The painful "constipation" that is difficult to enlighten during pregnancy. It is necessary to completely solve it.

The embarrassing problem of constipation during pregnancy has always troubled the pregnant mothers. Some people did not have it, and they only appeared after pregnancy; some people were more serious after pregnancy.It continues from early pregnancy to the third trimester, or even the entire breastfeeding period.

Because of considering the health of the baby, I dare not use medicine easily, and the use of external medicine for a long time is afraid of forming dependence.The problem of constipation seems to be not big but the most uncomfortable. The pregnant mothers have experienced it in the interview.

Tongtong had constipation before pregnancy, but it was not very serious. Generally, once every 2-3 days, and occasionally once every 3-4 days.

Although it is not normal, it does not affect life, so it has never been serious.I did not expect that the symptoms of constipation after pregnancy were severe, and basically they could only go once a week, and they could not come out for half an hour in the bathroom.

Because considering that the baby dare not take medicine, he can only use traditional methods: eat bananas.I don’t know when everyone’s deep -rooted thoughts can defecate bananas.Therefore, there are a lot of bananas in Tongtong’s house. In order to ensure the long storage time, most of them are blue bananas.

However, Tongtong had eaten bananas for more than half a month, and did not help with constipation, and there was a situation of intestinal sounds and bloating.In the end, it was too uncomfortable. Finally, I went to the hospital to find a doctor to solve the problem. The doctor prescribed the drugs that pregnant women could use for the special identity of Tongtong.

If it is occasionally constipation or the symptoms, eating bananas can indeed help bowel movements.If the symptoms are more serious, eating bananas will not help much.

The reason why Tongtong had abdominal distension and bowels was because the bananas they ate were not particularly familiar.Immature bananas contain tannic acid, which can affect digestive function.

① hormone cause

After pregnancy, the lutein secretion of the human body increases, the function of digestive muscles weakens, and intestinal peristalsis will become slower, so the reduction of the driving force of the stool is easy to cause constipation.

② reduction of exercise

After pregnancy, the family is the same as the national treasure. It does not allow anything. The amount of exercise is reduced, and the intestinal peristalsis naturally slows down. After the water in the food residue is absorbed, the dry stool is formed to cause constipation.

③ uterine compression

With the increase of pregnancy, the belly is getting larger and larger, which will compress the intestine.During the bowel movement, the abdomen is not effective, and the bowel movement will be difficult.

④ Diet and drinking water changes

Some pregnant women have more edema, so the amount of water drinking will be reduced and it is easy to cause constipation.

In terms of diet, I always think about eating more good to supplement nutrition for the baby, ignoring the combination of vegetarian and vegetables, especially the intake of crude fiber, and finally formed constipation.

① Get up a glass of water early

After getting up early every day, a cup of warm water, about 1.5-2 liters, need to drink a large mouth, so that the water can directly reach the colon instead of being absorbed by the blood, and promote the accelerated bowel movement of the large intestine.

In addition, don’t dare to drink water because you are afraid of edema. The shortage of water will not only cause constipation, but also reduce your baby’s amniotic fluid. Don’t wait until you are thirsty before you think of drinking water. You must develop a good habit of drinking water.

② Eat more high -fiber food

It is not necessary to eat rice and white noodles. It must be rich in nutrition. In order to health, you should eat more vegetables and fruits rich in high fiber.Such as celery, radish, apples, oats, coarse grains, brown rice, etc.

③ The habit of timing defecation

It is easier to get up in the morning and after breakfast, so develop habits every morning, go to the bathroom at the same time to prepare bowel movements, and develop habits to better defecation.

Recommend a few home -cooked dishes that are beneficial to defecation: stir -fried celery, vinegar and cabbage, white radish shredded, honey sweet potato.These common and simple home -cooked dishes can try it.

【Mom Sending】

Speaking of constipation may not be a big problem, but the impact on pregnant mothers is not small. We must pay attention to it earlier, and it will recover faster while the symptoms are not so serious.

【Topic today】

Are you constipated during pregnancy?

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