The prospective mother -in -law forced me to break up: you are pregnant if you are not married, what is the difference between a divorced woman?

My name is Li Sisi. I am 25 years old and have been in love with my boyfriend Xiaolong for two years.Xiaolong is 3 years older than me. He is a young and cheerful teenager who works in an Internet company.I recently found that I was pregnant. Although Xiaolong was a little surprised, he was still very happy and said that he would be responsible for me.

Yesterday, Xiaolong told his mother about the news.I haven’t seen Mother -in -law, but listening to Xiaolong said that she is more traditional.Sure enough, the prospective mother -in -law immediately called Xiaolong to break up when I heard that I was pregnant.

"Before getting married, what’s the difference between a divorced woman! How can I explain to relatives and friends in the future when marrying her home?" Yuemao said angrily to Xiaolong.

Xiaolong tried to justify me, saying that the social concept is open now, and it is normal for unmarried first pregnancy. We have a good relationship and will definitely be responsible for our children.But the prospective mother -in -law did not agree with life, and strongly asked Xiaolong to break up with me.

"You are still young, some are choosing, why do you fly this muddy water with her? She must be intentional, and wants to retain you with a child!" The prospective mother -in -law convinced Xiaolong.

I was sad after listening to Xiaolong.Indeed, Xiaolong and I were really young, and I didn’t intend to have children so early.But the child is here now, and we can’t just push the responsibility in this way.I asked Xiaolong to persuade Mother -in -law, but he said he was also very embarrassed.

"Don’t worry first, I think about the way. Even if my mother disagrees, I will be responsible for you." Xiaolong comforted me.

But I know that without the recognition of my mother -in -law, our relationship will be difficult.How can I let the prospective mother -in -law dispel the prejudice, and first accept the existence of me and my child? How can this misunderstanding be solved and let us restore the harmonious relationship?

The words of the prospective mother -in -law make me sad, but I also understand that as a mother, she will have such concerns.After careful consideration, I decided to find my mother -in -law in person.

After seeing the prospective mother -in -law, I solemnly stated that I did not have the right way, but my relationship with Xiaolong was very sincere.The appearance of this child also makes us want to plan the future more responsible.I asked the prospective mother -in -law to give us a chance to correction, and we will definitely reassure her through hard work.

The prospective mother -in -law was still disapproving at first, but under my patience statement, her face finally softened.She said that she was really worried about my sincerity about Xiaolong, but since I was so sincere, she could observe for a while.As long as we are really responsible for our children and live a good life, we will slowly accept me.

I excitedly reported the results of the conversation with Xiaolong.Xiaolong was also very happy, and quickly said that he would accompany me to say hello to my parents this weekend and officially referred to.After that, he also sent a gift to the mother -in -law and a proper gift.

On the wedding day, the prospective mother -in -law had a smile on her face.She watched the belly that I gradually pushed up, and no longer mentioned the pregnancy of unmarried first, but only told us to be responsible for the child.Xiaolong held my hand and promised my mother to take care of me and my baby.

Now that the child is born, the prospective mother -in -law has gradually become a loving grandma.Every time she hugs her baby to tease, I feel extremely happy.Our family finally came together. I believe that through love, understanding and tolerance, we will definitely be more happy in the future.

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