The pure and desperate lace back -backed breasts are so comfortable that I don’t want to take off

Some people say that spring is the most tested season!

As the temperature rises day by day, the younger sisters have taken off the heavy cotton jackets, put on a thin jacket, and have a concave shape!

If you want to choose a material that is most suitable for spring and summer, I prefer lace.

For women, lace symbolizes sexy and romance and style.

I don’t know if everyone has found that the trend of lace items in recent years is no longer limited to skirts or tops.

Even underwear has a blessing of lace, becoming a comfortable and elegant high -value underwear.

Just as the classic movies can’t be tireless, lace will never be absent in the fashion industry.

Lace underwear is light and free, which can make the chest breathe well, the value is high, and it can increase the charm of the body

If your sexy is 50 points, you can enlarge to 80 points when you put on lace ~

In spring and summer, you can also use a sexy lace underwear to get all the wear.

Supermodels and bloggers are used in lace underwear all year round, fashionable and eye -catching!

Think about the traditional underwear we wear in the past, the thick sponge, the restrained steel ring … even if it is uncomfortable, it hurts the body!

According to surveys, about 70%to 80%of women have different degrees of breast hyperplasia because they wear too tight bras.

The tight bras are more than 12 hours a day, and the chance of breast cancer will be more than 20 times higher!

The lace underwear has abandoned the heavy sponge and the restraint steel rings. It is more sexy like a vacuum, but more sexy than vacuum.

And it can also be worn as a shirt, suit, and small jacket. It is properly exposed, lazy and sexy, real people are intangible, beautiful but not known.

However, the price of big -name lace underwear on the market is very high, and thousands of yuan is made, which makes people look down …

We compared the quality, price and style, and finally gave everyone a super feminine -lightfan pure desire for butterfly beautiful back underwear.

Grass grass at a glance!Excitedly emitted the soil screaming ~

beautiful!beautiful!beautiful!She is my "dream in love"

Who do n’t like this kind of French lace underwear?Intersection

A piece of lace underwear is a stall or a high -end brand. The difference is the texture of the lace.

There are many inferior lace underwear on the market. When you touch it, you can tie meat. Wash twice hard, become rough, and become red and itchy on your upper body. It is a kind of torture …

And this light Brahma’s pure desire for butterfly back underwear is the Dream Bra that I have been looking for comfort and beauty.

Sweet flower lace+butterfly beauty back, exuding lazy French style, full of femininity.

There are no age restrictions and body limitation, 80-135 catties can be worn, and large breasts and small breasts can be tolerant.

Different years can be worn by different years. Girls wear lace lights, middle -aged lace is sexy, and old age wearing lace is elegant.

It feels as soft as the skin, especially skin -friendly and comfortable.

The lens enlargement feels the details, this lace is exquisite as if art.

Unlike ordinary lace, it is uncomfortable to wear it on his body.

The lace of the lightfan’s pure desire for butterfly back underwear uses a fine hook flower technology. At the same time, the skin is soft and soft, and it is so comfortable that I often doubt whether I have forgotten to wear underwear.

And its thinness is also very powerful. It has raised the side and widen the hem design to help you hide the annoying pair of breasts and cover the waist and abdomen.

Visually, the waist effect is formed. Even when wear it alone, it will not expose the waist fat and anti -light ~

Seeing this, some friends issued a soul question: Will it sag?

Regarding this problem, the designer is more concerned than you!

The upper thin and thick 3D three -dimensional cup has a very good lifting effect, which can fit your chest shape well and play a role in adjusting the chest shape.

It is like a pair of big hands holding the breasts, not giving the breast sagging or expanding.Even if you are a tablet girl, you will be a little sexy after you wear it!

Small breasts are worn, gathered to cup, and will not be empty;

Wearing big breasts, tall and stylish, avoid sagging.

The one -in -one removable chest pad is more convenient to clean. When wearing sleep underwear, removing the chest pad is an ultra -thin small vest.

Press the chest pad with your hands, and Q and bounce, how to rub it will not be deformed. It is not a problem to wear a year.

The fabric is soft and the elasticity is also very good. Girls of 80-135 catties can be worn.

Not only has the face value, but also light enough, the shoulder strap can also be adjusted freely.There is a kind of liberation of wearing underwear, too ~ cool ~

It is also convenient to clean, and the plant printing and dyeing technology, do not have to worry about the problem of color loss.

We also did a test, put lace underwear on the humidifier, and easily passed through the water vapor!

The breathability is also fiercely throwing a few traditional underwear streets. It is not easy to sweat, and fried chicken is suitable for spring and summer.

When I got home before, the first thing was to take off the ugly and tilted steel rim bra.

Since changing the light Brahma, even wearing underwear has become a kind of enjoyment.Especially when I take off my coat and press the mirror, I see myself wearing a lace underwear ~

It will have a sense of self -confidence and enjoyment from the heart, and I can’t help but fall in love with this state. This is a sense of satisfaction that other underwear cannot bring to you.

Both look, comfortable and stylish

Anyway, I have repurchased the N+1 time!

I spent 129 yuan a piece and bought it myself at that time

But today I have arranged a preferential price for you

You can get 2 pieces in your hand in just 59 yuan

Good -looking and easy -to -wear underwear!

There is really no reason not to pick!

It is both underwear and a single item.

It is full of lazy and sexy French style, and at a glance, it is full of visual enjoyment.

The design of the deep V can perfectly show your collarbone and career line.

Whether it is a suspension, a word shoulder or a large -leaged clothes, the looming lace pattern will make you charm.

There is a small sexy feeling in pureness, and you can also wear an elegant and casual feeling. No woman can refuse at all!

Simple set design is as convenient as wearing a T -shirt. You do n’t need to work hard on the buckle on your back.

The looming butterfly bone, the sexy back curve, and the fair and smooth back, can instantly let you wear the temperament of the goddess ~

When wearing outside, you can learn fashion bloggers on INS and directly wear a suit jacket or knitted cardigan. The lace is very fashionable;

Put on a tight T -shirt and vest, and it will not show embarrassing marks and lower our little fairy’s temperament. This is really extra points ~

As a small shirt and a small jacket, it is amazing enough.

A lot of girls who bought it back say that they have good quality, particularly comfortable, not tie meat, and are very thin. They have not found any problems for a long time!

There are 5 colors to choose from: temptation black, ivory white, mint green, lemon yellow, oat skin.

They are all good -looking colors, and it is not wrong to close eyes.

Spring and summer is here, if you also want to be lighter, beautiful, comfortable, free ~

Be sure to try this lace underwear that does not pick a chest shape, does not press the chest.

Meeting each girl’s pursuit of underwear, comfortable, healthy, elegant and romantic, and start without losing money.

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