The pregnant mother fell a fracture, what made the pregnant mother become "crispy"?

Why do pregnant mothers frequently cramps when they sleep at night?Why do some pregnant mothers walk for a while and be sore for pelvis and calves?Why did the pregnant mother who was 8 months pregnant accidentally fell, causing ankle fracture?Let ’s take a look at Dr. Huang, who was born of Xixi Ban.

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Many pregnant mothers have encountered these situations more or less. Some pregnant mothers joked: This calcium is missing, there is no difference from the elderly, it is one more baby than their belly.Too much calcium loss during pregnancy, and not timely calcium supplementation can cause these symptoms.

During the entire pregnancy, pregnant mothers have a large demand for calcium.

The demand for calcium in early pregnancy is different.

The first 12 weeks after pregnancy is called early pregnancy. In the early pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to supplement 700-800 mg of calcium per day. The demand for calcium is the same as ordinary people. The balanced diversified diet can basically meet the body’s needs for calcium.

13-27 weeks after pregnancy is called in the middle of pregnancy, and the fetus enters the rapid growth period. The spine, limbs, skins, and teeth begin to develop. These require the support of calcium. At this time, insufficient calcium intake may cause the baby to suffer from innateSexuality.

In the second trimester, pregnant mothers need to supplement about 1,000 mg of calcium every day, an increase of 200-300 mg over early pregnancy.

do you know?The third trimester (28-40 weeks) is the fastest period of fetal growth and development. More than half of the calcium stored in the body when the baby is born was stored within the last 2 months of pregnancy.Many pregnant mothers have cramps, loose teeth, and joint pain in this period. These are signals that require calcium supplementation.

Therefore, pregnant mothers must strengthen calcium supplement in the third trimester. The daily recommended intake of calcium in the third trimester is 1200mg. In addition to calcium supplementation by diet, it is recommended to take calcium tablets to supplement the amount of calcium required for daily.

How to supplement calcium for calcium during pregnancy?

First of all, pregnant mothers can consume more calcium -containing foods, such as milk and dairy products, fish and various soy products, shrimp skin, sesame sauce and other high calcium -containing foods.Among them, the calcium content in milk and dairy products is large and easy to be absorbed.

Secondly, if it is difficult to achieve a wealth of balanced diet, especially in the workplace pregnant mothers, calcium tablets should be added to supplement calcium, such as calcium carbonate, calcium lactate, calcium citate, calcium glucoclipate tablets, etc.Suitable for you.

Pregnant mothers should also notice that the amount of calcium supplement is enough, and it is necessary to ensure that the body can be absorbed. This requires vitamin D. VD can promote the absorption of calcium in small intestine and renal tubes, promote calcium ions deposited in the bones in the bonesmiddle.

When choosing calcium tablets, it is recommended to choose vitamin D at the same time, which helps the absorption of calcium.

Sun -Dan -a simple economy supplement VD method.Try to expose the skin as much as possible during the sun, which is conducive to the skin epidermis and 7-dehydrogenation cholesterol in the skin and dermis can be converted into vitamin D3 through ultraviolet rays.Choose the morning or afternoon that the sun is relatively soft, and take a long time, but do not expose it across the glass.

Doctor Huang shattered: some suggestions for scientific calcium supplementation.

1. Do not supplement calcium on an empty stomach, it is best to take it when eating, or half an hour after meals.

2. Calcium and milk will cause waste of calcium, at least 1-2 hours.

3. At the same time, calcium supplementation must ensure sufficient vitamin D, which is not only conducive to the absorption of calcium, but also conducive to the formation of bone.

4. Drink more water to increase the solubility of calcium at the same time, which is conducive to absorption.

5. Pregnant mothers with lack of gastric acid are not suitable for calcium carbonate. Calcium citate or calcium citrate can be used.

6. Spinach, bamboo shoots, etc. are rich in oxalic acid, which is easy to form calcium oxalic acid with calcium, which is not conducive to the absorption of calcium.

The more calcium supplementation, the better the calcium supplementation, and excessive calcium supplementation will also have side effects, such as causing the fetal head to be too strong.

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