The pregnant mother dreamed of riding a horse, and later gave birth to a male treasure.

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers want to know whether they are pregnant with boys or girls?So when you are okay, you often think about this problem.As a result, there are some strange dreams at night after pregnancy.

Xiao Yi was pregnant without long after getting married. To this end, she resting at home with peace of mind.In the first trimester, because her response was relatively large, she was particularly uncomfortable every day.And people feel tired.So most of her time is sleeping.

One night, she had a strange dream.She dreamed that herself and her husband went to the prairie.The blue grass there is also particularly good.This made her feel particularly happy.So he wandered on the grassland with her husband.Later, they saw a Wrangler, and the shepherd immediately taught her to ride with her husband.

After some study, she and her husband really rode.So they rode a horse on the grassland, and they were happy to walk.Singing loudly on the blue sky on the horse.After drinking, they laughed.Her husband woke her when Xiao Yi laughed.At this time, she found that she just had a dream.

When I ate the next day, her husband asked what she had made so happy at night.So Xiao Yi told her dream to her husband.At this time, her mother -in -law just came out of the kitchen.After hearing the dream that Xiao Yi said, she hurried over and said to Xiao Yi, saying that she must have a male baby.At that time, Xiao Yi and her husband felt that her mother -in -law was too much missing her grandson, so she was the case.It’s not serious.

In the late pregnancy, they started to prepare for the supplies and some supplies of the baby during childbirth.The mother -in -law prepared the boy’s supplies when preparing the baby’s supplies.This made Xiao Yi feel a little weird.She did not expect that her mother -in -law would be so heavy.With a dream she had made before, she was so affirming that she was pregnant with a baby and baby.

In the blink of an eye, the due date.In those days, Xiao Yi was very nervous.She looked at her mother -in -law, and she was more afraid that she would have a daughter.But she didn’t expect that when she gave birth, she really gave birth to a male baby.At that time, her mother -in -law was still stunned in her ear.You see what I said, your dream is the dream of having a male baby.At that time, Xiao Yi began to believe it.Because the facts are here, I have to let her believe it.She thinks that the old man must have something to do with her.

In fact, since ancient times, whether it is the East and some countries in the West, they attach great importance to the dream of fetal dreams.For parents who are looking forward to their children, the dream of fetal dreams is of great significance.Fetal dreams are generally done after pregnancy.

Some experts say that the birth dream is just a pregnant mother who is forced to know the gender of the baby in their belly.As a result, there is a situation where there is something to dream about.For pregnant mothers who are full of longing in the future, dreaming of babies at night is a normal thing.

And most people divide the dream of fetal dreams into three types.Animal dreams, plants’ fetal dreams, gold and silver jewelry and some of the fetal dreams.And some explanations of objects in the scenes in dreams are the so -called "dream interpretation" that people often say.

For example, when pregnant mothers are pregnant, they dream of dragons, which means that the baby is pregnant.And if you dream of Long Fei ascended to heaven, it means that the baby in the belly is definitely a man with the top of the ground.And if pregnant mothers dream of snake, it is also a male baby.Dreaming of pigs, tigers, horses, cows, etc., etc., all of which show that they are pregnant with male babies.And if pregnant mothers dream of carp pigeons or dragon tails, etc., they are all dreams of having girls.

In fact, so far, there is no scientific basis that can prove the correctness and reasonableness of the dream of fetal dreams.Dream is just a phenomenon of psychological reactions.It may have a lot to do with the living conditions and living environment of pregnant mothers.But no matter what the situation is, I hope that pregnant mothers can think of things and conceive a healthy and lovely baby.What dreams do you have during pregnancy?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area below to share.

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