The prospective mother -in -law was pregnant and said that Changzhang Ru’s mother asked me to pay for this childishness. I broke up on the spot directly on the spot.

The prospective mother -in -law was pregnant, and said that Changzhang was like a mother. The child had to pay for me.

I was so angry that I broke up directly!

As a result, his family hit the child, and then morally kidnapped me!

"My mother has beat the child because you all have! What happened to your salary?"

"My mother has beat the child because you all! Say something wrong with you?!"

Even preaching my viciousness everywhere, bad my reputation, destroying my career!

In the next life, I no longer be stupid.

"Shengsheng, you must have birth."

Whoever loves, anyway, I climbed out of this fire.


"Son, mom is pregnant."

"You also know that parents do not have a pension.

Boyfriend Lu Mingman agreed, "Mom, you just give birth, I’ll raise it!"

Listening to a nightmare dialogue, I opened my eyes and found that I was reborn!

Chen Lan was pregnant in the last life, and I was so angry when I heard it in the bedroom.

My cousin was admitted to college, and I rewarded him with 5,000 yuan.

Lu Ming knew that he had a noisy meal, and said that I helped my brother, and I would definitely deduct Xiaojia to make up for her family in the future.

As a result, is he raising his sister here?

I was so angry that I rushed out on the spot and quarreled, and resolutely disagreed with Chen Lan gave birth to children.

Lu Ming threatened me and said, "Either break up or raise children!"

I am not stupid in the last life. He has not paid a lot of salary to pay the mortgage.

How can we have money to raise children?Don’t you want to rely on me?

Not to mention that the wedding room has no my name yet!

Break up on the spot!

Unexpectedly, Chen Lan actually beat the child, and Lu Ming came to apologize to kneeling in public.

I thought that the main contradiction was gone, and I agreed with my friend’s encouragement.

It turned out that the nightmare had just begun.

The word moral abduction was used clearly by them, and they couldn’t move:

"My mother beat the child for you, what’s wrong with you?"

"My mother beat the child for you, and let you buy some nutrients?"

"My mother hit the child for you, and what’s wrong with you?"

As soon as I refuted, they preached my viciousness in the community and corrupted my reputation.

Even when I got to the unit, I said that I was amazing that my mother -in -law had a second child.

It hurts me with poor criticism and hopeless promotion.

My life is like shrouded in a stink, dark, no hope.

Until I was accidentally heard by me, Chen Lan had nothing to do with me at all!

Lu Ming broke up and dates after breaking up. When others heard that there was one in his belly, he didn’t even want to see him!

His fucking was forced to be helpless, so he went to the fetus.

As a result, they blame all this on my head!Moral abduction has been abducted and ruined for a lifetime!

Thinking of these things, I was so angry that I was angry and shed tears unconsciously.

I no longer be stupid, I can’t give them a chance to kidnap me morally.

I got up and came out of the bedroom: "Auntie is pregnant? Is it ready to give birth?"

Lu Ming was a little panicked, and Chen Lan looked calm, and even quietly turned his eyes.

The old god was sitting on the sofa I bought on the ground: "Yes, my son said, he raised!"

I sneered in my heart. From the time of love, AA was gone to the gift.

They are determined that the marriage period is right, and I will not leave Lu Ming.

I pretended to be kindly understood: "He is the eldest son, has this responsibility. By the way, your aunt, you can be carefully raised. So, I will buy you some nutrients."

After listening to me, Chen Lan’s face was even more disdainful.

Lu Ming looked at me a little puzzled, and finally said, "Then you go back and return, my mother needs people to take care of now."

Haha, take care of your grandma’s legs!

Need people, aren’t you human?Can’t you take care of it?

I should "know" on my mouth, and grabbed Bao Fei and left the wedding room.

I’m afraid I can’t help vomiting when I stay again.


Out of the community, I first found a friend who sells bird’s nest to buy two thousand goods, and asked her to issue 4,000 invoices.

Then I found a running leg and paid a few hundred more.

After the reunion of the last life, Lu Ming said that his mother had a false body because of my abortion, and asked me to find a friend to buy bird’s nest to Chen Lan to eat.

At that time, I didn’t turn my mind at that time, and I bought the bird’s nest stupidly and money.

As a result, Chen Lan suspected that my friend was filled with it again and ran to her shop.

After arranging these, I went home. As soon as I entered the house, I couldn’t cry when I saw my mother.

I was startled to my mother: "What’s wrong with this? Did their family bully you?"

My parents are all teachers, and they are most particular about their faces.

I was splashed with dirty water in the last life.

I was so angry that my dad had a myocardial infarction, and my mother was nervous.

I said, "Mom, the marriage is suspended, I have something to tell you."

Then he said Chen Lan’s pregnancy and the way I want to break up.

My mother looked at me and said nothing for a long time.

In the end, she sighed deeply: "Three people become tigers, and people are awesome. Obviously my daughter is the victim, but she cannot break up clearly."

"This world … public opinion!"

When I was talking, I sent me a message and said it was done.

As soon as I opened the owner of the wedding room, I saw the lively inside.

"I remember the wedding room in Building 3, is it determined not to get pregnant? Is it an old pregnancy?"

"There are also fakes. People who run their legs can’t find the way. They asked for a long time, that is, the 3rd Building of the Building 3, the mother -in -law’s surname Chen! The quasi -daughter -in -law spent thousands of thousands, and bought a bird’s nest to make up for the pregnant mother -in -law.Body! "

For a while, I discussed in the group. Some said that I was filial, and I said that I was stupid.

It is also said that Chen Lan’s old mussels are amazing, and even have a joke.

I have to say that the power of eating melon is strong and discussed hundreds of discussions!

Of course, they are not too big to watch the fun, just like Chen Lan splashed my dirty water in previous lives.

In the end, Lu Ming said: "This is my private affairs, who discussed my alarm!"

Someone stunned him: "We aren’t rumors, isn’t your mother pregnant?"

I laughed and was exactly the same.

Someone at the beginning, "Didn’t you say that she wouldn’t let her have children?"

Lu Mingqi called me for a continuously: "What’s the matter with you? Buying a bird’s nest is well known! The whole community is watching our jokes!"

Oh, you also know that your mother is pregnant as a joke.

I immediately raised my voice and scolded him: "Are you wrong?! Can you blame me? I would like to buy a bird’s nest for 4,000 yuan in good intentions to buy a bird’s nest and buy it wrong!"

Lu Ming immediately withered: "Daughter -in -law, I don’t mean that, I mean …"

I didn’t wait for him to finish, I hung up the phone cold.

You are so good to talk to him, he won’t take you seriously.He had to scold a few words before he knew that his tail was a man, it was a cheap hoof!

Open WeChat to take the bird’s nest invoice and send it over: "Good intentions as donkey liver and lungs! If you have to face a little face, return the bird’s nest money to me!"

It didn’t take long for Lu Ming to transfer me four thousand.

I saw it for so many years, he was really picky and particular, and he was afraid that others would say that he was picking.

I used to take care of his sensitive heart in the past, now … huh.

Lu Ming sent me a message: "I was wrong, I shouldn’t lose my temper to you. But the money has been given to you. You can explain it in the owner’s group. After all, your face is not good now."

Hehe, do you think your face is not good now?

No, this is just the beginning of my plan.


However, I went to the owner’s group to send a message: "Bird’s nest is voluntarily bought for her boyfriend’s mother. Don’t say it anymore. After all, the health of the elderly is the blessing of the junior."

How can I let go of such a good opportunity to establish the image of the victim?

After sending it out, the discussion in the group was much less, after all, the parties looked inside.

But what about private?

Unsurprisingly, there are a few people who add me, I have passed one by one, and they open their circle of friends.

All of them persuaded me to consider marriage again. Love is a matter of two people, but marriage is a matter of two families.

It is also said that sometimes the relationship between mother -in -law and mother -in -law is very important.

I can’t help but be a little moved, really Girls Help Girls.

Lu Ming called again: "When did you come here? This is almost dinner."

I sneered in my heart. If it wasn’t for the new furniture to enter the house today, I would not pass.

Chen Lan screamed that she had to use new furniture with her new marriage, but did not pay a penny.

I didn’t care about her, and I paid for a few times.

First, the original furniture is indeed broken, and it is ugly.The second is to think that I will use it anyway.

Now I really regret paying this money!

"What are the furniture that I have passed? You eat it yourself, don’t wait for me."

Lu Ming complained: "No … daughter -in -law, my mother’s meal is not delicious, I can’t eat …"

I laughed at it directly. What about this fucking waiting for me to cook?

In the past, Lu Ming always ate takeaway. I felt distressed. When I was free, I showed him with both hands to supplement his nutrition.

Now?He also matches it?

When I opened my mouth, it was a meal out of an output: "Lu Ming, are you still a human?! Do you want to make her cook with a child? Besides, you have eaten your mother’s meals for 20 or thirty years. Now it’ s big.It ’s not delicious at first having abandoning your mother’s meal! Do you have a son?!"

Moral abduction, who can’t!

Lu Ming was stupid: "I didn’t … no, I didn’t dislike it! Then I don’t know how to cook!"

"I won’t go to school! Who will be born? I won’t order a nutritional meal for pregnant women today! Your mother raises you so much, you won’t be willing to spend so much money?"

Lu Ming didn’t give up: "Daughter -in -law, I just want to eat your meal."

"Then you think."

After that, I hung up the phone.

I have to say that what I want to be like is so cool!

In the evening, Chen Lan sent a circle of friends strangely, three vegetables and one soup. At first glance, she made it herself.

"With a small one, take care of it, but fortunately my eldest son loves to eat."

Oh, I knew that Chen Lan was reluctant to spend a nutritious meal, and Lu Ming, a selfish mother, would not cook by herself.

What distressing fucking?But the words of moral kidnapping your wife, garbage!

Lu Ming’s father commented: "Why do you cook? Xiao Song?"

Chen Lan replied: "No call. White eye. Jpg"

Alas, but unfortunately WeChat cannot praise individually comments, otherwise I have to give this saying.

You can only like Chen Lan’s friends and say that you have read it.

Not only that, I also sent a circle of friends to preach Chen Lan’s pregnancy and I bought a bird’s nest.

Create a "lack of eye -catching silly girl".

I also explained that my parents vomited bitter water in the unit. In the past, we always thought that the ugly family could not be raised, and those bad things never said.

So that when Lu Ming splashed my dirty water, he entered first, causing us to be unable to argue.

4. 4..

Early the next morning, I went to the wedding room with the restaurant’s bag of nutrition, sitting on the bench downstairs and wiping tears.

After a while, the enthusiastic aunts who got up early to buy food and exercised came around: "Big daughter, what’s wrong?"

I wiped tears and poor: "My boyfriend’s mother is pregnant, I bought some bird’s nest for her. As a result, I do n’t know what’s going on.Others. "

"Yo, is that silly girl?"

"It’s not me, your boyfriend’s house … it’s not something."

"Big girl, what are you drawing his family?"

I have to say that the aunts’ empathy is strong. In a few words, they started to fill in the indignation and make up for the big show.

I continued to be wronged: "What can I draw him? His house has no name, and his salary is enough to repay the mortgage. There is no gift to the gift. I still have money to buy furniture for him, so I can do it to me and live a good life."

My aunt’s eyes have changed from sympathy to hate iron.

"Stupid girlfriend, aunt, come over, you are not worthy!"

After a few more words, I walked down with a nutritional meal.

How is a group of owners alone?I have to use the power of the aunt to spread what the Lu family did.

For a few days, I went downstairs in the wedding room, and went home to eat with my parents with a nutritious meal.

Sure enough, a few days after Lu Mingqi, he called me for a continuously: "Did you say something?! My mother said that when she went out to buy food, some people pointed at her, and there was no gift.Little girl. "

I am not willing to show weakness: "Are you wrong? Isn’t it your mother everywhere? Now you are strangled to my head!"

I was free to fall in love with Lu Ming, and I was the only daughter at home. I never lack of eating and wearing less.

So when Lu Ming cried that his parents were not easy, and when he had no money to give him a gift, I thought that it was not easy for him to empty the savings to buy a house here, so he agreed.

As a result, my feelings were so reasonable that his mother’s mouth became "reversing", "no money", and "his son has the ability", and he mocked me in front of his relatives.

Isn’t he love to promote it?I will help her propagate well.

I rushed to him, "Is there a wrong sentence? Are you giving it a gift?"

Lu Mingqi was anxious: "Okay, I know that your family is selling daughters! Come on money! See money more than anything!"

I heard that I was going to laugh. Obviously his family was addicted to money, and he had a face to say others.

"Yes! If you have the ability, you can make up for the gift!"

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