The neighbor’s wife wants to take my husband’s car to get off work. I think it is not appropriate to do this. What do you think?

My husband is a middle -aged white -collar worker with his own car.The neighbors of our family are a young couple. It didn’t take long before they moved, they became good friends with us.One day, they came to our house to visit, gave us some fruits, and then told us a message: her wife was pregnant.I was very happy for them and congratulated them.Then, they made a request: Can my husband pick up her wife every day, because her company is close to my husband’s company.

I was a little unhappy when I heard it.I know that my husband is hard to get on get off work every day. There are a lot of cars on the road, and some people are chaotic.If you pick up her every day, run 4 kilometers more.This is not only a waste of time and oil money, but also risks to traffic jams and late.Moreover, I don’t like my husband when I drive, and there are other women talking or disturbing him.I think driving is a kind of private and free enjoyment, and I don’t want to be disturbed.

I looked at my husband, and he was a little hesitant.He politely rejected them, saying that this is not convenient. Some people are chaotic when driving. In case of something, how he is responsible.Moreover, she was pregnant and was not suitable for his car. His car was relatively small and uncomfortable to sit up.He suggested that they find other ways.For example, find a ride, or find a colleague.

After they listened, their faces changed.They said that everyone is a neighbor, and they don’t help this?They said that they were not unreasonable people, but they just felt that the bus was too crowded and dirty and tired, and it was not good for her wife and children.They said that Shunfeng car was unreliable, and colleagues did not have a direction with her.They said something they would not blame my husband, as long as he was careful.They said that you are not driving on the first day, what’s so scared?

After I heard it, I felt very angry and felt that they were too reasonable.How can this kind of thing be forced to ask for others?Why do they think that it can take some fruit to take advantage of our cheap?Is our time and oil value worthless?Isn’t our security and privacy important?Does our willingness and choice do not respect?

My attitude is: I support my husband to refuse my neighbor and wife to take his car to get off work.Because doing this will bring us a lot of trouble and pressure, and it does not meet the traffic rules and moral principles.

In fact, there are many discussions and controversies on this topic on the Internet.Some people think that driving to and from get off work along the way is a kind of friendly and mutual assistance, which can save time and costs, and can also enhance each other’s feelings and communication.They believe that as long as both parties can abide by some basic rules and politeness, such as communication in advance, departure on time, and sharing fuel costs, they can avoid unnecessary trouble and embarrassment.They feel that this is a kind of virtue that is good and helpful, and should be encouraged and promoted.

Some people think that driving to and from get off work along the way is a troublesome and stressful behavior, which can affect their freedom and privacy, and can also cause some misunderstandings and disputes.They believe that if they do this often, they may have the psychology of dependence or requesting the other party, or they may also put themselves into some embarrassing or conflict, such as the other party is late, demanded by the road, and not giving oil money.They feel that this is a kind of behavior of finding troubles and smashing their feet, which should be rejected and avoided.

I think neighbors should respect our choices and willingness, and consider our interests and security.They should look for a more suitable and reasonable way of commuting, and do not affect the friendship between us because of this.

I also hope that others can understand our positions and ideas, and do not ask others to take a ride or be on the other person at will.If you really need or emergencies, you can communicate in advance and share the costs, and express your gratitude and respect.

In the end, I would like to ask everyone, what would you do if you encountered such a situation?Will you promise your neighbor’s wife to take you or your husband’s car when you get off work?What do you think is the advantages and disadvantages?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to share your views and experiences.Thanks!

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