The pregnant woman should be inspected to build a card in 12 weeks. What do you need to pay attention to?

Precautions for pregnant women’s property inspection card:

1. About 12 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women should go to the hospital for a health care card (small card) at the hospital stipulated by the neighborhood committee.

2. Casting of siege health cards requires inspection: blood routine, urine routine, gynecological examination, and syphilis screening (the items for hospital examinations in each area are different, and the costs are different).

3. The process of building a big card is relatively complicated. It is best to register in the hospital in advance or choose to make an appointment for registration in advance, so as not to be full of too many cards on the day.

Hospital’s production inspection card process:

Step 1: Registration

1. Live in line to get the pre -inspection number (it is best to go before 7:00, there are a lot of people late.)

2. Registration (if a family member accompanies to build a big card, it is recommended that the family members queue up in the registered platform first, which can save time)

Step 2: Waiting

1. After the number is registered, wait for the obstetric outpatient room, and there is a weight in front of the seat. I call my weight first and remember the numbers (waiting for the nurse will ask).

2. When the nurse comes, you will give her a case card, filled form, registered paper, and small card.

3. When the nurse calls your name, she will ask your weight, height, and measure blood pressure for you.

4. Then sit at the door of the first clinic of the obstetrics corresponding to Jianjian Card (wait for the doctor in the inside to call your name).

Step 3: Consultation

1. The doctor will ask the relevant situation one by one according to the content on the table you previously filled in (medical history, etc.)

2. If you have been pregnant for 14 weeks, the doctor will solicit whether your opinion needs to check Tang’s (note: Chadan is voluntarily). If you need it, fill in a form and sign it.

3. After the doctor asked, enter the inner room for examination.The projects are: listening to fetal heart sounds, width of basin, and gynecological examination, as well as the width of the belly to the back.

4. Next, the doctor will give you a check -up flowchart for building a big card, and open all the words that need to be checked, and come back after the inspection.

Step 4: Check

1. Pay all the lists of all big card inspection projects at the paid office.

2. The small checklist of the leucorrhea is taken on the spot. The urine test list can take it after 20 minutes. The blood test does not need to take it by itself. The electrocardiogram is fast. The result of the Donaldian result needs to be taken in two weeks (after 14 working days).If you need to be a B -ultrasound, you need to make an appointment for B -ultrasound.

Step 5: Back to the clinic

1. After the above four steps are done, hand over the leucorrhea, urine test, and electrocardiogram (check report) to the doctor. The doctor will make a record.

2. Regarding the time of the next inspection, the courses and time of the study class will explain well in the first production inspection of the big card in the construction of a large card.

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