The same pregnancy, why are there a big belly and a small belly?

Since pregnancy, expectant mothers have often gathered together to discuss various problems encountered during pregnancy. Among them, the most discussed by pregnant mothers should be, why the pregnancy is the same, but they are so distressed, but other pregnant mothers are a little bit.Is it not obvious?In fact, whether the stomach is arms, it is inseparable from the following factors, you will know after reading it ~

1. Amniotic fluid in pregnant mothers

As we all know, the uterus is the first "home" of the fetus, and amniotic fluid is the key to supporting the entire "home", and it ensures that the fetus has sufficient scope of activity.Therefore, there are not many amniotic fluid, which means that this "home" is not big.In addition, pregnant mothers also need to pay attention to eat less spicy, greasy, cold foods as possible during pregnancy, so as not to affect the quality of amniotic fluid in the body.

2. The body shape of the pregnant mother

Different body types of pregnant mothers are also different in the size of the belly after pregnancy. The fatter who is fat will definitely appear larger. After all, the abdomen has more fat, and the size of the fetus will look much larger than the natural belly.; And the pregnant mother with a thin body, the body fat content is low, the fat is too small, and the belly is relatively small.If you are a fat mother, pay more attention to diet management during pregnancy, eliminate high oil and high -sugar food, and adhere to light diet, otherwise it is easy to suffer from gestational diabetes!

3. Baby’s fetal position

The baby’s fetal position is also an important factor in the size of the pregnant woman’s belly.For example, the baby with a horizontal position will look wider, which is larger than the normal number of weeks.

In addition, pregnant mothers should pay attention to the problem of fetal positions that the fetus will begin to enter the basin during childbirth, and the belly will become smaller.careful.

4. Pregnant mothers’ pelvis

The size of the pelvis is natural. For example, some girls are born with a wide pelvic bone, so there is enough place to accommodate the baby after pregnancy. If it is a pregnant mother with a narrow pelvic bone, the baby’s position is not enough, so they will move forward forward.Highlighting, so the stomach is very large.In addition, pelvic leaning can affect pregnancy, but this problem can be corrected through appropriate exercise.

All in all, the big belly does not mean that the baby is large, so the pregnant mothers need not be too tangled on the problem of the size of the belly.What is more concerned about is the reasonable diet during pregnancy, schedule on time, and doing some exercise to make your baby healthy and smooth. It is the most important thing.

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