The pregnant woman suddenly gave birth to a child, and the lady of the railway became a "midwife": my best birthday gift

Recently, a touching thing occurred in the East Railway Station of Qinzhou, Guangxi.A pregnant woman suddenly broke the amniotic fluid, and the railway staff urgently built a temporary "delivery room" at the scene to help pregnant women produce.

On the afternoon of August 27, the post -95 girl Zhang Chengdi received a call from the D3715 train captain. He learned that there was a crisis of a pregnant woman on the train and might give birth at any time. I hope they can prepare some delivery items to help the pregnant woman pass the difficulty.

After receiving the notice, Zhang Chengdi immediately dialed 120 for help and arranged for colleagues to be responsible for guiding the ambulance, and then everyone waited for the train on the platform.

At 2:28 pm, the train arrived at Qinzhou East Station. A pregnant woman and her husband came out of the No. 5 carriage.But she hadn’t waited for the arrival of the ambulance, and the amniotic fluid had broken, and everyone saw this scene a little nervous.Zhang Chengdi, who was not married, was at a loss for the first time, and was at a loss.

However, in order to ensure the safety of pregnant women, Zhang Chengdi and his colleagues quickly adjusted their mentality, supported the woman to the waiting hall seat, and paved clean clothes on the chair, and built a temporary "delivery room" with an umbrella raincoat for her.Zhang Chengdi held the hand of a pregnant woman, patiently soothing her emotions, and kept cheering for him.

At 2:45 pm, the child was born smoothly.At this time, the medical staff also rushed to the scene to wrap the baby carefully. After professional treatment, they returned to the hospital with pregnant women and their children for further examination.

Zhang Chengdi later mentioned in an interview that one hand at that time was sore and weak because of the rear head of the pregnant woman at the rear of the pregnant woman, but I felt worthwhile to think of helping pregnant women smoothly to produce.Zhang Chengdi said that he had learned about nursing knowledge when he was in college. He did not expect that he would encounter this situation after 5 years of work, and he had the opportunity to learn.

She told reporters that she was a little nervous and scared at the time, but when she encountered this situation, she would still rush up without hesitation. This was her responsibility as a station staff.The point is that Zhang Chengdi’s birthday was the day, and she said that this was the best birthday gift he had received.

Here, I also thank all the staff at Qinzhou East Station to let us help them help them!

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