The pregnant woman does not leave her hand for 24 hours, and the mother is angry after seeing it. Can I not play mobile phones during pregnancy?

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A survey data in 2019 shows that more than 70%of young people have more than 6.5 hours a day with their mobile phones.

But what harm will this long use of mobile phones will cause pregnant women?

After 95, Li Meng was pregnant. I couldn’t do this during pregnancy. The husband could not be touched. Her husband had a business trip. Her mother -in -law and herself had a generation ditch.

This play is not tight. News, information, games, social software, etc. on mobile phones have made Li Meng addicted.

Slowly, Li Meng changed from restrained playing with mobile phones to stay away.Although her mother -in -law said her daughter -in -law, she didn’t dare to say anything more when she saw her daughter -in -law.

The indulgence of her mother -in -law made Li Meng more and more presumptuous. When she woke up, she looked at the mobile phone first, brushed the mobile phone during the day, and watched the mobile phone novel asleep at night.If the mobile phone is not electric, he is playing while rushing, and sometimes he fell asleep and didn’t leave his hand.

One day, Li Meng’s mother came and saw that her daughter was playing with her mobile phone during pregnancy, so she scolded: Do you want to be a grandson?You will not leave your phone 24 hours a day. If you cause harm to your child, you will not cry!

Li Meng was stunned by her mother, but she felt that no other pregnant women were playing with mobile phones, and she couldn’t have anything to do.

But her mother was still talking about her, and she quarreled with her mother when she was upset.

During the quarrel, she fainted, and Li Meng, who only shouted, was sent to the hospital by her mother and her mother -in -law. After the examination, the doctor said: Your baby has a bad development, hypoxia and abortion signs.

Li Meng was stupid and asked the doctor why this is the case.Later, the doctor learned about the daily life of this post -95 pregnant woman, and eventually came to this: the long -term schedule of pregnant women was caused by unhealthy life.The important reason for the unhealthy life of pregnant women is-mobile phone.

I believe that many pregnant women have such questions during pregnancy, can they play mobile phones?

The reason for thinking that can play pregnant women is: I am really boring during pregnancy, others can play, children are okay, and I can play.

The reason for pregnant women who cannot be played is that mobile phones have radiation, which will cause children to malformation. For safety, they cannot play.

But in fact, you can play your mobile phone appropriately during pregnancy.

1. Consider the mood of pregnant women

When considering the changes in the mood of pregnant women during pregnancy, in order to ensure the relaxed and pleasant of pregnant women, it is recommended to play mobile phones, but playing with mobile phones must have a degree. For about 2 hours, take a break.

Playing mobile phones in a row will only cause damage to the body of pregnant women, and it is not conducive to the growth and development of the fetus.

2. Small mobile phone radiation

Many people consider the radiation of electronic products. The mobile phone does have radiation, but the radiation of people is very small.But because of this radiation, when pregnant women are playing with mobile phones, they must consider time and do not use their mobile phones for a long time.

When using mobile phones during pregnancy, you must avoid these three bad habits.

1. Charge mobile phone

Playing on the phone while charging, not only harm of mobile phones, but also harm to pregnant women.In particular, there are cases of explosion of mobile phones while charging, so pregnant women can pay attention.

2. Stay up late to play mobile phones

Staying up late to play mobile phones can cause physical imbalances. During pregnancy, pregnant women always stay up late to play with mobile phones. They miss the normal and best rest time, which can easily lead to hypoxia and suffocation.Bad habits.

3. Do not watch the stimulus content

The exciting content can cause the sadness, sorrow, crying, nervousness, and fear of pregnant women.

When the mother has such emotions, the baby in the belly will feel.At the same time, because of stimulating emotions, the body of a pregnant woman will make a "preventive" action. The tightness of the body will be squeezed into the fetus, which is not conducive to fetal development.

During pregnancy, pregnant women who want to play mobile phones must avoid these three bad habits.In addition to playing mobile phones, there are many things that pregnant women can do during pregnancy.For example: paper -cutting, flower arrangement, reading, aerobic exercise, etc.

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