in the first three months of pregnant women. Everyone has a consensus to be easier to fluctuate within March before pregnancy.Except for the first three months, the rest of the time can be used as tea as daily.

Second, drinking tea during pregnancy does not affect, as long as the appropriate amount can drink tea.

Third, there is caffeine in tea, caffeine can stimulate nerves, which will affect the baby’s neurological development. It is not advisable to drink tea during pregnancy.

Can pregnant women drink tea?

So which kind of statement is correct and scientific?Listen to the answers from Professor Dai Guangqiang and experts:

For female tea friends, drinking tea after pregnancy needs to be cautious. There is no problem with drinking light tea. The caffeine content of tea is relatively low, and it will not have much impact on the fetus.

Can pregnant women drink tea?

If you drink more tea and drink too much, it will have two bad effects

1. Increase the chance of miscarriage and risk;

2. Drinking tea with a high concentration of caffeine will lead to low -weight newborns born.

The impact of drinking strong tea on pregnant women

It is recommended to drink light tea, which is beneficial to the fetus. There are many nutrients in tea. It is good for pregnant women, such as:

1. It can strengthen the cardiac and kidney function of pregnant women, strengthen its blood circulation, and prevent pregnancy edema and the role of diuretic;

2. It has the effect of radiation protection.

The benefits of drinking tea for pregnant women

In fact, there is no certain criteria for judging tea, judging the reference method of strong tea and light tea:

1. Color: The thick tea is not clear, turbid, and a layer of tea oil is on it after the tea, the color is very dark; the light tea is lighter and clear.

2. Taste: The taste of strong tea is too bitter and astringent; light tea is light and sweet.

3. Number of tea: There are many tea leaves and less light tea.

Light tea standard

Different tea, consider the number of stretching to cast tea, and reference for the brewing of light tea

1. Take a 350ml glass of glass as an example. Generally, it is better to cast a few pieces of tea. After stretching, it is better to cover the bottom of the cup.

2. If you choose a 150ml cover bowl to brew, various types of tea, the amount of tea is less than 3 grams of tea; it should not exceed 5 grams of dry tea a day.

Bowle and tea

In the end, Nan Ge suggested that everyone who cannot do without tea for a day should be cultivated into the habit of drinking light tea for a long time; in addition, for pregnant women who do not have tea habits, maintaining the habit of daily life, do not have to deliberately go to go deliberatelyThe idea of drinking tea.

Can pregnant women drink tea?

Learn to drink tea

Life can continue to be busy and ordinary

But the heart will definitely be delicate slowly

Taking tea as a habit

Exquisite will also become the norm of life

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