The teacher is pregnant, and the school says "Don’t come to work"

Yangtze Evening News, April 30 (Correspondent Liu Ling reporter Gao Feng) A female teacher after pregnancy, although she has been in the age of 15 years, was still informed by the principal that "don’t come to work", and the school also went through the approval of the formalities.After the court’s mediation, the school finally compensated the female teacher of 76,000 yuan.

In July 2001, Yi went to work in a middle school.Middle school paid pension insurance for B to June 2014.From April 2005 to February 2017, middle school paid B basic medical insurance for B.On October 17, 2016, the preliminary examination week of B was: 13+4 weeks.Unexpectedly, just more than a month, on November 30, 2016, the principal of the middle school told Yi that he would not come to work, but there was no reason for the reason.The court found that from December 2015 to November 2016, B’s average salary in middle school was 3540.75 yuan.

Bymi said to the Siyang Court on the grounds of the illegal termination of the labor contract in middle school and asked the middle school to pay more than 90,000 yuan in compensation.After the case was judged in the first instance, Yi did not accept the appeal to the second trial, and was returned to the review.During the review period, after mediation, B and Middle School voluntarily reached a mediation agreement. A Middle School paid Yimou to pay a compensation of 76,000 yuan.

The judge of the trial in this case stated that the difficulty of resolving the contradictions to the people’s court is more difficult to resolve the lack of communication between the two parties, not understanding and.Failure to give full play to the contradiction and reconciliation of unions in labor disputes.Therefore, the introduction of trade union cadres for labor disputes as people’s jurors can play a role in coordinating the contradiction between labor and capital.

In the above cases, the Siyang Court chose the Minister of Security of the County Trade Union Employee as a people’s juror from the people’s juror library.The staff’s familiarity with the labor administrative regulations and the mastery of the situation of the labor and management, etc., fully carried out explanation and coordination work, which promoted the resolution of contradictions.Under the participation of people’s jurors in a specific identity, it is often a social effect that the courts and judges are difficult to achieve through referees.

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