The pregnant belly photo exposure: Diana is comfortable, Kate is still dignified, the queen is unwilling to show her belly

Women who are exquisite and elegant will not indulge their image even during pregnancy.It is true that the British royal female members often appear in front of the media.At any stage, they are always elegant and elegant, and at the stage of breeding life, there is no charm.

The model of the royal family Diana Diana, after pregnancy, is more changing than the pre -pregnancy style, she is more comfortable and warm, but among them, there are many fashionable western spirit.It’s really a veritable!

But under the bright appearance, Diana’s wolf was uncomfortable during pregnancy.When Diana was pregnant for the first time, the process was not simple. In the early pregnancy, she experienced the torture of pregnancy every day.

Diana reported that when she attended the banquet during pregnancy, she dressed beautifully, but had to go out to vomit during the banquet.It is also because of this reason. After Diana became big, she was comfortable and how comfortable her clothes.

However, thanks to Diana’s unique temperament and body proportion, no matter how loose she dresses, it is always beautiful.

The wide skirt was looming in the abdomen in the walking around, which made Diana more gentle and glory of motherhood.

Diana would accompany Charles to ride a horse even with a child. At that time, the relationship between the two people was not bad. Diana smiled and looked at Charles with a smile, looking very cute.

And Charles?Seeing such a cute Diana, she would also hold her face with both hands and give her a "holding face and kill". At that time, they were really sweet. This is also the evidence they love!

When Diana was with William, she also had photos of bikini. She saw her stiff her pregnant belly, but her limbs were still slender, which looked very enviable.

Like Diana, she also focused on comfort during pregnancy and her aunt: Princess Annie.

As the only daughter of the queen, Princess Annie’s life is arbitrary and free.When she was pregnant, she would not cover up, but told the outside world regardless of the outside world that she was pregnant.

During pregnancy, her dressing style was gradually grounded.A warm pullover sweater, a huge wide -leg pants, with a wind -proof turban, can go out of the street.

However, as the only daughter of the queen, Annie also did not lose in etiquette. On the occasion that needed etiquette, she would also dress up and would not lose the royal face.

However, Annie’s free and easy is reflected in dressing.After her daughter Zara Philips was born, she asked the queen to not award the title of her daughter’s royal family, so that her daughter could live an ordinary person’s life.Such a maverick princess is also rare in the royal family.

But the members of the royal family are public figures, and they can be as open -minded as Diana and Annie, after all, a minority.More parts of female members are dressed during pregnancy, and they are still quite satisfactory.

Annie’s daughter Zara is one of the representatives.Even in the middle and late pregnancy, when she was attending the event, she still put on "hate the sky", and the manner was very elegant.But don’t underestimate her. Like her mother, Zara’s talent on equestrian is amazing, often playing the Olympic Games on behalf of the country and winning medals.

Last year, Zara and her husband also ushered in their third child. With the child’s Zara laughed very beautifully, full of maternal glory.

The famous British royal family, the "Princess of the Radium", Bruce, has become higher after pregnancy. This may be that some people will become beautiful after pregnancy, and some people will become ugly after pregnancy.That becomes beautiful.

The retro bubble sleeve dress wearing Princess Bicui looked very good with her, which fits her princess identity and has a very strong British style.

Speaking of the best elegant and dignified when women British royal family are pregnant, it must be said to be Princess Kate.Kate’s clothing has always been the best in the royal family. Every time he goes out of the street, it makes people shine. Even if the pregnant belly is getting bigger, Kate’s dress style has not changed.

The dress is one of Kate’s favorite match during pregnancy. The personal skirt depicts the shape of the pregnant belly. It is stepped on low heels and the royal style.

Sometimes when wearing a waist -containing dress, Kate will raise the waistline to the pregnant belly, which reflects the slender upper body, but also allows the pregnant belly to hide in the lower body.

All kinds of coats are also Kate’s favorite.During pregnancy, in order to keep Kitt through many coats, it showed calves without exception.It can be seen that during pregnancy, Kate did not give up body management. The limbs were as slim as before pregnancy, and the calves could also avoid visually bloated.

But one thing, Kate has always been high whether it is during or after pregnancy.Even if it was just finished, Kate’s condition was very good. A slim red dress outlined his posture. He was rosy and smiled like flowers. He was held in his arms by his husband William.

Compared to her mother -in -law Diana’s postpartum depression that year, Kate can be said to be very lucky, because her family and husband always cared about her. This is also the motivation for her willingness to work hard to maintain a good royal gesture in pregnancy!

Speaking of Kate’s pregnancy photos, then Meghan must be mentioned. When Meghan is pregnant, "online business" still looks dignified and elegant. Of course, Meghan always compares with Kate in the dark.It is beautiful to appear!

Diana’s Sophie Reese Jones is also so elegant. She is the wife of Prince Edward. The couple are the only one of the queen’s children who have never been divorced.Sophie also pays great attention to the image during pregnancy. A tight coat with a pair of "hate heights" makes people feel panicked.

It seems that, except for the maverick Diana and Annie, other royal family members have "image burdens" even if they are pregnant.But to pay attention to the deepest image, it must be the queen.

The queen not only dresses, and more often, she will not let the outside world observe her pregnant belly.

When the first child was pregnant, the queen was still a princess. She wore a long skirt inside, wearing expensive fur, and the white collarbone wearing jewelry, and she was expensive.

When she became the queen, she was also pregnant twice. When she had to deal with business duties, the Queen would choose a loose and decent style. Whether it was a dress or a coat, she would not let the pregnant belly appear.

If you do n’t say, who can see the queen wearing a white coat and standing in front of the front, it is 8 months pregnant!

And even after giving birth, the queen will not show her unshakable appearance.When she was born with Prince Andrew, the queen was sitting on the car, her stomach was covered with a blanket, and her stomach was not obvious.

In general, the royal women have their own style, and they only show the beauty of their other side during pregnancy. After all, pregnancy is a exclusive right to women!

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