The passionate blockbuster of the three views, don’t just see the goddess naked naked


Recently, Uncle Yu dug a treasure old film.

Not only has large -scale passion dramas, but the plots are shattered.

However, the story outside the show was embarrassing.

Korean actress Li Enzhu hanged suicide at home in 2005.

During his lifetime, he was tortured by depression.

But for more than ten years, the suicide incident caused controversy.

Some people say that it is because the drama is too deep.

Some people speculate that because they have become a chaebol game, they have been infringed.

This film, as her legacy, is constantly mentioned.

It is also impossible to associate Li Enzhu’s real life.

Today’s erotic column, let’s talk about it–

"Red Words"

주홍글 주홍글 주홍글

Since his debut at the age of 18, Li Enzhu has been in the shadow for 7 years.

Her work almost covers Han Ying’s most popular subject matter.

The classic image left is also changing.

For example, pure love film "Xiang Zuo, Love to Right".

She was smart and melancholy, quietly with Sun Yizhen.

This youthful and cruel story is heartbreaking.

For another example, the commercial blockbuster "Tai Chi Banner Flowers".

She is for the sake of the family who has been humiliated, and was eventually killed by the team, teaching countless audiences.

Under the weak appearance, it is the perseverance of not afraid of the troubled times.

In a man’s play, Li Enzhu bloomed the flash of women.

Involved in art films, it is also handy.

In the "Virgin Heart Sutra" directed by Hong Changxiu, she was simply alienated.

The sense of escape presented in front of the camera repeatedly appeared in Hong Changxiu’s future movies.

With this film, she won the Best Newcomer Actress Award for the Big Bell Award.

"Red Word" in 2004 is Li Enzhu’s last work.

From theme to the style of painting, walking to another extreme.

The first feeling is undoubtedly Xiang Yan.

Li Enzhu was almost naked, and several sexual play was quite large.

The lens switched between the close -up of the face and the limbs, capturing her relaxed expression.

Come on, there is a bit of affection.

She played Jiaxi, who was often sentimental in warmth.

After she had a good time, she looked at the man pitifully, hoping that the other party could stay tonight.

The man just smiled lightly and looked at her with the expression of watching the lunatic.

Jiaxi confessed himself:

"Leave your heart"

There are some stubbornness.

Under the public, it is not appropriate to be too close.

Jiaxi called the phone, shuttled between the crowd, and played Wen Ai.

"It’s like a orgasm, isn’t it?"

Under the teasing of words, men are a bit upside down.

Jiaxi had turned around and slowly got on her mobile phone.

Leng Buding said a clear thunderbolt -she was pregnant.

The man was shocked, but he didn’t dare to put down his mobile phone.

It turned out that he had already had a family.

Pretending to be afraid of the wife of the opposite side.

But Jiaxi did not avoid it and posted it directly in his ear.

Proudly stared at the man’s wife, and he continued his words in his mouth.

"It seems like my celebration party today"

The man named Ji Xun, a criminal police officer with old qualifications.

At work, he was admired with his excellent ability.

In life, there are also envious families.

His wife Xiu Xian, dignified Shumin, is the chief cello player of the orchestra.

What makes him even more happy is that his wife became pregnant not long ago.

Ken Xun, who is about to become a father, is looking forward to hugging his son all day long.

However, at the celebration dinner held for his wife, Jiaxi broke in.

High -profile third -party and restrained wife, no one wants to stop here.

Tearing × war, it seemed to start.

Zhou was turned between his wife and his lover, making Ji Xun’s scorching.

He persuaded Jiaxi to abandon, but he was deeper and deeper.

After there was a handling, it gave birth to a proud taste.

There are two women in the world, so frantically fighting for his love.

But with the deepening of the plot, the truth made him unexpected.

The director did not tell the battle of this triangle.

Insert a crime of Luo Shengmen, and constantly hit Jixun’s nerves.

The appearance of the third woman also caused him to lose.

Not long ago, the woman’s husband died tragically.

The head was hit by heavy objects, and flesh flew.

Various rumors, push women as the number one suspect.

Some people have evidenced that women have concealed many abortion around her husband.

Some people suspect that women are derailed.

At home, the police also found photos taken by strange men for women.

It sounds reasonable with lovers to kill and deceive.

The strange man who took a picture of the photo took himself and cleaned himself.

He claims that a woman teases herself first.

I just tried the camera, but the other party stipulated that she liked her, and said that she would be a model for him.

On a rainy night, I suddenly visited the door.

Wide clothes to solve, ask men to take nude photos for themselves.

Ji Xun couldn’t wait to ask whether the two had sex that night.

The man denied.

He can sexual intercourse, but cannot accept the sense of emptiness after the climax.

This weird story attracted Ji Xun to want to be wrong.

He restored the scene of the night again.

He was replaced by that man countless times, treating women as his sexual fantasy object.

The morbid charm of a woman affected his ability to judge.

However, women’s words are opposite.

She claimed to have never liked that man, but was constantly harassed.

From time to time, men only take the photo shop, always look like a look.

I even took a private photo and deliberately gave it to the woman to wash the print.

Voluntary shooting nude photos is also a word of men.

In the photos searched by the police, only the men had accumulated sneak shots.

This crazy and blind showing love also hurts women to fall into a disaster and angered her husband.

This case resonated with Jixun’s life.

When he was in love, Jiaxi would ask his relationship with his wife from time to time.

Ji Xun’s answer is always particularly confident.

"I love Xiuxian, and Xiuxian loves me."

He believed that he worked very hard in two relationships.

However, he would deliberately not answer the phone when Jiaxi was pregnant.

Will remember the date of accompanying his wife to check the checkup.

"While having sex with me crazy, try to maintain a happy family?"

But look at his favorite wife.

It is really as pure as jade he loves, but his heart is cold.

The expression always dodged his kiss with suspicion and hesitation.

After the inspection, the nurse inadvertently shocked him.

His wife actually hid him abortion.

On the day of Jiaxi’s birthday, the two came to the river in the suburbs.

In the trunk, I was accidentally locked.

Ji Xun pulled his gun and shot angrily, but couldn’t open it.

Two days after being closed, Jiaxi had a miscarriage.

Looking at the blood flowing out of her crotch, she completely lost her hope of life.

She asked Jixun to shoot and help herself get rid of the pain.

During the disappearance of the two, Xiu Xian was also anxiously looking for.

But she went to her husband’s unit, but Jiaxi’s residence.

She took out a key, came to the desk skilled, and took a group photo.

Jiaxi was in the middle of the picture, smiling with the shoulders of the two.

It turned out that at first, Jiaxi and Xiu Xian were a pair.

They met when they were in middle school and fell in love in the age of not being accepted.

Until the appearance of Jixun, Jiaxi saw a different life.

Marrying with Jixun should have been Jiaxi.

But in order to seize the lover, Xiu Xian chose to marry someone who doesn’t love.

She knew that as long as Ji Xun was around, Jiaxi would not leave her life.

In this triangle love, everyone is a third party.

Two days after being trapped, Jixun was rescued.

When all the truth was revealed, he was regretful and self -blame.

However, he is still selfish and cowardly.

Hidden the fact that the gun was killed and returned to his empty life.

In his ear, Jiaxi sighed, and he finally understood the deep meaning.

How many lonely nights, she longed for her lover to stay with herself.

"The people I love all wear the ring, just like they are born."

Four months after the film was released, Li Enzhu committed suicide.

"Entry too deep" is the reason why fans can recognize the most.

Looking back at Li Enzhu’s works for the past few years, all of them have a cruel sense of fate.

From "The Bushu of Love" to "Love to the Right Love" and "Tai Chi Banner Fall", her role has all her characters.

Her accurate grasp of Jiaxi’s corner is still shocking to this day.

One of the scenes occurred when Ji Xun asked her to abandon.

She first heard the invitation of her peers, and turned around with joy.

Until he heard the destination clearly, the complex expression flashed on his face.

From doubt to dull, mixed with despair in anger.

She hopes that she can wake up at the same time with her lover, but she can only watch the left -handed note falling.

Crying when I was in love, it was just an exacerbated gasp.

Late at night, dialing the lover’s mobile phone, but did not say a word.

Until the busy sound of hanging, the corner of the eyes slowly slipped off a tear.

Not to forget, her sadness in the trunk.

The heartbreaking cry comes from a woman who is crazy and willing to dedicate.

The scene in the film is indeed fascinating.

However, reality cannot be confused.

The film starring Li Enzhu is nothing more than "Red Word".

In the mouth of the gossip, she was labeled with the "Fengyue Actress".

Based on the video, the melon -to -see guests began the fantasy of the borderless.

With the news of Zhang Ziyan and other stars being committed to committing suicide by hidden rules, the chaebol played with actresses.

It also lists various "evidence", such as the transformation of Li Enzhu’s drama.

From the pure jade girl to the slutty third party, it must be the coercion of the high -level.

Actress breaks himself, it is never a new thing.

The viewers used rumors to attribute her acting skills to their own experience.

Is it like the idea, just like the sexual fantasy in the film?

In fact, South Korean media have repeatedly revealed the "slave contract" scandal.

Draw a tragedy as a peach -colored scandal, which will only focus and ignore the structural problems behind it.

The theme in "Red Words" also warn everyone.

The opening of Xiangyan, the passionate drama intensified.

As an audience, we still want to continue to experience the pleasure brought by the film.

It can be followed, but the bloody picture, the signs of shouting, and the truth of despair.

This strong contrast is torture for human nature.

The curse of "red words" is not Li Enzhu himself.

Instead, I constantly consume her unscrupulous visitors.

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