The teacher’s sexual assaulting female students in the online middle school, causing pregnancy and fetal fetuses. The school responded to being accused of being too perfunctory

Teachers are attracted people on the way of students. For students, the degree of trust can be named with parents, but some teachers are ashamed of this trust and use this trust to make "pigs and dogs are better" and give students to studentsCauses physical and mental damage.

In the process of students’ growth, there are many teachers. In addition to the different knowledge that each teacher teaches students, the impact brings different influences. Students learn more excellent quality, grow themselves, grow themselves, and grow themselves.If the teacher is not good, it will have a bad impact on students.

Students are all family and the foundation of national development. As long as it is involved in the healthy growth of students, they are attracted much attention. Especially in the teacher team, "pests" appear.Teachers in No.1 Middle School were exposed to sexually assaulted multiple female students, which caused extensive heated discussions.

"Learning high as a teacher, you are just as a fan", primary and secondary school students are still small, and their minds are immature. They are ignorant about many things. Naturally, it is relatively easy to be deceived, especially the teacher I trust."Evil Wolf" teacher has the opportunity to take advantage of it.

On the Internet, a graduate of a graduate of the No. 1 Middle School in Shouyang County, Shanxi, reported a female student in a teacher surnamed Wu in the school, and was "seductive" many times, and Wang was one of the victims.It circulates on the Internet, causing a lot of heated discussions.

In the report letter, Wang wrote that Teacher Wu will send girls to girls with various soul chicken soup on the grounds of concern for female students., Will start with female students when counseling assignments and supplementary classes.

The location is also diverse. At home with Teacher Wu, Mr. Wu’s home, the school’s office, the car and other places, and the sexual relationship with the female students, but because the female students have admiration for Teacher Wu, so and and and and.No or no rejection.

And in the process, another female student was pregnant, and Mr. Wu took her directly to the fetus. When the female student graduated, he would find various reasons to get rid of the entanglement of the female students.A letter of reporting is really worrying.

As we all know, junior high school students are all minors, and they are basically under 16 years of age, or even 14 years old. If the situation is true, the behavior of this teacher is really "beastly".It is to be disqualified from the teacher and the corresponding legal cost.

This report was posted in various parks in Shouyang County. After learning about the incident, the school also responded. The staff said: No reporter was found, but after a preliminary verificationDiscovery the same situation as the report letter, so what Wang said should be framed.

Such a perfunctory response is also the dissatisfaction of netizens. This is a major event that is related to the physical and mental health of students. It is only after the school’s own preliminary investigation, and it comes to the conclusion of "framed".

Fortunately, the local police have been involved and issued a notification, saying that the relevant parties have reported the case, and the public security organs are under investigation."It’s really impossible, it can’t be fake." The police have begun to investigate. I believe that the truth will be great soon. In the end, it is true or framed. It only needs to wait for the final investigation results.

In the process of students’ growth, the academic performance is important, but it is not the first. If there is no healthy physique and no good body and mind, no matter how good the good grades are, it is necessary to protect the students from being harmed.Common cooperation.

First of all, in the process of recruiting teachers, the school and education departments must be strictly reviewed. It not only depends on the teacher’s performance, but also depends on the quality of the character.When it appears, avoid the problem of low quality of teachers.

And in the work of the teacher, strict supervision and review. If problems are found, they must be dealt with seriously, or they can start anonymous opinion box to let students boldly complain to understand whether the teacher’s words and behaviors pass through.What is the impression in the students’ hearts.

It can also be found in time whether the teacher has violated the teacher’s morality and hurts the students in order to solve it in time to ensure that students will not be harmed more.And we must strengthen quality education for students, and establish the correct awareness and thinking of students.

The current students are the future teachers. Only the quality of each generation of students can continue to improve, so that when he becomes a teacher, he can better lead the next generation of students to become better and form a virtuous circle.

Secondly, parents must do a good job of educating students. The quality, education, and understanding of the law are the key. They must also have a sense of security prevention, and carry out sexual education as soon as possible so that students can understand how to protect themselves, how to distinguish themselves from good people and bad guys.Essence

Church students are "indispensable to harm people, and people’s hearts must not be available." Even the teacher can not trust too much. The knowledge must be learned well, but we must maintain the corresponding distance.When you understand the move, you must refuse, and to inform the parents as soon as possible.

Parents should always pay attention to the students’ emotional changes, discover the "abnormal" of students in time, learn to be friends with students, enter the students’ psychology, and patiently listen to the students’ words, and discover "help for help" information in time.

【I sent a message】

It is rumored that the teachers of Shouyang No.1 Middle School have sexually assaulted multiple student incidents. The authenticity is not known now. In fact, it is more hoped to be false, otherwise many students will be hurt. I hope that the relevant departments will investigate the results as soon as possible and give the public to the publicOne truth.However, regardless of whether it is true or not, it is a wake -up to the school and parents. The physical and mental health of students should not be underestimated. They must do their job in order to ensure that students are not harmed.

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