The pregnant woman was suspected of eating too much by her husband.

Most people should know that women will eat more after the middle of pregnancy.In the early pregnancy, there may be some pregnancy reactions for most people.

But as the month is big, pregnant women often feel hungry, and they feel that they can’t eat.

Sometimes when the family looks like a pregnant woman, they will feel very distressed and try to meet their needs for their wanting to eat, but some families will think they eat more than pregnant women.

There is such an example. A pregnant woman eats more. After being disliked by her husband, she reluctantly held her luggage back to her mother’s house to complain, and her husband was afraid to retain his wife.

The man’s family was very poor. The woman could see him, and he listened to his sweet words, and the woman was young and ignorant at that time.

Women’s family’s opposition does not play a role, because the power of love is great and solid.At that time, the woman only wanted to marry her husband, and did not consider that the poor family conditions of her husband would bring herself to their future life.

Even if her parents told her after marriage, she thought they could create wealth by trying to create wealth, and would not make themselves miserable.

But real life is cruel and fair. You do n’t work hard. Why will God care for you and give you a good living environment?

Since the marriage, the woman’s husband has not worked out. In addition to the woman’s pregnancy, the living expenses of the entire family are even more difficult.

The woman’s father couldn’t bear to look at her only daughter who was not doing well. She would make money to her son -in -law on time every month, and told him to be good for his daughter, otherwise he would not give him money again.

Her husband’s heart was beautiful, because he had only played with his mouth, and he couldn’t talk about diligence. Now his father -in -law will give him money on time every month, and he doesn’t do anything.

When the wife arrives in the third trimester, her appetite becomes very good. She often feels that she can’t eat enough. Because her body is not convenient, the woman often calls her husband to eat her.

Over time, the husband was impatient and said angrily to his wife: I only know that eating all day, so much, what is the use?

The woman was surprised. She did not expect her husband not only did not care about her, but also disliked her a lot. She felt very unhappy in her heart, and instantly thought of why her parents stopped her from marrying her husband.

She got up and packed her luggage, pulled the leather box, packed her clothes, and planned to live no longer with her husband.

Seeing this, the man was afraid that his father -in -law would never pay the living expenses in the future, so he chased out to apologize to his wife and strongly retain her, but his wife’s intention to return to her mother’s house was decided, and it was also a lesson for him.

Author’s point of view:

The man described in the article is a delicious and lazy person. He is not motivated and does not love his wife. He is a person who is at ease.

The so -called "people have no far -sightedness, there must be near -worrying", I believe that the man in the text does not understand this truth, otherwise how will he accept his father -in -law’s subsidy?

There is a saying called "people are poor", but men do not have this mentality and realm. It can be said that this kind of man is the most unreliable person in the world.

It is hoped that in this incident, he can regret it sincerely and support the burden and responsibility of the family.After all, children are ready to be born, and money needs to be maintained everywhere.

If you are idle every day, how can you become a good father?

Through this incident, women should recognize her husband’s person. If you still want to continue to live with your husband, you can try to influence him, change him, and make him a person with a sense of responsibility and responsibility to the family.

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