The polycystic ovary promotion is finally pregnant, sharing my hard work process!Preparation for pregnancy

My menstruation has always been abnormal. I have been every two or three months since last year, and I have not taken seriously, but after I came to my menstruation in August last year, I did not come to New Year’s Day. I realized the seriousness of the matter., I started taking Chinese medicine conditioning. After eating for more than two months, I still didn’t have menstruation, so I didn’t eat it. I decided to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination.

The hospital examination in our side said that the endometrium was thin, but the endometrium was thin, so it would not lead to menopause. Therefore, it was decided to go to the large hospital for a diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome and began a long path of treatment.

It ’s fine after eating Da Ying 35 for three months. I feel quite smooth. I checked it again and prepared for the baby. As a result, the tragedy was tragedy, because I was too fat, the blood sugar was high, I had to lose weight., I started to exercise to lose weight. (I have been taking You Siming, which is also a medicine for menstruation), but the result is not ideal. I can’t reduce weight from August to November.The doctor said that he could try to ask for a baby, and started to promote the row. He started taking medicine from the fifth day of menstruation. Two capsules per day and five days.

I came to the menstrual period on November 9th. I started taking medicine on the 13th. On the 23rd, I went to the prison. There was a follicles but was flat (1.26✘0.64).Go to the prison on the 8th, with two follicles (1.0✘0.8 and 1.2✘1.0), and then started to get an injection and took four stitches. On the afternoon of the month of this month, I felt a little uncomfortable.Is it in ovulation? In the same night, the second hospital was taken, and the doctor said that it was taken in the early morning of No. 2 to let the same room at night. I started to have some symptoms around the tenth day of ovulation (maybe it may bePsychological effects) Extra -food and sleep, but also like to fart, there are many leucorrhea, and the nipples hurt when pinching lightly, but you can’t try the test strip. You can try it for four or five days in a row.I couldn’t wait, but I did n’t have to wait anymore. I first tested a blood on our side. The fifteenth test was determined to be pregnant. It was too excited.

I feel that I am particularly lucky, and I succeeded after a month. The polycystic ovary promoted that I was too pregnant for several years. I was pregnant for a month. I think God cares too much about me. I take my experienceShare it, I hope more sisters will know, and I hope you do n’t give up and do n’t discourage it. I wish all the sisters can be pregnant!

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