The pregnant dog is difficult to give birth for 10 hours and did not move. After being sent to the hospital, Teddy brought her a surprise

Xiaomei is one and a half years old, the first child, today 56, a B -ultrasound, two baby, Meimei should belong to the small bar 23/23.

I wish my family give birth to a baby smoothly. The due date is around the Dragon Boat Festival. It is really worried that I will die. I contact the doctor, no matter when I am ready, fortunately there are doctors!

Prepare goat milk powder, nutrition paste, quick calcium supplement, and tomorrow to go out to buy a lot of things. Today, take me to B -ultrasound.

The rhythm that I can’t understand at all when I do a B super ~

Snacks for small pregnant women’s fertility ~

The picky Meibao does not eat dog food, she can only give her a few pieces of chicken cartilage ~

I bought blue bottle calcium, iodine, cotton, thermometer, alcohol, sterile gloves, needle tube, cotton swab,

I did n’t buy the hematopoietic tongs after 4 pharmacies. I continued to find it tomorrow. I still have to buy a bottle ~

57 days, tomorrow is the due date, so nervous ~

Meibao is the due date today. I took it out at night to walk around. I don’t know if I can unload the goods today ~

When Xiaomei was at 10 o’clock, let her enter the delivery room. A carton was made in the fence, because he liked a dark and quiet place, and there was a blanket in the carton.If you want to go out with me, come back with me, and go in again. I don’t know if you will give birth today ~

This is 63 days, there are milk, there is no desire to give birth ~

I found a little secretion when I got up in the morning in 64 days.

The amniotic fluid breaking at about 7:30 has been tossing. I feel that he has drank a lot of amniotic fluid by himself, and the amniotic fluid comes out little by little, and she has been licking, as if all of the amniotic fluid is broken for two hours now, and there is no response.I just called the doctor and asked me to wait. It was difficult to give birth to the morning …

What should I do if this child sleeps?

I fell asleep and stretched my waist ~

Did you forget that you have to have a baby?

I still came to the hospital, did not enter the basin, the placenta was broken, the fetal position was not right ~

Xiaomei planer women produced two MMs, because the two babies were too long, only one live, and the other was taken away by the little angel. This child was a giant baby.The weak sister took it away, I hope that the baby in heaven will actually make the worst plan when I am pregnant, but the moment the Mei Meijin operating room still can’t help crying.You, I really want all this pain to bear it for you. I will never let you have a baby in the future.

In fact, when looking at the beauty, the moment when the mental state is not good, I will care for my baby. I feel that everything may be beautiful and happy. I really move to cry.My baby, the feeling of that moment really won’t understand it!That is the mother’s love … Fortunately, Xiaomei’s motherhood is particularly good, especially love her baby … Don’t ask me why I let her have a baby, because she has the right to do it, the most important thing is that if the baby is old once,It’s easy to get gynecological diseases … I wish the United States and the United States recover soon, and the baby grows up healthy …

From Bar Master: Do n’t interrupt a person who speaks a dog

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