The top ten prompts of "smart love mothers" women’s safe medication in 2020 officially released, Beijing, May 31 (Reporter Zhao Qingjian Zhang Mengfan Zhang Fan) On the morning of the 31st, the Chinese Pharmaceutical Society’s "Smart Love Mom" Safety Drug Science Popularization Action Project Launch Conference was held at "Top Ten Tips for Safety Medicine for Women.

Tip 1: Preparation of folic acid for pregnancy, health and good pregnancy is guaranteed

Vitamin is a type of trace nutrient that maintains the normal physiological function of the human body and can be obtained from food, and it is also directly related to the quality of women’s breeding of new life.Generally speaking, as long as the diet and balanced diet are ensured during pregnancy, there is no need to add a variety of vitamins.However, there is a special vitamin -folic acid, because it is an essential substance for cell differentiation and protein synthesis during embryonic development.However, the poor natural folic acid stability in foods leads to a low utilization rate. It is often not enough to replenish only by diet. Therefore, it must be supplemented by additional folic acid preparations to ensure its sufficient amount of intake.

It is recommended to routinely supplement 0.4 to 0.8 mg of folic acid every day from 3 months before pregnancy to ensure that the foothicate concentration in the body can effectively prevent the level of NTDS.However, for some high -risk groups, such as: I have the history of NTDS fertility, and the husband and wife suffer from NTDS. The amount of folic acid needs to be increased to 4-5 mg per day, and the conventional dose can be restored after 12 weeks of pregnancy.If there are diabetes, epilepsy (taking antiepileptic drugs), gastrointestinal absorption of poor disease, and obese women, folic acid also needs to be supplemented. Specific dose and treatment should consult a specialist or pharmacist.

In addition, because the absorption of folic acid will be affected by certain genetic factors, gene mutations will cause folic acid levels in the body. Therefore, genetic testing before supplementing folic acid can better help formulate individual supplementary solutions for folic acid.

Tip 2: Careful medication during pregnancy, reasonable choice is the key

The pregnancy period is a special stage, which is directly related to the physical and mental health of the next generation at this stage.However, 94%of women have used drugs during pregnancy or during lactation.Due to the lack of understanding of drugs, pregnant women ignore the existence of the problem of medication, fear of medication, and excessive medication.So, what kind of doubts can there be for medicine during pregnancy?

A. I often have pregnant mothers say, "I just took some cold medicine/Chinese medicine, should I have nothing?"

In some pregnant mothers, cold medicines and Chinese medicine are commonly used drugs, and their safety should be very good.In fact, cold medicines and Chinese medicine are a large category of drugs, among which there are many drugs that are unknown and even harmful to pregnant women or fetuses.For example, many compound cold medicines contain pseudo ephedrine and the need to be treated, which will increase the risk of fetal birth defects; there are also varieties disabled during pregnancy in Chinese medicine. They may be more toxic and will make mothers or fetuses poisoning;Excited the uterus to increase the risk of birth defects or abortion.Therefore, the first principle of medication during pregnancy is: Do not use the medicine at will, you should use it under the guidance of a doctor or professional pharmacist.

B. Another common problem is "I took XX medicine without knowing pregnancy, can this baby still ask?"

Because unexpected pregnancy is relatively common, it is difficult to avoid exposure of drugs without knowing it.However, it is not necessary to use drugs during pregnancy. It will definitely cause harm to the fetus. The types and time of exposed drugs are different, and the risks are also different.At present, there are many studies on the safety evaluation of drugs during pregnancy, which can tell us whether a drug will increase the risk of fetal birth defects.Therefore, when pregnant women encounter such problems, they should seek the help of professional physicians or pharmacists in time, and they will give the latest evidence to give objective suggestions.

Due to the particularity of pregnancy, it is recommended that whether you want to evaluate the risk of the fetus for the fetus, or you need to use drugs, please consult a professional physician or pharmacist.

Tip 3: Don’t ignore vomiting during pregnancy, correctly prevent and control safety

Everyone often sees such a lens in TV series. A female childcare woman has vomited inexplicably and has no words. Everyone can understand that she is pregnant, which also shows how common vomiting during pregnancy.According to relevant information, about 50%-80%of pregnant women have symptoms of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.There are also rarely explaining the intervention and treatment of vomiting during pregnancy. So is it unreasonable to vomit during pregnancy?the answer is negative.Most patients do not affect normal pregnancy and health, but a small number of patients may have severe vomiting. Repeated vomiting during pregnancy can affect pregnant women and fetal health varying degrees. Once the condition worsens, there may be severe complications and endanger the lives of maternal and infants.Therefore, you must not listen to it.

Treatment of vomiting during pregnancy starts from prevention.Vitamins and minerals are supplemented 1 month before pregnancy, which can reduce the incidence and severity of vomiting during pregnancy.The following measures can help reduce nausea symptoms: 1. Pay attention to rest; 2. Avoid using computers for a long time; 3. Avoid feeling stimulus such as smell, heat, humidity, and flash of the symptoms; 4. Eat less meals to avoid full stomach.5. Avoid spicy and greasy foods; 6. Eat light, dry food or high -protein snacks and salty biscuits in the morning; 7. Taking ginger also has the effect of reducing symptoms.As much as possible to avoid mild pregnancy and develop into pregnancy drama, prevent pregnant mothers from being unable to eat, fatigue, weakness, and physical disorders.

Do not "hardly carry" pregnancy drama that has appeared. A variety of safe and effective classic drugs are applied to the clinic and after decades of verification.Through the treatment of liquid, energy, vitamins, and antivirus, severe vomiting is usually relieved within a few days.How to use medicine, please use it under the guidance and monitoring of obstetrics and gynecology physicians and pharmacists, instead of taking the medicine by yourself.

Tip 4: Pain in childbirth without panic, safety, analgesic and health care

Pain in childbirth is the most severe pain experienced by most women’s life. The extent is second only to burning pain. With the development of modern medical technology, it can be realized when you have a heartbroken and lungs.Pain, guarantee the physical and mental health of the mother and fetus.

During childbirth analgesics, commonly known as "painless delivery".It refers to the use of some analgesic method to eliminate pain during childbirth, or reduce the pain during childbirth to minimum.Pain during production will cause the increased secretion of catecholamine in the maternal body, which will affect the supply of blood and oxygen of newborn. It may lead to hypoxia in the fetus. In the case of a good contraction of the maternal contractionsof.Regarding childbirth analgesic methods are mainly divided into two types: non -drug and drugs. For women with very severe pain, medicinal analgesics are generally used. Internal anesthesia in spinal canal is currently internationally recognized as the most commonly used and effective method.Does anesthesia affect the feeding of baby, maternal and postpartum breastfeeding?This is a question that many expectant mothers will care about!

In fact, the drug concentration and dose of anesthesia used in childbirth analgesia are far lower than that of cesarean section anesthesia. At the same time, it only plays a neurological local part. The amount of drugs entering the blood circulation is very small, and it has no effect on the baby and the mother.For postpartum breastfeeding, it mainly depends on whether the drug can enter the milk or enter the milk. Studies have shown that the most commonly used anesthesia drugs for childbirth and analgesic. Due to the small dosage and less drugs through the placenta, most drugs will soon soon be soon.When it is metabolized, the content of breast milk is very small, so it has no effect on breastfeeding.In addition, it should be noted that postpartum pain without management is actually a major factor that affects breast milk secretion, and it is also a major factor that causes lactation. Don’t let the pain "hungry" children.

Tip 5: Careful choice for breastfeeding, mother and baby health are the most important

Mother’s medication during breastfeeding is related to the health of mothers and infants, and they must be treated carefully.How to make a safe and reasonable medication during breastfeeding can allow mothers to recover as soon as possible without affecting baby health?Pay special attention to the following points:

1. Try to choose a single ingredient medicine to avoid composite preparations.

2. Select the quick -release agent type to avoid slow/controlling dosage forms.

3. Choose the medication time to take it immediately after breastfeeding, and extend the next breastfeeding time. It is best to choose a baby to sleep for a long time.

4. Pay attention to the baby’s physical changes during the medication and whether there are adverse reactions.

5. If you must use drugs that are not good for your baby, you should stop breastfeeding and regularly suck milk.After 5-7 half -life of the drug, breastfeeding can be restored (half -life can be checked in the manual).

6. Commonly used drugs that can be used safely during lactation: in antibiotics, penicillin and cephalosporins; colds and heat drugs, which are acetaminol and ibuprofen; anti -allergic drugs, dectidin and Setoline.

7. Drugs avoided during lactation: tetracycline and sulfa antibiotics; antiviral drugs, Bavavilin; drugs containing aminobilin; contraceptives containing estrogen and anti -tumor drugs.

Finally, it is reminded that patients with breastfeeding should not take medicine by themselves. Under the guidance of doctors and pharmacists, they should choose drugs with safe data to reduce the impact of drugs on babies as much as possible.

Tip 6: Do not blindly use drug contraception, scientific use is safe

For young women, accidental pregnancy often causes great trouble.If sexual behavior is taken after sexual behavior, it will cause irreversible damage to the body.Therefore, it is important to learn the correct method of contraception.The use of contraceptives is a safe and effective way to contraceptive.

There are three categories of contraceptive pills: 1. Emergency contraceptives; only for remedy without protective behavior or contraceptive failure, take it within 72 hours after the intercourse, the earlier you eat contraceptive success.2. Short -acting contraceptives: suitable for conventional contraception for women in health and childbearing age.After discontinuation, the physiological cycle and fertility can be restored, and there is no effect on pregnancy.It is usually taken on the first-5 days of the menstrual cycle. Continuous medication for 21-24 days and 1 tablet per day; 4-7 days of stopping the drug, and a small amount of vaginal bleeding and retreating bleeding during the stop of the drug.3. Long -acting contraceptive pills: Compared with short -acting contraceptives, long -acting contraceptives do not need to be administered daily. After one administration, it can be released slowly in the body for a long time to maintain the contraceptive effect and good user compliance.

Women who are prepared to be pregnant can be pregnant after at least 3-6 months after stopping the medicine.

Tip 7: Take the menstrual period of the medicine, choose carefully, don’t casually choose

For women, it is really troublesome to encounter major or special matters, such as middle and college entrance examinations, sports competitions, vacations, or weddings, etc., and coincides with the menstrual period.How to use drugs to delay the menstrual period and solve the problem of inconvenient replacement, emotional uneasiness, fatigue abdominal distension, migraine, dysmenorrhea and other troubles?

1. Compound short-acting oral contraceptive pill: From any day on the first day of this menstruation, take daily every day until the event is closed.Generally speaking, menstruation will appear within a week of discontinuation.

For events with very clear dates, such as the middle and college entrance examinations.Three months in advance began to take compound short -acting oral contraceptives, and artificial adjustment of the menstrual cycle is also a good way.

2. progesterone: From about 1 week before the next menstrual period, the medicine is continuously taken until the permitted menstrual tide is stopped.Generally speaking, menstruation will also appear within a week of discontinuation.

If you feel that the number of days in advance is not enough, and you want to postpone it, you can also use the luteum muscle to replace the mouth, but it is not the best.

Friendly reminder: (1) It is recommended to take it every day at a fixed time, do not miss it.Once you miss the service, make up as soon as possible; (2) interference in the regular menstrual cycle can only be taken occasionally; (3) Please be a psychological preparation for medication discomfort and the failure of the plan.

Tip 8: Religious response to menopause, scientific use hormones

Menopausal syndrome (also known as menopause syndrome) refers to a series of physical and psychological symptoms caused by sex hormone fluctuations or reduction before and after women’s menopause.Because the root cause of menopausal symptoms is that the estrogen in the body is relative or absolutely insufficient, supplementing hormones can effectively alleviate the symptoms of menopausal, mainly estrogen, and those with uterus need to use progesterone to protect the endometrium.

For menopausal women, as long as the right and good hormones are used, not only can the quality of life be well changed, but it can also relieve osteoporosis, and even reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

The main estrogen drugs include oral administration, vaginal suppository, and skin patch.Oral estrogen has pentaicate, 17β estradiol, combined with estrogen tablets, and Neil estradium tablets;Milk ointment, etc.;E progression can be selected from natural progesterone or close to natural progesterone.Doctors will provide personalized schemes based on the patient’s condition. Discontinue hormones generally advocate slow reduction or intermittent medication.

However, hormones can only solve the problems that lack. The aging of the human body is due to age growth. We can also use drugs that improve the symptoms and mental symptoms of blood vessels, or supplement a certain amount of calcium and vitamin D.To relieve bone loss; and a healthy lifestyle is also necessary, such as maintaining the habit of exercise, a healthy and balanced diet, smoking quitting and drinking, maintaining mental joy, and establishing a healthy lifestyle.

Tip Nine: Cervical cancer can be prevented, vaccinated vaccine defense line

Cervical cancer is mostly in middle-aged women, and women 30-44-year-old women 30-44 are second in the second place in new malignant tumors.Continuous infection High -risk HPV is the disease -derived campaign of most cervical country’s latest "Guidelines for Cervical Cancer Comprehensive Prevention and Control" and the World Health Organization (WHO) are recommended by HPV vaccination as a first -level prevention measures for cervical cancer.

HPV vaccine is an empty shell structure without virus DNA. It does not have infection and pathogenicity, and has immunogenicity. It can produce protective effects.Most adverse reactions are mild to moderate, such as headache, fever, nausea, local swelling, erythema, itching, and can subscribe by itself in the short term.

There are three types of HPV vaccines listed in my country. There are two types of two -valent, four -valent, and nine valence. And four -valent and nine -prices can also prevent 90%of genital warts.The inoculation age of the two prices in mainland my country is 9-45 years old, the fourth price is 20-45 years old, and the nine price is 16-26 years old. Of course choose.Regardless of whether there is a sexual behavior or HPV exposure, vaccination is recommended, but it is best to vaccinate before you contact HPV. This protection effect will be better.Women during pregnancy and lactation should avoid vaccination, and those who have allergic reactive reaction to the active ingredients or any auxiliary materials of the vaccine are disabled.

Vaccination does not prevent 100%prevent cervical cancer, because cervical cancer vaccine only plays a prevention effect on the HPV subtypes covered by it. It may be related to the incidence of cervical cancer.Covering all high -risk HPVs can only be said to greatly reduce the risk of cervical cancer, nor does it treat existing HPV infection or disease caused by HPV.So even if the HPV vaccine is vaccinated, female compatriots still need to conduct regular cervical cancer screening.

Tip 10: The hidden medicine treatment is difficult to deal with it.

The vagina is a female genitals and a very special and private organ.However, this organ disease will be unspeakable because of improper disposal.Even more due to excessive cleaning, causing the vaginal environment.Doing such drug management and propaganda is of great significance to women’s reproductive health and reasonable medication.

1. Pay attention to the structural environment.The vagina is an elastic tubular organs composed of mucosa and muscle tissue.The vaginal wall is composed of mucous membranes, muscle layers, and fibrous tissue membranes from inside.Active hormone affects periodic changes.The vagina is adjacent to the bladder and urethra, and the back wall is close to the rectum, which is easily attacked by bacteria.There are pathogens in normal vagina.PH is mostly between 3.8-4.4 and inhibits the growth of other pathogens, called vaginal self-purification.Due to the private location, women are ashamed to talk.

2. The vaginal preparation has characteristics, and the local body is related.Vaginal preparations can not only use local medication, but also play a role.To avoid the first effect, biological utilization is high.It is suitable for some drugs with gastrointestinal reactions to avoid peak and valley phenomenon produced multiple times.The preparations used in vagina are topical preparations, mainly including solution, capsules, tablets, suppository, membranes, etc.No matter what kind of preparation, it consists of the main medicine, an excitator, and the matrix.The pH value and cleanliness of the preparation itself affect women.When using clean gloves, rinsers, or pushers, the drug is delivered to the vagina deep to ensure the effectiveness of the efficacy.

3. Diagnosis before use, preparation should be used properly.Pay attention to the appearance, validity period, manual and packaging of the preparation to confirm whether the preparation is polluted.The length of use is 5-7 days, do not be too long; do not use it over doses; mostly use it before bedtime.Do not use a lotion frequently to avoid destroying the self -purification effect of the vagina.Before using the vaginal preparation, it is best to go to a regular medical institution to check it to see if it is necessary to use it. The targeted use effect will be better.

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