The pomegranate steamed it in the pan, and I didn’t think it was so powerful. Many people don’t know what it is to use.

Pomegranate fruits are really very common when we are normal. Many friends prefer to eat, because the taste of pomegranate is very good, and the nutritional value is very high.Although the pomegranate is more delicious, it is more difficult to peel. It is too strenuous to pick the pomegranate seeds one by one, because if you are not careful, you can make the juice, and if you accidentally splash the water on the clothes, you willIt will become particularly difficult to clean.

Is there any way to quickly peel pomegranate?And after peeling, it is very clean, not sticking at all, not stained with clothes?The answer is yes. Today, I will teach you how to quickly peel pomegranate tips. After learning this tips, you can quickly peel the pomegranate into a grain, and you can eat pomegranate seeds with a lot of land.It’s great.

Let’s take out the pomegranate first, and then use a fruit knife to cut a knife on the pomegranate episode. Cut it thinner. Don’t cut it too thickly. You just need to cut it until the pomegranate seeds just exposed.After cutting, we can see the texture inside the pomegranate. Inside he is separated by fascia with fascia.

When you see the lines inside, use a fruit knife to cut it into 4 or 6 horns along these patterns, which is all possible.When cutting, pay attention, don’t be too hard, too hard will cut the flesh inside, just open a small slot on the surface gently.After opening it, we will gently peel it away. At this time, we can see the pomegranate seeds inside, which is very beautiful.

At this time, don’t rush to peel pomegranate. Let’s bring this pomegranate opening, then put it in a plate, fix it with your hands, and knock on the surface with the back of the knife.It should not be too hard, so that the pomegranate seeds are all loose, and then we pour it out in turn, and the pomegranate will become a particularly easy thing.After the pomegranate was inverted, let’s take a look at the pomegranate, and most of the pomegranate seeds were completely exposed.In the end, we can use our fingers to pull all the remaining pomegranate seeds.

The first method has been shared with you. Next, I will share with you the second method. The second method is that we still have to cut a small mouth on its surface, and then hit some flower knives on the side, give the middle yellow part to the middle part of the yellow partdig up.Prepare a stir -fry pot, heat the water in the pot first, and then steam the pomegranate on the steamer for 30 seconds. Do not take too long. If it is too long, it will affect the taste and taste.

We put it in a steamer for 30 seconds. We only need to kill the bacteria of the pomegranate epidermis, remove the steamed pomegranate and peel it out. At this timeShort, it will not make the pomegranate hot, but the outside epidermis shrinks a bit. This is easier to separate the skin from the seeds, and the sterilization effect is very good.

After we peel the pomegranate, we will give all the seeds inside. Each piece is very easy to fall off, and it will soon be able to fill a large plate.Today, I will share with you the tips to peel pomegranate. Have you learned it?

Well, today’s food will be shared with you here. I am Uncle Shui. I explore the fun of food. Friends I like can give me a free praise. Thank you for your support!

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