The pregnant woman dreamed of the big snake, and her mother -in -law asserted that she would hold the "Grand Sun".

Since ancient times, my country has circulated "Zhou Gong’s Dream Interpretation", "Thinking of Nights and Dreams," and so on. Many people have tireless interpretation of dreams. Especially for expectant mothers, "fetal dreams" are often given to given. Many magical meanings.

Although my colleague Xiao Zhou is a "materialist", since she was pregnant, she still has some superstitious. For the children in the stomach, not only did they start to believe in the small remedies of the mother -in -law’s "tires", but even the "fetus dreams".The metaphorical meaning has begun to think hard, afraid of something bad.

Xiao Zhou had some insomnia that night, and after fell asleep, she clearly dreamed that a big snake chased her in the grass, and she ran up very inconveniently when she stood up.I woke up sweatically, and I was still worried about the scenes in the dream.

The next day, Xiao Zhou accidentally talked to her mother -in -law when she dreamed of the big snake yesterday, but did not expect that after listening to the mother -in -law, she immediately laughed and asserted that "dreaming that the big snake is a sign of having a boy, I want to hold the big grandson."Although Xiao Zhou did not believe it very much, he still remembered his mother -in -law’s words.

A few months have passed in the blink of an eye, Xiao Zhou gave birth smoothly, and she gave birth to a fat boy, and the family was very happy.After Xiao Zhou was discharged home, I couldn’t help but feel a little surprised when I recalled the "prediction" of her mother -in -law. Is it really accurate "fetal dream"?Can you judge the gender of your child?

In fact, many people may have experienced similar experiences as Xiao Zhou. During pregnancy, some strange dreams have happened during pregnancy. They start to "interpret dreams" through various ways.The gender, whether the child’s health is healthy, etc. Although it is just a dream, it has a real impact on the life of Baoma.

In fact, Bao Ma ’s dream of having a baby is normal. During pregnancy, Baoma is nervous. In the daytime, there is often nothing to do. She is paying attention to the children in her belly."There is a dream at night," Bao Ma made some bizarre twists and turns "fetal dreams".

Flowers represent a girl, etc., there is no logic at all, there is no scientific reason, it is just for the result of forcibly attach explanation for "interpretation of dreams".

So why do "fetal dreams" sometimes have a spiritual experience?To put it plainly, it is just "right". In the case of Xiao Zhou, in fact, the child’s gender is destined at the moment when the sperm and egg are combined into an essential egg.It will not change.

There are only two types of children and women in children. It is also possible to answer the right to guess one kind of guessing one. When lucky is right, people are often willing to blame the truth of the facts on some magical prophecies.The dream of "the gods is actually a coincidence.

For pregnant women, the importance of high -quality rest is self -evident, and too many "fetal dreams" often represent that the pregnant woman’s spirit is highly tense and poor sleep. It can be said that too many "fetal dreams" are not good.The meaning represented by "fetal dreams" is better to improve the quality of sleep from the three aspects below and reduce the probability of "fetal dreams".

1. Create a good sleep environment

Pregnant women have a lot of inconvenience, and the environment during sleep is particularly important. When improving sleep quality, pregnant women should adjust the temperature and humidity of the environment, choose comfortable bedding, avoid the environment of noise, etc.The occurrence of "fetal dream".

2. Try to be as full as possible during the day

Many expectant mothers will do nothing in the daytime, start to insomnia at night, and after falling asleep, they start to "keep the dream of fetal dreams" and the quality of sleep is very poor.

In order to improve the quality of sleep, expectant mothers can live as fuller during the day, find something you like, to avoid too strong energy at night and affect sleep quality.

3. Avoid too much diet before going to bed

Some expectant mothers will eat some fruits, drink a glass of milk, etc. before going to bed. In fact, eating too much before going to bed is a great burden on the stomach and intestines, and the quality of sleep is easily affected.Before going to bed, expectant mothers should try to avoid eating too much food that is not good -digestable, so as to improve sleep quality and reduce the occurrence of "fetal dreams".

Crooked mother concluded:

The so -called "care is chaotic", even if it is a "materialist" like Xiao Zhou, will be slightly superstitious because of care of the children, and believes in the metaphor of "fetal dream".Everyone still pays more attention to science during pregnancy. Thinking about it without any practical significance, improving sleep quality, a good body is the top priority.

Today’s topic: What special "fetal dreams" did you do during pregnancy?

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