The toilet during pregnancy is more tired than having a baby?Try these methods

Speaking of constipation, many mothers have encountered during pregnancy, and the kind of pain that can not be pulled out in the toilet for half an hour is almost painful.

What you may not know is that constipation has removed the pain of pregnant mothers. In severe cases, it may affect the development of the baby in the uterus, or even cause a pioneering abortion.

After pregnancy, the level of hormone in the body of pregnant mothers changes, the gastrointestinal function is reduced, and the digestion is not easy to digest. As the fetus grows, the increased uterus compress the rectum and can also cause difficulty in defecation.

However, it should be noted that not all difficulty in defecation is constipation. You must know if it is constipation. You can judge based on these symptoms:

First, the number of defecations decreases. This is mainly less than 3 times a week, not once a day;

Second, the stool is dry, the block, and the discharge is less;

The third is time -consuming and labor -intensive;

In most cases, constipation has little effect on pregnancy, but if the constipation is severe and the squatting time is too long, the uterus may also cause uterine contraction, which may cause anal rupture and bleeding;

In the early period of long -term force, there may be a precursor to abortion. For long -term force, the fetal membrane can be broken early.

The best way is to prevent the combination of prevention and control.exercise more

As mentioned above, if pregnant mothers often sit still, they will cause gastrointestinal burden, which will cause constipation.

For example, walking, jogging, pregnant women yoga, etc., can not do large -scale exercise in the early and late pregnancy.Eat more vegetables and fruits

Because pregnant women are prone to constipation, the diet structure should be adjusted. Eat more dragon fruit, pear, celery, etc., and eat less food for the secondary processing, such as ham sausage, fish balls, shrimp balls, etc.

Breakfast, drink plenty of water

The importance of breakfast does not need to be said. Pregnant mothers know that eating breakfast is related to the health of themselves and the baby.The focus is on how to eat it. It is recommended to get up every morning to drink a glass of warm water to supplement the loss of water overnight to promote the metabolism of the new city, moist the stomach, and promote gastrointestinal motility.

Breakfast should be eaten well, full lunch, less dinner, it is best not to eat supper.Night is a time to rest in the body. Eating supper can easily cause gastrointestinal burden. Supplement more dietary fiber

Eat more coarse grains, such as corn, purple rice, oats, buckwheat, etc. It is rich in dietary fiber in coarse grains, which can prevent and relieve constipation well.

Do not eat more dietary fiber in the third trimester. Babies gradually grow up in the third trimester of pregnancy, compress the organs of the internal organs, and eat a lot of dietary fiber to cause too fast gastrointestinal motility, which will cause pregnant mothers to be uncomfortable.Correct medication

When you encounter constipation, you can adjust your diet under normal circumstances, which can be relieved in a few days, but if the situation is serious, do not use laxatives or other external drugs at will.Do what you can’t regret.

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