The sow has 4 stages to supplement reproductive nutrition, and no one told you the secret of spending money.

There are 4 stages of sow to replenish reproductive nutrition

1. One month before the reserve sow breeding: supplementing reproductive nutrition at this stage can promote the normal play of the function of the sow’s endocrine system and ensure the full development of the positive gonad.At the same time, the original follicles in the ovaries can be activated, their static state can be changed, and the development, maturity and normal ovulation of the follicles can be promoted, and the sow is prepared to prepare the sow and the sow’s normal estrus ovulation.Lack of reproductive nutrition is one of the main reasons for reserve sows to not estrus

2. Early pregnancy: Early pregnancy is a critical period for embryos survival. They have to go through the embryos and the differentiation of tissue organs.

There are two obvious peak deaths in early pregnancy embryos, that is, the bed phase of the bed is completed at about 13 days, and the organs are completed at the age of 21.The mortality rates in these two stages account for more than 70%of the mortality of the entire embryo.Supplerating reproductive nutrients at this stage can obviously prevent the death of early embryos, avoid the two obvious peak deaths of early embryos in the early days, increase the survival rate of the embryo, and increase the number of nests.In order to increase the number of production aister, you must pay attention to the supplement of reproductive nutrition at this stage.

3. Late pregnancy: Reproductive nutrition at this stage can promote the development of sow breasts and enable them to fully fulfill the nature of breastfeeding; it can help sows to give birth smoothly;The first childbirth of piglets is mainly affected by the size of the sow placenta and the breeding management of 95 days of pregnancy. Among them, the breeding management after 95 days of pregnancy is particularly important.71.8%of the weight of pig embryo increased in the last month of the embryo.The first weight of the piglets has a strong positive correlation with the weight and survival rate of the piglets in the future. As the weight of the newborn increases, the daily weight gain is also significantly increased. Generally speaking, the pig’s newborn weight increases by 0.1 kg, and the weaning weight can be increased by 1 kg.The weight of the column can be increased by 10 kilograms, which is increased at a ratio of 1: 10: 100.

4. Breastfeeding: can increase milk nutrition and speed up the growth of piglets; reduce the loss of nutrition in the sows, ensure the normal operation of various physiological functions, and ensure normal estrus.The nutritional loss of sows during lactation is one of the main reasons for the sow’s incompetence.

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