The precautions before the physical examination are not equal to spending money

Now that the company is more and more healthy, the company will arrange 1 or 2 physical health examinations a year. Before the medical examination, HR often tells employees these …

Don’t eat breakfast

Don’t drink water

Don’t exercise vigorously


Is this enough?Far more than!In fact, some improper approach will affect the results of the medical examination.

For example, I recently watched the news: "The company arranged an annual medical examination for enterprises and employees. Colleagues Xiao A was found to be abnormal liver function and was frightened. As a result, it was found that it was okay after the review.After drinking, this is a virtual surprise. "

However, this also gives a lesson. Before the preparation of the inspection, you must pay attention to it. Many behaviors will affect the results of the inspection. If you just shock, even if it is not checked, some potential diseases are not checked!

Precautions before medical examination

If you do not pay attention to the following precautions before the physical examination, it may affect the results of the medical examination. Before the physical examination

Diet principle:

1. During the three days before the physical examination, please keep your diet normally, do not drink alcohol, avoid severe exercise; dinner and light diet on time before the examination, and some projects are fasting for 8-12 hours before the inspection.; Carbon 14 exhalation test, etc.).

2. Do not eat after dinner before the medical examination, ensure that the blood stretching test is 10-12 hours;

3. Do not take medicine on the day of examination (except for antihypertensive drugs or hypoglycemic drugs), and do not carry valuables.

Precautions for medical examinations:

1. Plan for the baby’s physical examination within half a year and the pregnant woman, please inform the medical staff in advance. We will not arrange for you to do a radiation X -ray examination; infants and children do not arrange X -ray and CT radiation examinations.

2. Women who have no sex life history do not recommend gynecological examinations, and married women should avoid menstrual period (after 5 days after menstruation), and check the bladder for examination.

3. Before you do a gynecological ultrasound examination, you need to urinate before you want to go to the toilet.

4. Gynecological and vulvar color Doppler ultrasound need to be carried out 5-7 days after menstruation. The day before the examination is banned from vaginal medication to avoid sexual life.

Precautions during physical examination

On the day of the medical examination, please bring your valid ID cards such as ID cards, passports, officer cards, non -commissioned officers, and driving licenses.Medical center.

After arriving at the medical examination center, please register at the front desk according to the medical examination process and fill in the "Personal Health Information Form" carefully.

The following inspection items must be completed on an empty stomach: blood collection, abdominal color Doppler ultrasound, and carbon 14 exhalation test; please test blood pressure before the internal medicine examination.

Women’s pelvic B-ultrasound requires urinating. After the completion of the empty stomach, the B-ultrasound checks 6-8 cups (400-500ml) 1 hour before the completion of the empty stomach, so that the bladder is filled with the accuracy of the results.

Before the chest X -ray examination, please remove the accessories such as gold, silver, jade, and properly stored it.

Gastroscopy must be arranged before the upper abdomen CT examination.

Don’t think about the medical examination


During the physical examination, it does not turn heavy makeup, which is not conducive to the doctor’s physical examination

It is really beautiful to be dressed beautifully to go to the physical examination. However, the makeup will affect the judgment of the skin of the doctor on the opposite side of the doctor. Insteid lenses are not conducive to ophthalmological examinations.


Do not wear chemical fiber clothes for ECG, which may affect the results of the inspection results

Do not wear chemical fiber clothes when making an electrocardiogram, because chemical fiber can easily generate static electricity due to friction, which affects the results of the physical examination.

The ECG test machines used by large hospitals are available to resist static interference, but the ECG test machine of many grass -roots hospitals does not have this function.Therefore, it is recommended that the subjects try to wear cotton clothes as much as possible for an electro -electrocardiogram.


Not concealed the condition

Some patients are worried about exposing privacy, and intentionally or unintentionally concealed physical problems during the doctor’s consultation, such as hepatitis B before, with blood and blood.This behavior is actually not helpful for your own health.

Doctors’ consultation and physical examination can find bad habits that the machine cannot detect. For example, if you eat too much smoking and drinking, you can also check the health problems that the machine cannot find, such as spinal bending or athlete.

If it is really for yourself, I sincerely recommend that you do not play the game of "hiding cats" with the doctor.

It is recommended to do this after physical examination

1. Please read the medical examination report carefully and listen to the doctors’ suggestions. The abnormal results will be reviewed, followed or treated in time.

2. Active health management: lifestyle, dietary management, sports management, psychological management, etc.

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