The pain of women’s pregnancy, husbands dare not think about it, it should be better cared for his wife

How much do you understand the secrets of women’s pregnancy?

Why is my mother so great?As a man, do you know how much pain has a woman experienced ten months from pregnancy to a child?Including early pregnancy vitality, third trimester, giving birth, breastfeeding, childbirth, postpartum and other physiological and psychological changes and pain.Many expectant mothers and mothers tell me about their personal experience, and also tells the "secrets that never want to tell her husband.

Today I will solve what women go through what women go from pregnancy to after giving birth?I also hope that after watching my husband, you can look at your wife again from your heart, because you are born when you are pregnant, your wives are the one who suffers the most, and the person who pays the most.People.(The annual incidence of postpartum depression in my country is 22%-68.1%.) Husbands should love their wives and give them more support and care.

First, the transformation of the identity in the early pregnancy will be treated separately by others.

After the women in the third trimester of pregnancy, after pregnancy, the people around them and their families do not treat her like her before, and they will be treated specially as pregnant women. In the past, they liked spicy, coffee, cold drinks, milk tea, seafood and other foods.People and family members of the surroundings cannot be eaten anymore. They can only endure not to eat. Sometimes they ca n’t control their pouting and they must sneak themselves. The pain in their hearts only knows themselves.

2. Physical changes in the third trimester

Every woman loves beauty, and women who are pregnant also love beauty, but in the third trimester, in addition to facing physiological discomfort, most women have changes in the skin.The stretch marks, bloated figures, inconvenient movements, frequent urination are getting more and more serious. When walking around, Chi bone will hurt, and the whole belly falls. These are unacceptable, but they must be accepted with their teeth.

3. The pain of production to endure when giving birth

When you are giving birth, all expectant mothers wake up the severe contraction pain. They know that this is the last hurdle faced by the baby. No matter how much pain, they all grit their teeth.After entering the delivery room, there was a trace of body, so cold that he was cold, and the amniotic fluid flowed out from time to time.What kind of pain is a feeling of no dignity. It will leave shadows), and the pain should be boiled until the ten fingers.

Fourth, the pain of childbirth

When the fetus comes to the vaginal opening, it will not come to the hair. The painful pain of the knife is not the imagination of men. Yin will tear, and severe will cause incontinence in the future.This is just a smooth delivery, and the cesarean section also has to survive the long recovery of surgery.

So the male compatriots, husbands, we must know that from pregnancy to production of his wife is the one who suffers the most, and the person who pays the most. He should love his wife and give them more support and care.

Female friends, mothers, expectant mothers can tell the secrets you did not say during your pregnancy.I think I am talking about a little praise you have experienced!

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