The test strip test shows that it is pregnant!Is it a miscarriage?Do you know the 4 characteristics of biochemical pregnancy?

Girlfriends recently told me that she has not been clean after menstruation this month. It has been bleeding for more than ten days. I want to ask what is going on?My first reaction was that she might be pregnant. She asked her to quickly buy a early pregnancy test paper to test it. The result was weak positive.

She hurried to the hospital for examination. The B -ultrasound showed that no pregnancy was seen in the palace, there was no significant thickening of the endometrium, no abnormal sound image was seen in double attachments, and blood HCG: 116miU/ml.Obviously urine tests and blood tests show that they are pregnant, but B -ultrasound cannot see any signs of pregnancy. What is going on?

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Professional doctors are diagnosed with biochemical pregnancy, which is the result of sperm eggs survival of the fittest.Why is it "fake pregnancy"?What is this biochemical pregnancy?

Generally, after seven days of sperm eggs, the choric membrane promotes gonadotropin. After seven days, it can be measured with early pregnancy test strips.Often sperm eggs are combined and secreted, but they must be combined into fertilized eggs, and fertilized eggs must be returned to bed.

Biochemical pregnancy refers to an early abortion that occurs within 5 weeks of pregnancy. The HCG can be detected in the blood, which is more than 25 mLU/ml or a positive urine pregnancy test.Known as "sub -clinical abortion".

Women who are familiar with the early pregnancy test strip, please note that after 12 days of ovulation, the weak positive can be measured. The next performance is that some women deepen the color of the test paper the next day, and some are obviously deepened every day.

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If there is no deepening trend for more than 3 consecutive days, this embryo generally has problems.It may be that the embryo itself is not good, or the combination of fertilized eggs is occasional chromosome variation, or naturally survival of the fittest, which is more common when doing IVF.

However, because most women did not care about it, they did not care, they would ignore it as a menstruation. In fact, it was naturally aborted.Do not be frightened in the case of such a situation in the case of appropriate age. This is the result of the elimination of nature, which generally does not affect the next pregnancy.

If this happens many times, go to the hospital for further examination.

1. The fertilized egg itself is defective;

2. Ovarian luteal function is not strong, progesterone’s secretion, endometrium abnormal uterine, affect the bed of fertilized eggs;

3. Uterine factors: uterine dysplasia, submucosal fibroids, endometrial polyps, uterine cavity adhesion, endometrial tuberculosis, etc.

4. Immune factors: In recent years, the study of immune factors that there are two kinds of immune situations affecting conception.

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The same kind of immune: sperm, sperm, or fertilized eggs are antigen substances. After being absorbed by the vagina and uterine epithelium, antibody substances are generated by immune response, so that sperm and eggs cannot be combined or fertilized eggs cannot be bed;

Autoimmune: Infertility women have transparent bands of their own antibodies in serum. After reacting with transparency, sperm can prevent sperm from penetrating the eggs, thereby prevent fertilization;

5. Excessive mental stress, especially severe anxiety due to undertaking, is too psychological.

1. Early pregnancy test strips can measure weak yang, but it is difficult to achieve yang, and it is impossible to reach strong yang.

2. If you do n’t see the gestational sac in the palace.

3. The blood HCG value is very low, which can only show that it is pregnant, but it cannot be explained whether to go to bed successfully.

4. Generally, it will not be aborted naturally for more than 50 days, and there will be gray -white membrane -shaped logistics.

Here, we remind female friends that the menstrual flow is abnormal and the bleeding time exceeds the normal menstrual period. It should go to a regular hospital for treatment in time to avoid delaying the condition and miss the best treatment time.

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