The post -90s women’s private parts bleed frequently, facing the cut of the uterus!Mother -in -law: The three vins can’t be born without the grandson

Mom Mom asked:

Bacteria, I feel that I can’t stay at this house at all!

Some time ago, I saw the doctor several times because of irregular bleeding in private parts. In the end, the doctor gave me a few treatment plans.

But because of the poor prognosis, the doctor still suggested that I remove the uterus, which is also the best solution for me.I also agree with the doctor’s advice.

Who knew that her mother -in -law stood up and opposed.

At that time, my first child gave birth to a girl. My mother -in -law wanted a boy and forced me to have a second child. I did not expect that the second child was also a girl.

I never felt that my mother -in -law was so disgusting, and I wanted to divorce, but I was afraid of hurting the children. What should I do?


October bacteria Answer:

Hello Mom, I am in October. First of all, thank you for your trust in bacteria and willing to share with you about discussing your own questions.

From your description, the bacteria can not yet judge your specific situation, but the doctor has suggested that you remove the uterus, indicating that it is really serious, and obeying the doctor’s advice is the most secure and secure way.

Especially your current situation should not be too impulsive, cure is what you must care about first.

Regarding abnormal bleeding in the private parts, the bacteria have given you popular science before. If you haven’t seen it, you can order blue fonts to view → abnormal bleeding

Bacteria focuses on "forcing" the child to have children today, because it involves the issue of the ownership of women’s fertility.

In fact, fertility itself should be owned by women by themselves. No matter how much others say, they cannot affect women’s own views on fertility.

Nevertheless, the bacteria still saw that many women did not want to have children or had too early children, but they were eventually "forced" and chose to give birth.

Use "the benefits of having children" to seduce

"Dysmenorrhea? Just have a child!"

"Husband is too playing? Just give a child!"

"Giveting children can also prevent breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and endometrial cancer, hurry up and give birth!"


In the mouth of the people who urged, it seems that a child can solve the problem from all aspects of physical, life, and disease.

In fact, preventing these cancers is only a problem of clinical probability.

If you only have a child based on "benefits", it is too hasty.

Sometimes you may regret it, because having a child will bring a series of "disadvantages" (here is only relatively "benefits"):

With a pregnancy, women may have to bear discomfort such as leakage, back pain, pelvic pain, etc.

The risk of hypertension, anemia and thrombosis during pregnancy may be faced;

The immunity after pregnancy becomes weakened, and even the risk of a cold will increase;

It may also face extremely dangerous complications such as postpartum bleeding and amniotic fluid embolism;

There are many times, one of the high -risk factor of cervical cancer …

All "benefits" and "disadvantages" are relative, so fertility needs to be objectively weighing, not too one -sided.

Letting women have children, using only one of them to blind women, it is "immoral".

Use "age boundaries" to create a sense of urgency

"It’s not good to wait for the older age now!"

"Before the age of 30, I had a child and still had strength to bring it, and I couldn’t move it anymore!"

"I won’t be born at the age of 35, I can’t conceive in the future!"


This is also the "use trick" of the people who are born.

There is indeed the best fertility age in medicine. At the age of 35, he was regarded as the dividing line of "elderly maternal" and "ordinary maternal".

This is because from the perspective of clinical data, the related complications of maternal mothers aged 25 to 34 are basically at the lowest risk.

Image source: Maternalage and RISK of Labor and Delivery Complications

The abnormalities of the fetus, such as the abnormality of the fetal chromosome, also increased the amplitude since the 35th year of pregnant women.

Image source: Williams science

But only one risk probability can be given by medicine.

Even after 35 years old, there are still many people who are pregnant and eventually give birth to their babies.

From this point of view, the so -called "best" is actually not so good, and compared with "non -best", the advantage may be as obvious as people think.

There are still many factors that promote fertility (such as economics, family conditions, living environment, time, and time and work). They cannot get the "last period" because of their age. After this time, it will not work.

Sometimes the sense of urgency does make people lose rational thinking.

Pressure with "women’s job"

Someone once left a message under the articles of bacteria, which means that women’s job is to have children.

Picture source: Screenshot of the public account message

Just because women have a uterus, should women have children?It must be a woman’s responsibility?

One said that there was some anger at the time of the bacteria.

I believe that no woman is willing to be said to have children, and they are not willing to be called fertility tools.

But from the perspective of biology, not only women, everyone, they are all maternity tools.

People are the physical body driven by genes. It is the task of genes that make people love, marry, and have children, and finally complete the mission of breeding offspring.

Image source:

Social development has reached today, some people are willing to obey the order of genes, and some people want to violate the order of genes.

The important thing is that everyone lives to live according to their own choice. Whether a person chooses to be born or not, just be happy and happy.

So to say that fertility is the job, it should be the duty of everyone.

Women can choose not to have children

The topics of more and more women on social networking sites do not want to have children”have been hot in recent years.

This also reflects from the side that women’s self -awareness is awakening.

Picture source: Zhihu screenshot

Women gradually realize that they have the right to freely control "physical and sex", and fertility does not need to be equal to personal value.

Just like the beginning of the article, when answering Mother Mi’s questions, the bacteria always insisted on one point of view:

The premise of fertility is that women’s life is safe and cannot survive the child’s life.Both life and no birth are a personal free choice, not forced to choose.

Each woman has absolute right to speak for her body, as long as she can bravely bear the choice they make.

Bacteria also hopes that more people can understand one thing–

If you face the situation of threatening life such as diseases and accidents, women can choose not to have children in order to ensure their health and safety.

And when a woman intends to have children, they should also consider four things in order to give themselves a better life:

First, to know your fertility costs, including physiological costs and socio -economic costs.

Second, to know whether you can bear such fertility costs and whether you can bear the responsibility of being a mother.

Third, take the initiative to have children for yourself.

Fourth, choose a man who is childcare together with love and responsibility.

Finally, I am October bacteria, I love this world!

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