The sucrose is ≤5%in the honey ingredients. Why is it difficult to detect "white sugar"?Just because the bee used a fierce trick!

When it comes to modern beekeeping technology, a topic that cannot be around is white sugar, because in the modern beekeeping mode, sugar is an inseparable thing, as if the life of bees is closely linked with white sugar.But from another beekeeping perspective, bees feeding white sugar really disturb the honey market conditions under objective circumstances.

After experiencing the reform of many market testing mechanisms, many of the methods of honey fake -making in the past have been eliminated, and sugar feeding has not been successfully passed. Some friends may say that this is the standard of the test.The current monitoring equipment can be detected even if the content is less. In addition, the sugar ingredients are mainly sucrose. Just see if the ingredients exceed the standard.

Do beekeepers really want to feed bee sugar and sell it in the future?

This sentence may be true many years ago. At that time, after all, honey was still high -end goods, and through modern scientific proofs, even the honey dominated by sugar was a kind of honey.However, with the increase in the annual output of honey and the news of various fake honey, many consumers also think that this is just the increase in the amount of sugar bee, and the amount of genuine honey has not increased.

But in fact, objectively speaking, under the very rigorous management conditions today, the number of fake honey is really not much. After all, in such a major environment, the amount of honey sales has not increased significantly, let alone there is any.That leisure time went to counterfeit.The reason behind this is probably because our consumers in the past only thought that the fresh honey picked from the hive is genuine honey, but it did not really understand the processing process behind this, so it would cause such a situation.

And under the market today, if you want to feed the bees on a large scale, and then sell honey, let’s not say, even the cost of sugar is a very expensive number, even if it is some slightly slightly raised raisingThe bee farm is also difficult to bear.

Beekeepers cannot produce "white glycogly" at all

Perhaps some friends do not understand that there is a certain proportion of sucrose in the nectar itself, and during the collection process, the bee will naturally have a certain probability to collect sucrose components.Looking at the results of many tests, less than 5%of the proportion is not worthy of feeding white sugar in large quantities of beekeepers, so the sugar sugar is also untenable.

Where did the white sugar feed bee?

The important factor in this situation is that after the bee eats sugar, it will only collect white sugar water in honey like honey, and then handle it like a honey. In addition to the raw materials collected, the whole process and processing honey are processed.There is no difference, this is why bees are difficult to detect.

There are many consumers because of many factors that may not have much time to understand in -depth understanding, but I still want to buy genuine honey products. If you also have such an idea, in factQuality honey products.

1. Honey Treasure

As the leader of many domestic honey brands in China, Honey Zhen has always used high -quality honey sources collected by pure natural wild earthen bees as raw materials. All honey sources are made from pure natural and no artificially adding natural fermentation processes. ThenWith the ancient squeezing skills that have been inherited so far, the active substances in honey to a large extent.

And from the public selling price and detection results of honey treasure honey, the products of Honey Jane are not lost to many similar imported products at all, and in terms of price, many imported similar products often start hundreds of yuan, while honey honeyZhizhen is only a price range of about 100 yuan. Such a high cost performance is indeed very attractive.

This honey was shared by others on Xiaohongshu. After buying a bottle and tried, it is now a honey that allows me to repurchase unlimited repurchases.One of the best, many customers who bought McCan honey imported abroad have become his "road turning powder". The quality is not inferior to the imported Macaru honey, but the price of imported honey often exceeds three or four hundred yuan, and the imported honey is more than three or four hundred yuan, and the imported honey is more than three or four hundred yuan, and the imported honey is more than three or four hundred yuan, and the imported honey is more than three or four hundred yuan, and the imported honey is more than three or four hundred yuan.The honey rare honey is only more than one hundred!

Out of self -confidence in the quality of their own honey, the honey -Zhen’s honey supports free trial eating. The opening can be fully retreated. If you drink it, you can drink it

With full retreat, if you like to drink honey, try it, the quality of their honey is really high!

2. Osweet

Osweet honey from Australia is made of unique local rare honey sources as raw materials. It is made of scientific brewing technology, rich in various natural vitamins and minerals.

3. DNZ

This DNZ honey, which is also from Oceania, is also selected by the excellent selection and excellent quality screening, and finally walked to Chinese consumers.

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