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Congratulations on you are pregnant!When two lines appearing in the pregnancy test stick, Mommy’s heart followed seven or eight. On the one hand, she was worried that the baby would not be healthy and nutritious, and on the other hand, it became difficult to settle with the physiological changes during pregnancy.This unit invites obstetricians who have rich clinical experience. Teaching moms to be pregnant at the beginning and start a wonderful journey of breeding life!Luo Chongjin, the chief physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Taipei Chang Geng Memorial Hospital in the early stages of pregnancy, said that the entire process of pregnancy can be about early, middle and late stages.Most of the early stages of pregnancy is about 12 weeks of pregnancy.The first two weeks of pregnancy do not really get pregnant, but the general obstetrics and gynecologists will regard the first day of women’s recent menstruation as the first week of pregnancy.However, the theory started ovulation after two weeks after the menstruation last month. From this, it can be seen that most of the women have been conceived for 2 weeks.

The physical and mental phenomenon that must go through the early stroke

The first signs: I haven’t come for more than 2 weeks!

Dr. Luo Chongjin said that in the early days of pregnancy, we must first confirm that the menstruation is not coming for the first day?Many women will ask, how long has menstruation not come, maybe pregnancy?Dr. Luo said that most women’s menstrual cycles are more than 21 days to 35 days, which is an average acceptable range.However, if it is not coming for normal women who come to normal scriptures, even if they are abnormal, you can buy a pregnancy test stick to check it.

In Dr. Luo’s outpatient clinic, one of the most common questions for female patients is whether the pregnancy test stick test is credible?Dr. Luo Chongjin said that the sensitivity of the market for pregnancy test sticks is actually very high, so it is generally reliable.But the only thing to note is whether the pregnancy test stick is broken?This may affect the accuracy of measurement.

Generally speaking, there are "two lines" on the pregnancy test stick, one is called Test, and the other is called CTRL.Therefore, after testing, both lines must be lit up, which means that she is pregnant successfully.If the test is bright and the Ctrl is not bright, it means that the pregnancy test stick is broken, and it means re -inspection.

The second sign: 5-7 weeks of pregnancy, a few brown discharge!

Dr. Luo said that in about 5 to 7 weeks of women’s pregnancy (about 1 month and a half for pregnancy), only a few people will produce brown secretions. At this timeIs it going to flow?Because the probability of early abortion was quite high, and women with about 1/5 according to the statistics, at least once in a lifetime of natural abortion, the BABY that was flowed was actually full.

However, most women can still get pregnant normally.Therefore, in the proportion of natural miscarriage, most of the situations belong to the abnormal abnormalities of the embryo. The natural elimination is caused by the elimination. Moms do not need to be too nervous.Because women must be "continuous" and "three times", women may be suspected of habitual abortion.

The third sign: no cinemary, very tired!

In addition to the above, there are no spirit when I work at work, and I often feel easy to get tired.Because after pregnancy, women’s physical strength will change a lot, so the mother’s physical strength often feels unable to load.Dr. Luo also explained that it may also be increased lutein after pregnancy. The muscles will be relatively loose, lazy in the body, more drowsiness, and so on. These are also natural phenomena of early pregnancy.

The fourth signs: pregnancy vomiting, edema, weight gain!

Women often find that within a few weeks after pregnancy, the weight has increased by 1 to 2 kilograms, and it is also found that some parts of some parts will be edema and the belly will become larger.However, Dr. Luo said that in addition, some people could not eat things, there would be a phenomenon of pregnancy vomiting (harmfulness). As a result, in addition to the weight, it did not increase, but even lighter.Do you need to see a doctor if you are pregnant?Dr. Luo suggested that if the pregnancy vomiting is severe enough to spit out even if you drink water, it lasts for more than three days, so you should go to the hospital for treatment to avoid severe dehydration and electrolyte imbalance.

Fifth sign: uterine expansion causes mild pain!

Dr. Luo Chongjin added that in the process of early pregnancy, some women may feel that there are slight pain and pain in the abdomen, which is also very common because the uterus is expanding.As for the point of pain, most of them are in the positions on both sides of the groin, and the rest will improve after a while, but this is a natural phenomenon, which is not the same as the pain of abortion.

Common alerts in the early pregnancy


If there is a abortion in early pregnancy, it will generally be expressed in a "bleeding" manner.Therefore, Dr. Luo Chongjin emphasized that if he finds bleeding, it is a dangerous police message, and he must go to the hospital to check.However, the phenomenon of "bleeding" is not necessarily that the baby is going to have a miscarriage.Dr. Luo Chongjin said that obstetrician and gynecologists usually do two types of examination:

1. Doctors will check with ultrasound to see if the baby is still alive?Dr. Luo said that most of the fetus with more than 6 weeks of pregnancy has already appeared in heartbeat.If the heartbeat is not seen for more than 7 weeks, the doctor will doubt whether the embryo has stopped growing.

2. Is the location of the pregnancy sac?Dr. Luo said that the embryo sac that normal early pregnancy is usually located on the bottom of the palace (that is, the top of the uterine cavity).However, if the embryo is located below the uterine cavity, and the bleeding is merged, the embryo sac may be about to flow. At this time, the bleeding is also combined.

When bleeding often occurs, the doctor should also ask the doctor to carefully check whether the pregnant woman has problems such as cervical inflammation and long polyps.Like some pregnant moms, they are often bleeding, so they are quite worried, and although they have no effect after eating lutein, it may be a problem of cervical long polyps, but this is more likely to appear in the middle of pregnancy.When it is stable, if the bleeding is still serious, the doctor can remove the polyps, so that it will not cause bleeding anymore.There are many reasons for bleeding during pregnancy, and even early stripping of placenta.In short, if any bleeding occurs during pregnancy, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.


In the early stages of pregnancy, in addition to bleeding particularly worrying, it is necessary to pay special attention to whether there are abnormal secretions.Dr. Luo Chongjin said that the vaginal congestion during pregnancy, so the vagina is often humid and there are more vania secretions, resulting in an increase in the chance of vaginitis in pregnant moms.Sometimes the vaginal inflammation is hidden in the depths, and the vulva is not itchy or red -swollen.

If Mommy finds that a high -quality or tofu -like secretion appears on the underwear, it may be infected by Candida.If the secretion is water -like transparent and odor, it may be bacterial vaginitis.Dr. Luo reminded that these are also common symptoms of infection in the entire pregnancy journey. If inflammation is severe, it will even cause itching, grabbing skin, etc., and even increase the chance of contraction premature birth.So don’t take it lightly, you still have to ask the doctor to treat it early during this treatment.

Precautions for early pregnancy

Due to the early stroke of pregnancy, the embryo bed is not stable enough, so in the early pregnancy life, is there a few taboos?

Normal work and rest ○ Stay up late to play X

Dr. Luo Chongjin said that most pregnant women have been drowsy and limited from the beginning of pregnancy. They have to go to work during the day and family life after returning home.Outside of the body’s load, sometimes it also includes psychological suffering, including the running along with mother -in -law, etc. This is also invisible pressure, so it should be more rest. Of course, it is not good to stay up late to play.

Normal hobby ○ Smoking and drinking X

Dr. Luo Chongjin reminded that smoking and second -hand smoke will increase the chance of premature birth; drinking is harmless and has a healthy risk for pregnant women.Unless you do n’t know if you are pregnant in the early stages of pregnancy, you do n’t have to drink a little wine, although it does not have much impact on your baby.But if you know that you are pregnant and drink a lot of drinking, of course, you may have a healthy impact on the fetus.

A moderate diet ○ A large amount of tonic X

The pregnancy process does not require a lot of tonic, the right diet can be used, especially if the tonic is excessive, it will cause hyperlipidemia to form pregnancy and hypertension, or the blood sugar is too high to cause gestational diabetes, and even cause the pregnant mother to be too fat.Mi too fat can also cause excessive absorption into giant babies, cause production difficulties or affect health.

Yichen Fangwa ○ Fairness X is fierce X because the embryo in the early stroke of pregnancy is not stable. Generally speaking, it is not recommended that couples have sexual behavior of excessive violent shocks or weird postures, because it is easier to cause bleeding and other problems.Therefore, early pregnancy should be used to quit house affairs. If not necessary, do not excessively severe, so as not to cause the psychological burden of both husbands and wives after abortion.

Careful medication ○ High -temperature soup x

If you must use sleeping drugs, spit drugs or other drugs during pregnancy, it is best to consult a obstetrician in advance.In addition, Dr. Luo also told that the pregnancy can take a bath, but do not take a bath.Because the body temperature will rise rapidly, it may be self -regulating for pregnant moms, but there is quite a lot of consequences and effects on the development of Babei in the stomach, such as soaking in hot springs, and the entire lower body is soaked in soaking, etc.All should be avoided.

Walking and walking ○ intense exercise X

Pregnant mommy usually walks, walks, swimming, and so on. In fact, it is better for pregnant mummy.However, fierce exercise is particularly not recommended.It even includes risks like ride bicycles in the park.Therefore, Dr. Luo suggested that if Mummy has to ride a bicycle to exercise, it may be safer to ride a gym -specific bicycle in the room, so it is safer.

Cat raising hands ○, excess coffee X

If you have cats during pregnancy, if you need to deal with cat dung, you must remember to wash your hands.Because the bow -shaped worm is the main host of the cat, and the cat dung is used as the main infection path.Secondly, pregnant moms who are used to drinking coffee are usually used to drink coffee. If you can’t leave drinking after pregnancy, pay attention to the coffee intake.

Life Guidance in the early pregnancy

5-8 weeks of pregnancy:

At 5 weeks of pregnancy, it is equivalent to not a week of menstruation, and the common phenomenon is bleeding and brown secretions.If there is abnormalities, from the 6th week of pregnancy, you can check whether there is a possibility of ectopic pregnancy.When the uterus may be eliminated, it is necessary to check whether the embryo grows. Generally, the fetal heart sound can be heard by more than 7 weeks. However, if you can’t hear the baby’s heart sound, it means that the embryo has stopped developing, and the abortion of the physician must be treated.

Secondly, during the 5-8 weeks of pregnancy, the bleeding situation is the most common. Therefore, at this time, doctors are mostly opened to lutein supplements, and they should tell the proper rest and observe whether the development of the embryo is normal.Dr. Luo Chongjin said that although some of them have early bleeding, most of the embryos will be stabilized after a few days after mummy supplement lutein, and bleeding usually decreases.

9 to 12 weeks of pregnancy:

Dr. Luo Chongjin pointed out that when he was pregnant from 9 to 12 weeks of pregnancy, the embryo has gradually become human.And most of the bleeding phenomenon will improve a lot.However, it is worth noting that some pregnant mummy’s pregnancy starts from 5 to 6 weeks, and it does not gradually improve until 10 weeks.However, some pregnancy vomiting may last after 20 weeks, but such examples will be relatively rare.

Good pregnancy

For some pregnant moms, you may have been forgetful since pregnancy!However, Dr. Luo Chongjin said that there is no precise reason why pregnant women have forgotten, and there are even proverbs to describe Mummy often "a child for three years."But in fact, what is more difficult for Mommy than Jianjian is a common "pregnancy vomiting" situation.

However, the main cause of pregnancy is probably the rise of HCG (human placental choricular gonad hormone) in the body, which stimulates the brain and causes vomiting. Generally, it gradually improves after 10 weeks.But how do you know if you have improved your pregnancy?Dr. Luo said that first of all, Mommy pays attention to whether he is hungry, because when you usually want to vomit, people will not be hungry.Therefore, the mum with a bad pregnancy is usually very bad -appetite and can not eat it.

What is more worried is that if Mommy spit for a few days without eating, drinking or even dehydration, then she needs to hang it at the hospital.Dr. Luo said that the body moisture is usually absorbed enough at 2 to 3 days, and it will get better, but it may continue for a while.However, it is dangerous that pregnancy does not affect the baby’s health, but Mommy is harder. On the one hand, the baby is still absorbing the mother’s nutrition, but the mother does not absorb nutrients.

Dr. Luo Ding Ding, Mummy, who is very sick in pregnancy, can pay attention to your appetite. If you feel hungry, you can not be very serious. You can eat a small amount and choose the food you can eat;If you want to vomit water, it is best to treat medical treatment to avoid dehydration.

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